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Class of 1978 giving summary for fiscal year 2020-2021

Gifts made to Augustana College between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Total giving: $69,813

Augustana Fund: $23,244

Class of 1978 Members of the President’s Society (donors of $1,000+)

Dwayne Anderson * 
Jeffrey Bell * 
Karl Buddenhagen  
Marla Corkill * 
Gail Frost * 
Paul Frost * 
Debra Gammon * 
Steven Gibble  
Donna Lundeen  
Gregg Lundeen  
Daniel Necastro  
Denise Novak * 
Ellen Obrock * 
Cathie Whiteside *

Class of 1978 donors of $1-$999

Anonymous *
Anonymous (3)
Bonny Baker  
Diane Barnes * 
Regina Bergstrom * 
Dag Blanck * 
Keith Brill  
Dawn Brill  
Janice Buikema  
Dixie Burress  
Susan Carr  
Gregory Castrey * 
Gerard Coop  
Daniel Copper * 
Thomas Doyle * 
Evelyn Dymkowski * 
Andrew Edwards * 
Maria Erling * 
Gary Goforth  
Nevin Goldstein * 
Nanette Grawe  
Steven Gunderson  
Thomas Hall * 
Lon Hendricks * 
Edward Kelenyi  
Jo Ann Kiefer  
Mark Kiefer  
Robert Kraft  
Paula Lange * 
Nancy Laskaris * 
Janet Lewis * 
Barbara Lewis * 
Robert Lyle * 
Laura Mahoney  
Treasure Marten * 
Paul McCann  
Donna Milas * 
Sharon Moore  
Sharon Motel * 
Carol Murphy  
S. Scott Neeley  
Julie Nefzger Smith  
Julie Peters * 
Jeffrey Pohlhammer * 
John Poust  
Jayne Rose * 
Carlene Sarlette  
Joanne Schupbach * 
Robert Sibert * 
Margaret Smith * 
Craig Stevens * 
Laura Stivers * 
Margaret Studer  
Melanie Timmerman  
Gerald Unhold * 
Lisa Whitney  
Diane Wilson  
Dianne Witte *

If you were unable to give last year, we encourage you to join your classmates and make a gift of support this Augustana Fund year, which began on July 1, 2021.

*Special thanks to the members of the Loyalty Circle, who have supported Augustana for a minimum of three consecutive years. Please note that since WVIK is a separate entity, gifts to WVIK are not included in the recognition for Augustana College's Loyalty Circle.