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Augustana Founders In Memoriam

Augustana Founders – In Memoriam (2020-21) are individuals who, through their estate plans or other legacy giving arrangements, chose to benefit the college.

Edwin R. Adland
Kenneth R. Ahlstrand
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ainsworth
Charles Alter
Howard A. Alves
Kenneth and Martha Andeen
Betty F. Anderson
Donald Anderson
John M. Anderson
Lilian Anderson
Rev. Luther Anderson
Marc W. Anderson
Ms. Peggy Anderson
Mr. Paul A. Anderson
Richard C. and Ethel Anderson
Dr. Raynor and Dagmar Appell
William and Jean Soady Appier
George Arbaugh
Dr. Paula Arnell '60
Richard A. Askeland
Gordon and Frances J. Aspengren
Kathryn H. Aycock
Wilbur and Geraldine Baltimore
Brenda Czajka '75 Barnes
Dale and Thelma Barnes
H. Arnold Barton
Paul and Anne Beckman
Peter T. and Lydia V Beckman
Gail Bell
Robert and Patricia Bell
Earl and Deloris Bengtson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Benson

J. Robert Berg
Robert and Margaret Carlson Bergstrom
Marion C. and Dorothy Bjornson
Thomas A. Blade
Vincent A. and Helen I. Blecker
Paul and Beverly Boettcher
Blanche Bohatka
Sally Bohner
Robert C. Boling
Sandra Bollman
Marilyn Bomgren
John D. Boos
Harriet Borg
Janice M. Bowman
William D. Brackman
Keith A. Bradley
Josephine A. Brandt
Irma L. Braun
Dagmar Breck
Florence Verna Brennan
Mr. and Mrs.William L. Brittain
Betsey Brodahl
Sarah Brodd
Earl R. Brolander
V. Eugene and Ruby Johnson Broman
Frank and Joanna Brooks
Elly Tannus Brownawell-Taheny
Linnea Brugman
Robert J. Bruhns
Frances Brunner
Elinor Budelier
Marjorie Buhmann
Dean and Betty Burgemeister
Judy Burgett-Winzig
Marjorie Burkland
Merrill and Virginia Burlingame
Rev. R.L. Butler
Mrs. Ben Butterworth
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Byers Jr.
John P. Califf
Mildred A. Cameron
Dr. Doris K. Campbell
Marion Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Cannon
Rev. Darrell W. Carlson
Elly Carlson
Gail A. Carlson
Rev. Dr. George W. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Carlson
Herbert G. Carlson
John and Carol Carlson
John D. and Geri Carlson
Marlyss L. Carlson
Mildred J. Carlson
Mildred M. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. (Ellen) Carlson
Paul E. P. Carlson
Ralph and Cynthia Carlson
Robert and Marjorie Carlson
Robert W. Carlson
Roger M. Carlson
Ruth E. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Inar A. Carlson
Stanley L. Carlson
Jesper Carlstrom
Robert and LaDonna Chalstrom
Mrs. Donald T. Chamberlin
Mr. George H. Chase
Ingemann Clausen
Kenneth '61 and Jacqueline Collinson
Jane Collinson
Kenneth M. Collinson '61
Anne Conklin
Rev. Donald Conrad
Linn D. and Inez A. Cooley
Lois F. Cooperrider
Evelyn Crist
Mrs. Anna Wells Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood F. Curtis
Arthur E. and Dorothy E. Dahl
Mildred Dahlberg
Luella K. Davidson
Dr. Donald C. and M. Lois Davis
Gladys Day
Victory Pearson Deffenbaugh
P. Joann (Womble) Dehring
John C. and Luella Jones Deisenroth
William and Bessie Dell
Arno H. Denecke
Henry DePauw
Helen Detweiler
Annabel Diamond
Nathan and Margery Dodge
Edith Dopp
George "Skip" Duhlstine and Terry Frazier
Richard D. Duncan
Ruth A. Dusing
George C. Duvall
Carl E.R. Eck
Erick and Kerstine Eck
Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph W. Edmund
Paul and H. Marilyn Edstrom
John R. and Madeline Edwards
Madeline Edwards
Janan Effland
Jack and Joan Eggspuehler
Ida Mae Eichelberger
Evelyn Meyer Eickhorst
Mrs. Mabel Herr Eigenrauch
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Eliason
John C. and Ruth Rydman Elliott
Audrey A. Goranson Ellis
Mr. Glen C. Emler
Leonard N. Engnell
Donald and H. June Engstrom
Professor Charlotte Erickson
Clarence M. and Margaret G. Erickson
Drusilla Erickson
F. Glen Erickson
Robert E. Erickson
Donald M. Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. Eben Erikson
Simon E. Fagerstrom
Edward E. Falberg
Gerald H. Falder Jr.
Mary Lou Fenwick
Owen B. and Lorraine M. Fess
Muriel A. Fick
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Fiosne
Mr. and Mrs. G. LaVerne Flambo
Laverne L. and Lois Davies Fleege
Nina A. Flueckiger
Edith Ford
Rhoda Frank
Forrest and Mary Ann Frazier
Carl and Eva Freberg
Dr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Fredberg
Dr. Raymond M. Fredman
Mrs. Margaret Freeman
William F. '40 and Betty Freistat
Lucille C. Frey
Betty Fridlund
Joyce Froehlig
Dr. and Mrs. F. M. Fryxell
Lucile G. Fryxell
Don and Bertha Fuelscher
Sue E. Gabriel
Leland and Gladys Gabrielson
Clarence and Ruth Erickson Gaden
S. James Galley
Victor and Dorothy Ganzer
Dr. Josephine B. Garst
Marvin '33 and Marian '32 Gassman
Morris and Gerry Geifman
Mrs. Magda Glatter
Hazel E. Glynn
Mr. Herbert L. Glynn
Mary H. Godbold
Marian Godehn
Rosemary "Pat" Godfrey
Ruth H. Goodell
Mrs. Leslie C. Goss
E. H. Gottschling
Warren Greenway
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Greve
Jonathan C. Grice
Margaret Griffin
Dr. Daniel H. and Betty L. Griffiths
Charlotte R. Griggs
Edward and Juliamarie Andreen '46 Grilly
Lyman Grimes
LaVern and Maija Grosc
Rev. and Mrs. Carl A. E. Gustafson
Charles H. Gustafson
Don Gustafson
Ruth V. Gustafson
Oscar Gustus
Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. Halcomb
Mrs. Clarence P. (Mildred) Hall
George F. Hall
Maud C. Hall
Luella Hallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Halloran
Bernice Case Hammer
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hamming
Leslie Hanke
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Hansen
Frederick and Rachel Hansen
Mrs. Gleva M. Hanson
Karen L. Hanson
Olaf Hanson
Patricia K. and Robert A. '48 Hanson
Stuart and Virginia Talbott Harbour
Ruth Harris
Shirley and Zeivel Harris
Stanley and Bernice Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Harrison
Nils Hasselmo
Patricia Hasselmo
Theodore W. Hawkins
Forrest and Annette Hayes
John R. and Mona J. Hearn
Donald J. Heath
Ross B. Heath '82
Milton Hedquist
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Heeren
Rogene Hegberg
Pamela D. Hegg
Harlan and Edna B Heitzman
Mr. Ralph E. Hellstrom
Amy E. Helpenstell
Jack R. Henderson
Rosemarie Hendren
Arthur Henry
Bernice O. Henry
Audrey Henson
Douglas Herr
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Hibbard
Caryl Hinckley
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid Hinde
Otto E. Hintz Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bertram J. Hoare
Mrs. John (Ellen) Hobbs
Violet M. Hofflund
Harriet Wheeler Hoffman
Edna Hofverberg
A. Louise Hoglund
Naomi Hokanson
Nels and Dorothy Hokanson
Arvid Holm
Marvin and Eleanor Holm
Dr. Reynold Holmen '36
Flora Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Holmgrain
Dr. Howard B. Holroyd
David P. Hopley
Lois Horberg
Paul and Claudia Horick
Richard Hosking '57
Richard M. Howlett
Carol Hudson
Ivah Hufnagel
Rev. David (Augustana Seminary '56) Hurty
Dr. Keith M. and Lillian A. Hussey
Mr. and Mrs. Dean W. Hutchinson
James W. Ingemanson '65
Donald Isbell
Anna Hofflund Jackson
Helen Jacob
Harold '30 and Lizette Jaeke
Warren Jinks
Richard T. Johannesen
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. Johanson
August R. Johansson
Ann Marie Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Johnson
B. Ben Johnson and Gertrude Swanson Johnson
Betty Baird Johnson
Clifford Johnson
Dorothy E Johnson
Ethel E. Johnson
Frances L. Johnson
G. Franklin and Marie Johnson
Gladys M. Johnson
Harlene A. Johnson
Helen S. Johnson
Dr. Keith H. Johnson
Rev. Leonard I. and Ethel Johnson
Mr. Lowell N. Johnson
Lucile Wheeler Johnson
Mildred Lois Swanson '46 Johnson
Nellie L. Johnson
Pam Johnson
Ruth I. Johnson
Scott A. Johnson
Spencer Johnson
Dr. Theodore L. Johnson '56
Vernon C. Johnson
Wayne L. Johnson
Dr. William H. Johnson '51
C. Theodore and Linnea G. Johnston
Donald and Phyllis Johnston
Ilinca Johnston
Bruce D. and Nancy J. Johnston
Dr. Larry P. Jones
Walter K. Jonson
Erik Jonsson
Leila J. Jorgensen
Dr. Clifford A. Julstrom
Fred A. Kahlke
Mrs. Nancy Kalweit
Ernie and Marilyn Karlstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Isador Katz
Margaret Kelly
Michael Kidd
Rev. Dr. E.H. and Beverly Kindschuh
John Kindschuh
Elizabeth Westerlund King
Louise Lage '37 Kirtland
Mildred L. Kitching
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Kjellstrand
Mary E. Kjellstrand
Mr. R. Eustice Klein
Dr. William Kleinschmidt
Paul Klimstra
Oswald and Irene Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Koester
Arvid and Gladys Kohler
Hugo H. Kohn
Joseph and Mary (Watson) Komidar
Joseph A. Kordick
Kathleen Koski
Lois M. Kransz '46
Harold Kroeger
Theodore A. Krueger
Robert and Ann Krug
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Krumsieg
Albert G. Kullberg
Robert Kummer
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin T. Kunze
Kenneth and Helen LaCroix
Abbott W. and Harriet Nelson LaGrelius
Mr. and Mrs. Charles LaMar
Marilyn W. Laros
Mr. Arthur G. Larson
Fritz H. Larson
Hugo C. and Esthena Randolph Larson
Dr. Ingemar Larson
Mildred Larson
Dr. Robert W. Larson
Russel and Gloria Larson
Esther L. Laure
Linnea G. Laure
Dr. Theodor and Barbara Le Vander
Diane R. Leake
Nelson and Dorathea Leclair
Joyce Lee
Joan Lehmann
Mrs. Dorothy H. Ley
Helen Lilja
A. Leonard and Jean Lilyers
Norman and Irmgard Lindahl
Luther Lindberg
L. Myron Lindblom
Donald and Lois Lindgren
Rev. Elmer J. Lindholm
Dr. and Mrs. Evert F. Lindquist
Ralph and Marion Lindquist
Helen Lindrothe
Ruth S. LIndstrom
C. Mauritz and Marian Lindvall
John C. Linnberg
Reverend Muriel Lippert '82
Gerald and Mary Lofquist
Frederick J. Lorenzen '51
Merry Loring
Joanne Loufek
Rev. Gustav and Marjorie Lund
Dr. Wendell Lund
Arthur and Dorothy Lundahl
Dr. and Mrs. Malvin H. Lundeen
Vincent C Lundeen
Mrs. Brynolf Lundholm
Mrs. Amos T. Lundquist
Kathryn E. Lundquist
Arthur and Martha Lutz
Shirley MacArthur
Herbert C. Madison
Carl E. Magnuson
Marion E. Magnuson
Naomi Magnuson
Robert and Louise Maloney
Mr. Peter A. Maren
Alice A. Mason
David B. Mattson
Rudolph T. Mattson
Mrs. Warren J. McEntee
William A. and Sadie R. McPhail
Drucilla Mary McCormick
Ethel L. McCrea
Gertrude McCreary
Joseph and Cordelia McKeen
Mrs. Harry W. McMillen
Mr. and Mrs. A. Rock Meints
Cletus Melchior
Ethel L. Melin
Gladys M. Meurling
Gladys Parker Meyer
Mrs. Velma Milam
Rev. Emerson Miller and Marilyn Tillberg Miller
Dr. James E. Miller, Jr.
Janet Miller
Bruce R. Milligan
Blair '55 and Pat Mills
Dorothy M. Milton
Lois Gingery Milton
Lawrence Moburg
Janice Moeller
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Mogler
Rev. Ragnar Moline
Thomas C. and Mollie P. Montgomery
Robert Moore
Dr. Ronald and Lewis Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Moretz
Mrs. Ralph Morgan
Dick and Ruth Motz
Rev. Henry H. Moyer
Richard J. Mueller
Rev. Lyndon K. Murk
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood A. Murray Jr.
Adda E. Muse
Dr. Henriette C.K. Naeseth
Dr. John A. Nasstrom
Louise M. Nathanson
Floyd and Elizabeth Nave
Arnold H. Nelson
Carl B. Nelson
Carl O. Nelson
Clarence H. Nelson
E. Mildred Nelson
Fred J. Nelson
Harry and Lillian Nelson
Lawrence Nelson
Len Nelson
Dr. Milford J. Nelson
Richard A. and Mary E. Nelson
Ruth E. Nelson
Stanley A. Nelson
Vincent and Ruby Nelson
Vivian Nelson
Gertrude Ness
Bernice Newkirk
Jack Newkirk
Evelyn E. Nicholson
Catherine M. Nielsen
Dorothy A. Nielsen
Louis and Katherine Nielson
Janet L. Nilsson
Dr. Michael P. Nolan
Rev. Carol A. Nolte
Eugene L. Nordgren
Rev. Robert Nordlander
Robert Nordstrom
Leota G. Norton
David E. Nudd
Mr. John A. Nylen
Viola L. Nylen
Dr. Roger Nyquist '57
Olga Lindberg Nystrom
Jon Oakleaf '61
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Oakleaf
Irene E. Ochs
Charlotte J. Odman
Anna M. Oleson
Florence M. Ollson
Dianna Lee Carlsen Olmsted
Mr. Robert E. Olmsted
Jean Olsen
Mr. Charles A. Olson
Stanton and Dagny Person Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Olson
Mr. Harold O. Olson
Harriet Smith Olson
I. Marie Olson
Irene W. Olson
Lawrence P. Olson
Marie W. Olson
Mary Olson
Myrtle Olson
Robert C. Olson
Ruth E. Olson
Nils William and Dagmar Olsson
Richard Olufs
Dale Owen
Alberta Pahl
Howard and Trudie Palm
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur Palmquist
Mrs. Elouise Kruse Pantke
Dr. Dorothy J. Parkander
Lila Mae Partridge
Clifford and Lucille Patterson
Avis and Ross Paulson
Dr. John '11 and Lillian Paulson
Vernon and Mary Jane Pearson
Dr. Victor R. Pearson
Carl Petersen
Kathryn A. Petersen
Mrs. Alina G. Peterson
Calvin and Carol Peterson
Dr. Donald Peterson '51
Elof Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Peterson
Fred Peterson
Lyle Peterson
Margaret T. (Mrs. Willard H.) Peterson
Marian Peterson
Mrs. Martin T. Peterson
Mary Ann Peterson
Dr. Miriam E. Peterson
Oliver E. Peterson
Ordell and Dorothy Peterson
Rev. Raymond Peterson
Roger '49 and Elise H. Peterson
Roy W. Peterson
Sarah '60 Peterson
Sarah Peterson
Victor L. Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. Willard Pheteplace
Charles I. Pierce
John C. Plank
Carolyn L. Plunkett
Lawrence J. Plym
Julia Poduch
Dr. Lawrence D. Pohlmann
A. Irene Polson
Kenneth R. Popplewell
Kathryn Aycock Portelance
Miss Marguerite Potter
Judith A. Preissner
Pauline Pristash
Roy Puccini '64
Lenora A. Purdy
Edla Elvira Ramser
Rev. Paul and Marie Randolph
Maurice Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Reimer
Mr. J. Adam Reinemund
Dr. Paul Reinertsen
Penny Ricchio
Fred and Florence Rissing
Robert Roberts
J. Robertson
Albert John Robinson
Thomas L. Roets
Glenn L. Rogers
Mrs. Helen Wallace Rogers
Thomas W. Rogers
June E. Rosencrantz
Nancy B. Ross '52
Richard E. Ross
Robert E. Rote
Evelyn Jamieson Rowe
Dr. Chester C. Roys
Mr. and Mrs. Rufus H. Roys
Charles E. Rushing
Jon Ryan
Dr. Ernest E. Ryden
Cecile Ryden and Philip A. Johnson
Reverend Norman V. and Nancy Johnson Ryding
Dr. and Mrs. Carl M. Rylander
John W. Sabbath
Caryl Samuelson
Howard Samuelson
Wesley A. and Sylvia J. Samuelson
Richard H. Sandberg
Bertil and Lozetta Sandin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Sandstrom
L.J. Sartor
Mildred E. Sassaman
Mrs. Charlotte E. Satorius
Ingve and Cathryn Satterberg
Helen M. Schadde
Clair and Marion M. Schersten
Clifford O. and Anne Scheuerman
Erick O. Schonstedt
John T. Schou
Hilda Schriefer
Lloyd and Olive Schwiebert
Florence G. Schyberg
Arlene Scott
Margaret Searls and Jim McShane
Glenn H. and Ruth A. Seidel
Richard M. and Virginia A. Seifert
Dr. and Mrs. C. Arnold Serenius
Mrs. Gerald R. Shaw
Louis T. Shepherd
Hannah Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shippee
Thomas M. and Ruth E. Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shuler Jr.
Helen M. Simons
George and Ingrid Simpson
John Sinning
Edith Bower Friske Skinner
Margaret Skinner
Harold H. Slocum
Elbert and Dorothy Fransen Smick
Charles W. Smith
Jackson Richard Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt A. Smith
Eleanor Liljedahl Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. C.W. Sorensen
Mrs. Frank (Katherine Sudlow) Sorg
Mr. and Mrs. (Marion Brown) Robert Sorg
Thomas Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spera
Mr. William Spitznas
Eva I. Spurgeon
Orda Stankee
Ralph Starenko
Dr. and Mrs. LeRoy A. Stark
Dorothy Stivers
Dr. and Mrs. Alex B. Stone
Mrs. Josephine Strawn
Frank C. and Catherine Strohkarck
Robert H. Stromberg
Charles and Ruth Stromberg
Donald E. Stumpf
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sudbrook
Dr. Harold and Charlene Sundelius
Mr. Carl R. Sutherland
Pastor Robert Sutherland
Leona M. Swan
Marjorie Mc Allister Swanberg
Mr. Roy M. Swanberg
Vernon E. and Audrey J. Swanson
Beatrice L. Swanson
Reverend Dr. Byron Swanson
Carl and Helen Swanson
Clarence Swanson
Clarke Swanson
David and Lois Rasmussen Swanson
David W. Swanson
Duane R. Swanson
Earl and Janice Beckstrom Swanson
Ellen E. Swanson
Ernest V. Swanson
Florence Swanson
Dr. Frederick J. Swanson
Mr. Gerald Swanson
Harold E. Swanson
Hilda Swanson
Margaret Swanson
Marjorie Swanson
Michael A. Swanson
Raymond and Lucile Swanson
Rev. Dr. Reuben T. and Darlene M. Swanson
Richard A. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph J. Swanson
William M. and Charlotte P. Swanson
Gerda E. Swanstrom
Mrs. Harry A. (Clarabell) Sward
Joseph A. Sward
Robert H. Sward
Birger '24 and Lyal '25 Swenson
Mr. Carl E. Swenson
Dr. Frank A. Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Swensson
Miss Martha E. Swensson
Mrs. Paul S. Swensson
Robert and Mae Tappendorf
Mrs. Bernard Taylor
Frank and Carla Telleen
John M. and Kari Telleen
S. Frederick Telleen
Harry and Lynn Thiel
Richard W Thomas
Helen Thorne
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Thorson
Leroy F. Thummel
Isabelle G. Till
Walter J. Tiller
F. Duane and Marjory (Lethin) Tooley
Daryl and Bonnie Townsend
Jean Robert Traub
Jack and Donna Trethewey
Dr. Constantine Trued
Gertrude Tull
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall H. Udden
Robert J. Utzinger
Robert Van Buren
Henry Veld
Richard G. Vinecore
Richard H. Voris
Marcel and Catherine Vroman
Marlene A. Wager
Dale Wahlstrom '42
Ruth J. Wahlstrom
Anita Telleen Wait
Henry A. Wallace
Clayton L. Wallin
J.E. Wallace Wallin
Dorothy Ward
William Ward
Dr. Anna Wartman
Charles Wassberg
Larned and Mary Waterman
L. Jean Watson
Mrs. H. Parker Weeks
Richard Welch and Jean Welch Walgren
Irene M. Werner
Florence C. and Dr. John E. Wertz
Gertrude M. West
Evelyn E. Westberg
Granger and Helen Westberg
Helen C. Westfield
Al and Marilyn Borden Westman
Augusta C. Westphal
Jesse K. Wheeler
Paul A. Williams
Astrid V. Wilson
Bertil G. and Beatrice M. Winstrom
Rev. and Mrs. C.F. Wittenstrom
Agnes F. Wolff
Elizabeth Woloski
Lloyd C. Woodyatt
Frank and Barbara Wright
George T. Yokas
Marguerite J. Young
Alfaretta Young
Donald C. Youngberg
Ruth C. Youngberg
Genevieve Youngblom
Ellis U. Youngdahl
William G. and Frances L. Zaruba
Mr. Lester Ziffren
Marilyn Zimmer
Mr. Walter H. Zimmer
Patricia A. Zygmun, M.D.
Anonymous (20)