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Class of 1996 giving summary for fiscal year 2020-2021

Gifts made to Augustana College between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Total giving:  $30,685

Augustana Fund:  $20,315

Class of 1996 Members of the President’s Society (donors of $1,000+)

Jennifer Bartlett *
Andrew Bartlett *
Matthew Glendon *
Matthew Howard *
Julie Kern *
Jonathan Kern *
William Steciak *

Class of 1996 donors of $1-$999

Michelle Anderson 
Shaiba Ansari-Ali *
Shawn Blobaum 
Edward Brophy *
Brent Ericson *
Joanne Freed *
Mark Hahn *
April Hayes 
Rebecca Heick *
Lori Holden 
Becky Johannsen *
Megan Kennedy-Farrell 
Cheryl Maio *
Robert Manasco 
Jodean Meleski *
Susan Miller 
Michael Mortenson *
Greta Mortenson *
Jennifer O'Gara *
Jennifer Rome *
Melissa Roselle *
Deetra Sallis 
Ingrid Scales 
Ian Schermer 
Anne Selbyg *
Emily Shell *
Julie Venisnik *
Monica Vuksanovich

If you were unable to give last year, we encourage you to join your classmates and make a gift of support this Augustana Fund year, which began on July 1, 2021.

*Special thanks to the members of the Loyalty Circle, who have supported Augustana for a minimum of three consecutive years. Please note that since WVIK is a separate entity, gifts to WVIK are not included in the recognition for Augustana College's Loyalty Circle.