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Loyalty Circle

The Loyalty Circle (2020-21) recognizes donors who have made a commitment of sustained giving to the college. To qualify, donors give for three consecutive years, including payments made on recurring gifts or pledges. Current Augustana students and parents qualify immediately with a gift of any size.

Behrnt Aaberg and Cynthia Mueller
Jill Nicolay '86 Abbinanti and James Abbinanti
Brandon Abbs
Melaniece Worlds '76 Abdur-Rahman
Kenny and Susan Nelson '76 Abrams
James Adamczyk
Wiley '82 and Lisa Adams
Bill '69 and Cindy Adams
Shubha Adhikari
Natalie Adolphi '89
Meryem Afif
Lilibeth Agor and Roel Agor
James W. Ahlberg '58
Christine Lingwall Ahlstrand
Marjorie Thedens Ahlstrand
Mike Ainsworth and Bonnie Ainsworth
Nelson and Donna Alberts
Elaine Albright
Guadalupe Alcala
Ella Aldridge
Sara Alesandrini
Peter William Alex
Abby Alexander and Andrew Alexander
Allen Alexander and Kathleen Alexander
Donald and Virginia Alexander
Robert Allard and Elsa Allard
James Allen and Christine Allen
Kenaya Allen
Daniel '87 and Laura Golden '87 Allen
Lucy Allen
Jessica Allewalt
Teodoro Alonso and Michelle Emanuel
Zerik Alonzo
Walid Alzein
David Amato
Mya Amendola
Edward Amsbury and Carole Amsbury
Steven '84 & Jayne Amundsen '85 Powers
Susan Andersen
Judith Andersen - Glaser
Alexander David Anderson
Dr. Alyssa Anderson '13
Annette Jones Anderson
Bruce Anderson
Bruce K. Anderson '61
Ms. C. Linnea Anderson
Kirk '93 and Catherine '93 Anderson
Charles Anderson and Kayleen Anderson
Daniel Anderson
Darryl '68 and Karen Walker Anderson
Dennis Anderson and Barbara Anderson
Duane Anderson
Dwayne '78 and Pam Kragness '82 Anderson
Gary S. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Henry R. Anderson
J. Philemon Anderson and Joan Anderson
Jeffrey '77 and Mary Jo Grothusen '77 Anderson
Joan Anderson
John I. Anderson
Mr. John A. Anderson
Keith Anderson
Kenneth A. Anderson
Kenneth W. Anderson
Kent Anderson
Kristin Anderson
Dr. Louise E. Anderson
Martin Anderson
Megan Anderson
Merv K. Anderson
Morris Anderson
Mr. Norman Anderson
Pamela Anderson '69
Paul Anderson
Penelope C. Anderson
Richard Anderson and Janet Anderson
Bob and Joyce Mincemoyer Anderson
Bob '80 and Wendy Anderson
Ronald B. Anderson '56
Sidney '80 and Cindy Bell '81 Anderson
Steven Anderson
W. Mark Anderson and Cynthia Anderson
Dr. Wallace and Mrs. April Anderson
Phyllis Anderson Meyer and Keith Meyer
Steve Hurdle '89 and Suzanne Anderson-Hurdle '91
Janice Anderzon
Francesca Anduray
Catherine Angelos and James Angelos
George Angelos
Shaiba Ansari-Ali
Nancy Anstead and Joseph Anstead
Kay Anttila
Yasuki Aoki and Ayako Aoki
Honorable Thomas '71 and Helen, Ph.D. '72 Appleton
Donna Gord Arbaugh
Karl and Julia Arbaugh
Jazlyn Arce
Charles Armstrong
Gregory Armstrong and Rebecca Armstrong
Ronald Armstrong and Karen Armstrong
Dr. Carla Arnell and Mr. Paul Lucas
Dr. Richard Arnell
Beth C. Arnold
Katrina Arnold
Charles Arp
Elizabeth Arp
Jana Arpy and Alan Arpy
Laura Arrington
Rhonda Arsenault
Steve Arvanitis and Aimee Aravanitis
Zoe Arvanitis
Shaye Arwood
Aditi Aryal
Kelly Asperheim
Karen Aumuller and Timothy Aumuller
Lester Aungst
James and Kati Austgen
Christine Bachelder
Mihailo Backovic and Nataly Ozak Munoz
Dean and Julie Bacon
June Baden
Mike and Linda Anderson Bagby
Steven and Jane Easter Bahls
Maria Bahruth
Brian Bailey
Antonio Baio and Renee Baio
Jane A. Baker '72
Trina Baker
D. Gail Bakkom
Jennifer Balk '12
G. Diane Balke
Olivia Banach
Melea Banaszak
Leslie Bandera
Jimmy Banks and Marva Banks
Kathleen Banks Murray
Melanie Johnson Bannister
Joanne Bannon '85
Ruth Banwell
Judith Baouab
Richard Barajas
Renee Barba and Mark Barba
Teydy Barber
Larry and Stephanie Barker
Harvey Barlow
Mrs. William J. Barnds
W. Kent and Jennie Barnds
Diane Barnes
Elizabeth Barnett
Gabriela Barraza
Cynthia Barrett
Marlisa Barrett ‘19
Shari Barrett, M.D.
Mary Beth Barrett-Newman
Salvador Barrutia
Helle Bart
Jordan Bartels
Dr. Andrew and Jennifer (Voigts) Bartlett
Dick Bartlett '62
Mary Bartman
Lavergne Basich
Leah Gonigam Baskin and Dr. William Baskin
Jeffrey '01 and Keri Droegmiller '00 Bass
William Batalden and Christine Batalden
Eli Bates
John Bates
Molly Bath
Cole Bathje
Jack Bathje
Betty Battista
Nancy Honette Bauer
Angela Bauer Williams
Amanda Baugous and Charles Baugous
Carol Baum
Susan Baumann '95 Berley
Mrs. Donald E. Baustian
Carol Bax
Andrew Baxter
Ernest and Carol Beane
Linda Bearden
Gary Beck
Michelle Beck
Mr. Robert T. Beck
Stephen Beck and Teresa Grimes-Beck
Rev. Vivian Becker '53
Brooks Beckhorn
David Beckstrom '71
Mark Beckwith
Greg and Vicki Bednar
Jack Beemsterboer
Lloyd Beese and Rita Beese
Peter and Marissa Begun
Roger Behler
Frank Behrend
James Behrens '71
Joy Behrens '71
Mark Beinborn and Jill Beinborn
Louis Belby and Laura Belby
Jeff and Karyn Bell
Victor Bell '63
Marina Belshause
John Bengston
John W. and Kay A. Bengston
Mr. Mark Bengtson
Mary Ann and Paul Bengtson '65
Dr. Thomas E. Bengtson
Karsyn Bennett
Rik and Paula Bennett
Virginia S. Bennett-Nelson
Madelyn Benoit
Beverly Trevillyan Benson
Don Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Benson
Julianne Benson
Paul Benson and Kirsten Benson
Richard '58 and Deanna Dovre '60 Benson
Jennifer Benson Lopansri
Kathleen Bentler
Cynthia Berg
Fran and Don '77 Berg
Mrs. Marijean Berg
Dr. Donna C. Bergen and Dr. Thomas Madden
Janet Berger and Jeffrey Berger
Marvin Bergeson and Cindy Bergeson
Christopher Berggren and Dawn Berggren
Reverend Glenn and Marilynn Gilchrist Bergmark
Regina Bergstrom
Theodore Bergstrom and Betty Bergstrom
Brian '01 and Melissa Petty '01 Berndt
Brianna Berndt
Timothy Berndt
Jaydeane Bollivar '89 Berns
Brianne Berogan Myers
Philip Bertram and Laura Bertram
Marsha Besch and Robert Besch
Claire Bess
Stephanie Bess and Bennett Bess
Kelly Bethke
Elodie Arnett Betzle
Christopher Beyer and Carrie Beyer
Debra Beyerlein
Dorian L. Bezanis
George Bickel and Grace Bickel
Douglas Bickford
Carol M. Bickham
Richard Biesterfeld
Mary Biggin
Joseph Bigott and Geraldine Redican-Bigott
Shawn Bingham and Deborah Bingham
Amanda Binney and James Binney
David Bisset and Kristine Bisset
Sara Bitner
Bradley Bjork and Lynn Bjork
Ronald Bjork and Beverly Bjork
Christine Bjorn
Nathan Black
Theodore Blahunka
Alicia Blair
Antoinette Golden '08 Blake
Dag Blanck
Carol Blauvelt
Mary Blazel
Charles Blazevich and Ashley Blazevich
Richard Blazevich and Ruth Blazevich
Bob and Julie Blew
Lorie Bleyer
Dr. and Mrs. Craig L. Blomberg
Dr. Darrell Bloom '67
David Bloomberg
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bluemle
Stefanie Bluemle
Julie Blume
Richard Blunk and Bridget Blunk
Marcia A. Lutz Blust
Dr. Ann Boaden '67
Ebenezer Boafo and Anasthasia Boafo
Anna Boardman
Adam and Kristina Boardman
Jacob Bobbitt '09
Daniel Bobrowski and Susan Bobrowski
Angela Boelens
Kevin Boesen and Joan Boesen
John Boettcher '78
Allen Bofinger and Lucia Bofinger
John Boggio and Becky Boggio
Jason and Beth Bogner
Cathleen Bohman
Loran K. Bohman
Marilyn Nelson Bohman
Zachary Bohrer
Terrence Bolda and Rebecca Bolda
Jan Bollig
Mrs. Alyce Bolm
Craig and Annette Burlingame '74 Bolt
Charles Bomgren
Madison Bonati
William B. Bondeson
Gregory Bone and Martha Bone
Gregory '69 and Deborah Bonnett
Beverly Bonsall
Roger Boostrom and Bonnie Boostrom
Jodi Bopp '90
Brooke Borchart
Carol J. Borden
Patricia Borell and Joseph Borell
Dr. M. Jane Borelli
Janet Borggren
Edward Borkhuis and Yvonne Borkhuis
Danielle Bornstein
James Borowski
Lisa Boryla and Ronald Boryla
Drew '73 and Mary Telleen '77 Boster
Jeff Bottorff and Jori Bottorff
Charleen Boudreau
Ashley Bowden
Philip '77 and Nancy Bergman '77 Bowden
Craig and Stephanie Bowron
Carol Boyce
Amy Boze and Robert Boze
Dr. Deborah and Tom Bracke
Joyce Brackman
Grace Bradley-Leon
Arne Brage
Gregory Braid '82
Rita Bramley and Thomas Bramley
George and Marge Brandel
Helen Brandt
Catherine Brankin
Howard and Ruth Braren
Jeremy D. Bratt
Phillip Bratta
Siri Braun
James '68 and Sandra Breck
David Breisch
Dean Breneman and Carla Breneman
Rachel Bresnahan
Michael Brewers and Mary Brewers
David Brickner and Courtney Brickner
Timothy L. Bridge, M.D.
Dr. Alan and Peggy Bridges
Joan Bright
Ken and Ann Brill
Alexis Brinker
Jay Brinkman
Robert and Carol Shannon Brockhouse
Paul Brockland
Ryan Brodin and Kendra Brodin
Donna Brooks and Thomas Brooks
Mark Brooks '73
Wes and Kelly Brooks
Kim Brooks-Martin and Malcolm Martin
Edward Brophy
Anna Bross
Jeffry Bross and Catherine Bross
Mrs. Carol Brown
Halle Brown
Janelle Brown
Lee Brown
Stan '63 and Sally Jo Lovelace '63 Brown
Thomas and Carolyn Hindman Brown
Leonard Broz and Janifer Broz
Tim and Karen Bruce
Mitchell Bruck and Donna Bruck
Laura Brueck and Matt Stromquist
Dr. Robert '92 and Dr. Rosemarie Mendivil '94 Brueggeman
Michal Brunell
Terry Bruner and Stephen Bruner
Michael Brunette and Rhonda Brunette
Karen Brunner
Terri Brunvoll
Benjamin Bruster
Eric Bruster
Jeffrey Buchman and Karen Adolphson-Buchman
Daniel Buck and Dorothea Buck
Suzanne Buddin
David Buechel and Valerie Buechel
Quinten Bunch
Dr. Joy C. Bunt
Ms. Janet E. Burch, SPHR
Robert Burden and Jane Burden
Reid Burens
Lucy Burgchardt
Frances Burgess
Denise Burggraaff and Daniel Burggraaff
Sally Burgmeier and Mark Burgmeier
Dr. Erik Burgwald '89
John '85 and Barbara Buric
Brittany Burk
Darby Burk
Karen Burks
Andrew Burnell and Kimberly Burnell
Fred Burnham and Martha Burnham
Jennifer Burnham and Kurt Burnham
Rebecca Burns and David Burns
Michelle Burton
Donna Burwell and Michael Burwell
Donna and Gary Busching
A. Scott Bushey
Steven Bussa and Corinne Bussa
Cherie Bussert
Joy Bussert
Meredith Butler
Paul Cabrera
Meghan Caby and Parker Caby
Dr. Lendol and Anne Calder
Mrs. Nancy Califf
Katherine Callahan
Joseph Callan and Judith Callan
Shaun Callighan '08
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Calvert
David Camarillo and Patricia Camarillo
An Campbell and James Campbell
Dr. Evelyn S. Campbell
Jennifer Campisi and Matthew Campisi
Alejandra Campos
Berenice Campos
Kayla Canning
Margaret Canning
Frank Cannova and Nancy Cannova
Angela Cantrell
Sandra Cantu-Torres and Ruben Torres
Russell Carlsen and M. Deborah Carlsen
Bruce Carlson
C. Robert Carlson
David Carlson
Deborah L. Carlson
Donald Carlson and Jean Carlson
Eileen C. Carlson
Gene Carlson and Jane Carlson
Ingrid L. Carlson
Iris Carlson and Dan Carlson
Sharon and Jim Carlson
Kyle J. Carlson
Lynette Strand Carlson
Dr. Norman A. Carlson
Rev. Paul '70 and Dr. Sandra Carlson
Polly Carlson
Richard Carlson and Louise Carlson
Wayne Carlson
Lisa Carlson Goodale and Eddis Goodale
Joann Carlstrom
Robert Carlstrom and Barbara Carlstrom
Jeffrey '92 and Marcy Carmichael
Rachel Carney
Dave and Diane Carnithan
Carole Carpenter
Don Carpenter and Diane Carpenter
Donna Johnson '09 Carpenter
Marshall and Carolyn Carpenter
Mariela Carr and Malcolm Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Carstens
Adam and Susan Carter
Brad and Becky Carter
Brenda White '81 Carter
Mr. Jerome Carter
Lisa and Steve Carter
Mitchell David Carter '14
Amy Carton
Kevin Carton
Carol Carver
Jeffrey Cassani and Amy Cassani
Jeffrey Cassens and Beth Cassens
Scott Castillo
Lisa Castleman and Michael Castleman
Karen Castoe and Jeff Castoe
Gregory Castrey and Gina Castrey
Anna Castro and Jose Castro
Elizabeth Caswell and Paul Schipper
Kate and Dave Caswell
Colleen Cathcart and Shawn Cathcart
Jon Cathcart
Ayradi Catron
Janet Cazel '76
Carlino Cecilio and Julie Cecilio
Jose Cervantes and Estella Cervantes
Pedro Cervantes '00
Tavian Cervantez
Jeanmarie Cervone
Staci Chabowski
Julie Chamberlain and Dan Chamberlain
Linnea Chase
Araceli Chavez and Alvaro Chavez
Drs. Arthur '94 and Kelly Check
Earl Check
Keith Cherkauer and Laura Bowling
Daniel Chetel
John and Char Childers
Edwin Choate and Jean Choate
Valerie Chodl
Winai Choknumtumnukit and Nongram Sarika
Elizabeth Choporis
Robert Christel
Dean Christensen '54
Heidi Christiansen
Dr. Kurt Christoffel
Rebecca Christoffel and Andrew Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Christoffersen (Doris Simpson)
Helen Christopher
Anna Knepler
Michael Church and Susan Church
Dan '65 and Jan Churchill
George Ciesla and Susan Ciesla
David Cihak and Danielle Romano-Cihak
Donna Cihak
Emma Cintado
Andrew '95 and Kara Turner '94 Clark
Betty E. Clark
Brian J. Clark
Chase Clark
Dr. Jason and Cherie Clark
Heather Clark
Ivory Clark
Katerina Clark
Michael Clark
Reverend and Mrs. Michel D. Clark
Michelle Clark
Randall Clark
Stuart Clark and Linda Crutcher
Lauren Clarke
Patricia Clarke and Kevin Clarke
Samantha Clasen
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Clauson
Paula Clement
Jeffrey and Paulette Clements
Lisa Clements and Scott Clements
Ms. Cindy Clendenin
H. Richard Cline and Barbara Cline
Heatherle Clingerman
Peter Clough
Christine McWhinney Coats
Jesslyn Cohen
Stanley and Kay Coin
Harvey Coleman and Kathleen Coleman
Dr. Michael and Mrs. Robin Collier
Hannah Collins
Michael Collins and April Collins
Susan Collins
James W. Collinson
Kelly Roliardi Colpoys
Mark Conard and Heather Conard
Jeff '80 and Natalie Nelson '81 Condit
Jordan Conerty and Beth Conerty
Joanne Conger
Raymond Conniff and Jill Conniff
Annalise Connolly
Mary Connolly and Tim Connolly
Mrs. Sheri Conover
Genevieve Conrath
James Considine
Ryan Conway
Cary Cook
Dennis Cook and Sandra Cook
Joanne Cook
Mary S. Cook
Aben Cooper
Robert Cooper
Joel Cooperrider
Amy Copeland and William Copeland
Daniel Copper
Alan Coppersmith
Martin Corey and Nancy Corey
Phil and Marla Novak Corkill
Janet Corney Griffith
Marilyn '61 and John Cornwell
Cathy Schumm Cortright
Chris and Melanie Coulter
Maria Coulter
Dr. Arnold and Christine Cowan
Beverly Cowan and William Cowan
Kristin Cowgill
Betsy Cox '93
Jessica Cox
John and Cynthia Coy
Jack Crabtree and Linda Crabtree
Dr. Ralph Cram
Don and Claire K. Crawford
Madison Crawford
Megan Crawford
Patrick Crawford
Jordan Cray
Catherine Cregan and John Cregan
Laura C. Crimaldi
Elody R. Crimi
Michelle Cripe
Annaliese Croasdale
Daniel Cromp and Regena Zimmer-Cromp
Dorothy Crosby
Michelle Crouch
Carrie Engstrom Crowe
David Crowe and Catherine Hanson
Walter Crowley and Linda Crowley
Andrea Crum
Angel Cruz
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Cubbage
Janet Cuenca
James Cueno '97
Santiago Cuevas
Julie Cummings
William and Dana Cummings
Nicholas '13 and Angela Bahls '13 Cummins
Alice Cunningham
John Cunningham and Lanet Cunningham
Ally Curley
Christopher and Sheri Curran
Thomas '82 and Merilee Curran
Al and Jan Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Barron W. Curtis
Linda Lefstein Cutler
Edyta Czachorowski and Dariusz Czachorowski
Laurna Czajka
Zain Dada
David Dahl and Ruth Dahl
K. Vinje and K.V. Dahl
Erika Dahlstrand
Karen Dahlstrom
Cleo Dalamaggas
Collette Dale and Peter Dale
Isabelle Dale
Sue and Dan Daluga
Terry L. Daly
Tessa Damien
Nicholas Danekas '09
Minh Dang
Kelly Daniels and Adam Daniels
Lindsay Daniels '03
G. Anton Danielson
John Danielson
Thomas Danko and Inga Danko
Yen Dao
Elizabeth Davies
John Davies
Richard and Marilee (Abbott) Davies
Edward Davis
Elizabeth Davis and Christian Davis
Lauren Davis
Mettrice Davis
Rixie Davis
Stephanie Davis and Daryl Davis
Telisa Davis and Rixie Davis
Mark Davison
David Dawson and Susan Dawson
Dennis De Decker
Susan De La Cruz and Jeffrey De La Cruz
Joseph De Matteo
Randall De Young and Elizabeth De Young
Nancy and Bryan Deaton
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeBoni
Frank C. Debout
John DeCicco and Francesca DeCicco
Lawrence Decker
Marcia Decker
Ryan Decker
Allen DeDecker and Catherine DeDecker
Jason Dedjoe
Kim Degnan and James Degnan
Monica DeGrauwe
Ashley Dehmlow
Jennifer Deigl
Sarah Deitschel
Katie DeJulius
Mark DeJulius and Lori DeJulius
Noel DeKalb '59
Noelle Dela Cruz
John and Julie Delaney
Carol DeLay-Fraga and Ed Fraga
Haley DeLille
John Dellitt and Angie Dellitt
Suzanne Dell-St.Clair '82
Jay DeLuna '10
Lucy DeMare and Michael DeMare
Dennis Dempsey and Nancy Dempsey
Kevin '81 and Natalie Hughes '81 Dempsey
Kathleen Dempsey Boyle
Alessandra Dennis
Linda DeNoma
Jared Deppe
Stephen DeReus
Michael DeVine
David '82 and Helena Csoke '83 Devore
Thomas DeWalle
Dennis DeZur
Charity Di Liberti
Ann Diamond
Bettinna Diaz Guerrero
Lenette DiCiaula and Joseph DiCiaula
James Dicken
John Dickens
Joshua Diehl
Jennifer Dieter
Dr. Nicole DiGiacomo
Roger Dirks and Cindy Dirks
Diane Dirksen
Alexander Disabato and Melissa Disabato
Nicholas Dispensa
Kathleen Beety Diviak
Duane Dixon
Mary and Rob Dixson
Ted and Deidre Dobbels
Elizabeth Dobbels and Scott Dobbels
John Docherty and Janice Docherty
Susan Dodd
Carol Dodovich and Robert Dodovich
Stephanie Dominguez
Mrs. Julie D. Wamser
Patty Jo Dooley-Jones
Donna Doonan
Dr. Thomas Doran
Don Doucette and Lynn Drazinski
Al Doud and Rita Doud
Liam Dougherty
Dean and Annette Strom Doughty
Kristin Douglas and Gregory Douglas
Terri Douglass
Jane Downing
Lori Downing
Cornelia M. Dowsett
Tom Doyle
Eric Dreher
John and Julie Maring Dreixler
Caleb Drew
Michael Drew and Margaret Drew
Thomas Drew and Robin Drew
Charlie '01 and Tracy Drost
George '69 and Beth '69 Drost
Sydney Drozdowski
Thomas Dryg and Lori Dryg
Carlos and Jacqueline Walter Duarte
Diane Duffy-Radel and Michael Radel
Charlene Dugan
Wayne Dugge
Ron and Laura Dulle
Betty Dunbar
Jennifer Dunder
Jeffrey Dunlap and Michelle Dunlap
Stephen and Janet Holm Dunn
James Dunne
Mai Duong
Leslie DuPree
Cinthia Duran
Sabrina Duran
Ellen Dutton and Scott Dutton
Jayme Dvorak and Gregory Dvorak
Brad Dye and Joanna Dye
Wes and Nikki Dyke
Greg Dykema
Evelyn J. Dymkowski
Bohdan and Marietta Dziadyk
Anne and Jim Earel
Austin Earley
Don and Darcy (Roehrs) Earley
Kenneth Easley and Kathleen Easley
Michelle Easton
Brianna Ebenroth
Chuck and Karen Evenson Eberhard
Rev. Elizabeth Ebinger Boesen
Andy and Kristy Eckardt
Melinda Eckhardt and Thomas Eckhardt
Alethea Eddy Sumner
Nancy Eder and Gerald Eder
Richard '63 and Judith Edgar
Robert Barrow and Carla Edlefson '68
Andrew and Martha Edwards
Lindsey Edwards
Richard Edwards
Michael Egan and Coleen Egan
Michelle Egan
Dale and Melinda Egeberg
Candace Egger
Brooke Einsweiler
Mark and Wendy Einsweiler
Carson Eipers
Loryann M. Eis '60
Kurt Ekberg and Marcia Ekberg
Kyle Ekberg '09 and Aleeza Singh
Gregory Ekdale and Lynne Ekdale
Kent and Katherine Anderson '68 Eklund
Jack and Diane Swenson Ekstrom
Mrs. Joyce Elliott
Julie K. Hamann '82 Elliott and Ken Elliott
Margaret Ellis and David Ellis
Arliene Ellison
Christine Elsberg
Toria Olson Emas
Mary Emory
Mr. and Mrs. Randy B. Ems
Tom Enger and Jill Enger
Janet England
Beth Engle
Jo Ann English
Carl and Charlene Engstrom
Eric Engstrom and Sondra Engstrom
Norman Engstrom
Roger Engstrom and Elizabeth Engstrom
Michael Ericksen
Bob Ericksen
Alan and Barbara Erickson
Brian Erickson and Stephanie Erickson
Casey Erickson
Diana Erickson
Gary Erickson and Suzanne Gehl
J. Richard Erickson and Dorothy Erickson
James Erickson and Karen Erickson
John H. Erickson '69 and Harry I. Zaleznik
Nancy and John Erickson
Dr. Kurt and Ginny Erickson
Larry Erickson
Paul Erickson
Thomas Erickson, M.D.
Ann Ericson Nolan
Brent E. Ericson
June Berg Ericsson
Michael Erlandson and Kristine Erlandson
Maria Erling
Ruby Esannason
Gisel Escajadillo Solis
Mauricio Escarria
Dr. Karl Espelie '67
William Estes and Gina Livingston
Todd Etheridge
Ann Schwiebert Evans
Dr. Thomas Evensen and Janice K. Evensen
Lynne Rosenbohm '62 Ewan
David Exner and Amanda Exner
Janet Fabry
Rebecca Fahnoe and Christopher Fahnoe
Troy Faley
Dolores Faltynek
David Fane and Denise Fane
Erich Fang
Molly Fank
Susanna Fank and David Fank
Thomas Farell and Connie Farell
Laquesha Farley
Gretchen Farwell
Kristina Favia and Michael Favia
Beverly Fay
Sandy Fecht
John Feehan
Ronald Fellner and Judy Fellner
Irvin Feltman
Drs. Michael and Michele Feltner
Mr. Michael Richard and Dr. S. A. Fenwick
Doris Ferguson
Terry Ferrari and Barbara Ferrari
Emily Ferreyra
Samantha Ferruzza
Leon Fialek and Patricia Fialek
Jim and Barbara Magnusson Ficke
Dr. Larry G. Fickenscher
Brook Fieldman
Scott Fieldman and Jennifer Fieldman
Jackie Fields
Dr. Wayne Fields
Nathan '00 and Sara Kruse '99 Fierce
Madison Filippi
Roland and Karen Ericsson Filippi
James Filotto and Penny Filotto
James Filut and Traci Filut
Trinity Filut
Joyce Finch
Russell '72 and Kathleen Keller '72 Finkler
Sigurd Finks and Tracy Finks
Jane L. Finnicum
Mr. and Mrs. James Fischer
Jeffrey Fischer and Kameron Duy Fischer
Jennifer Fisher and Michael Fisher
Nancy Fitzsimmons
Hunter Fitzwater
Rachael Flacco
Ryan Flannery and Diana Flannery
Elisa Fliege and Andy Fliege
Jeffrey Flinchem
Robert Flinchem and Deanna Flinchem
Paul Flint and Mary Flint
Tara R. Flynn
Tracy Flynn
John Fogleman and Delores Fogleman
Jill Foley and Michael Foley
Philip Folkunger
Beth Ford and Scott Ford
Christopher '86 and Laura Cutrer '86 Ford
Donald and Maureen Moore '69 Ford
Pamela Ford
Anna Foreman
Mr. and Mrs. C. Luther Fors, II
Karina Forshee
Patti Forsythe '95
Shane Forsythe
Gordon Fortney and Kathleen Fortney
Donald Fosburg
Fred '63 and Joann Gustafson '65 Foss
Brian and Gwen Fosse
James Foster and Christine Foster
Jill Foster and Lance Hofer
Caden Foulke
Liesl Fowler and Mark Fowler
Kimberly Fox and Ken Green
Elizabeth Frame
Scott '86 and Margaret Francis
Cameran Frank
Nathan Frank and Holly Frank
Rich and Connie Frankenfeld
Diana Franklin
Stacy Frazier and John Frazier
Betty Fredman
Dr. Jeffrey and Joanne Blough Freed
John Freed
Julia Freeman
William '73 and Carol Cruse '73 Freeman
Debra Freitag
Natalie Freitag
Judith Frey
Hunter Freye
Joe and Carol Friberg
Allyson Fricano
Avery Frick
Clayton Frick and Davie Frick
Juliane Fricke
Karen Frost and Curtis Frost
Paul and Gail Swanson Frost
Dennis Frostic and Sally Frostic
Donald Fry and Kathleen Fry
Helen Fryxell
Ronald and Carol Fryxell
Tia Fuhr
Robert Fuka and Sharon Fuka
Carl and Penny Van Riet '69 Fulkerson
David Fuller and Pamela Fuller
Andrew and Tara Furgason
Robert Gagne and Patricia Gagne
Terrance Gainer and Marcy Gainer
Heather Gainey and Bruce Gainey
Nicholas Gainey
James Gaither and Christine Gaither
Karen Gallagher
Jennifer L. Gallas
Margaret Gallery
Barbara Gamb and Kenneth Gamb
William Gamble
Jill Gamboe and Scott Gamboe
Deb Gammon
Emma Gannaway
Kirsten Carlson Ganschow
Dr. Michael Gapen '91 and Dr. Rachel Grisham
Tyler Garborg
Luis Garcia
Tracy Garcia
Kristine Garland
Brad Garrett '97
Rick Garrison and Mary Garrison
Janice Garrison-Carpenter
Dori Garro and Robert Garro
Amelia Garza
Michael Gattuso
Samuel Gattuso and Frances Gattuso
Bryn Gatz
Elisa Gatz and Joseph Gatz
Rebecca Gavillet and Daniel Gavillet
Sandra Gay
Susan Geary
Anthony Gebauer
Kevin Geedey and Dara Wegman-Geedey
Harold Gehle and Janet Gehle
Louise Gehman
Genevieve Gehring-Gervase
Randall and Janet Gehrls
Catherine Gehrmann
Elizabeth Gehrmann
Mary Therese Gehrmann
Phillip Gehrmann and Carol Ann Lampe-Gehrmann
Arthur Geisert
Noah Geisert
Ginny D. Gelbach
Alexander Geocaris and Meaghan Geocaris
Zachary George
Cindy Gerasch and Anthony Gerasch
Murry Gerber '75
Michael Gericke and Mare Gericke
David Gesin
Laura Ghandour-Dorn
Travis Gibson and Jennifer Gibson
John Gifford and Jane Gifford
Barry Gigstad and Catherine Gigstad
Anne Gill
Carrie Gillstrom Matteson
Sophia Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giron
Nina Giske de Vendegies
Emily Gladhart
Keith Glavash and Marylene Altieri
William R. Glave
Mr. Matthew Glendon
Sandra E. Glenn
Jacob Glimco and Emily Glimco
John '83 and Becky Hinrichs '84 Glimco
Dr. and Mrs. Glen Glista
Jason Glombicki
Devin Glover
Jason Gluzkin
Isabella Gmitrovic
Janice Budd '68 Gockel and Lawrence Gockel
Alice and Richard Godfrey
Cyndee Jahnke Godlove
Mary Ann Goering
Taylor Goldermann
Theodore Goldsberry and Joan Goldsberry
Nevin Goldstein
Linwood Goldstone and Erica Goldstone
Ariel Gonsowski-Padron
Rubens Carlos Gonzales
Nancy Gonzalez and Jaime Gonzalez
Neima Gonzalez
Dr. Darrin '87 and Diana Hill '89 Good
Susan Gooding and Jeffrey Gooding
Samantha Goodmanson
Claire Gordon and Trey Gordon
Nicole Gordon and Josh Gordon
Gabrielle Goritz
George Gossage and Deborah Gossage
Gwen Gotsch
Frank Gottardo and Michelle Gottardo
Daniel Gottschling
Deke Gould
James Gove and Jacqueline Gove
John Graber
Clyde Grady
Debra Graeve
Carla Graf and Robert Graf
Katrina Graf
Abigail Grafe
Julia Grafe and Luther Grafe
Ruth Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Gramsch
Mary Grant
Tani Grant
Steffi Gratigny
Kerry Gravelle and Shawn Gravelle
Lawrence Graves and Cindy Graves
Andrew Gray
Emily Graziano
Charles Green
Marvel Ingram Green
Nancy Green
Dawn Greene
Brenda Greenlee and Glen Greenlee
Dana Gregory and Steve Gregory
Eva Gregory
Kevin Grenke
William Grenke and Karen Grenke
Gary Gresholdt and Holly Gresholdt
Lois F. Gresholdt
Reverend and Mrs. Tom Grevlos
Diane Edmund '62 Griffin
Donald Griffith and Jackie Griffith
Lois E. (Pearson) Griffith
Thomas Grim and Charlotte Grim
Mr. Erick and Dr. Meg Grim Loven
Miss Ann K. Grimm
Bridget Grimm
Christina Grimord and Lance Grimord
Tom Gritton
Robert Grob and Marjorie Grob
Timothy Grob and Judy Grob
Lorraine Grod and John Grod
Cheryl Thompson '73 Groetsema
Sally Gross
Holly Grosshans and Jonathan Grosshans
Barb (Lundquist) and Glenn Grossklags
Paul and Lynn Grossman
Katherine Grosso
Peyton Gruber
Victoria Grudzien
Alexandra Gualtieri
Paul '60 and Patricia Nellans '60 Guehler
Lana Guessford
Tormod Guldvog
Clayton A. Guler
Jeff Gunderson
Ronald and Beverly Gunderson
Scott Gunderson and Evelyn Gunderson
Neuden Gurung
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Guse
Esther Gustafson
Janice Gustafson
John Gustafson
Judith Gustafson
Linnea Gustafson
Loretta Gustafson
M. Brent Gustafson '70
M. Thomas Gustafson
Rachel and Bill Gustafson
Jon K. '18 and Rita Oetken '99 Gustafson
Linda E. Gustavson, Ph.D.
John F. Gustofson
Aina Gutierrez '99 and Douglas Sondgeroth '99
Thomas Guzzardi and Holly Guzzardi
Bob Haak
Dale G. Haake and Maria Concepcion Lucas-Murillo
Charles and Heather Haben
Vera M. Haberer
Stephanie Allewalt '04 Hacker
Dr. Pamela Hadley '87
Janice Haeflinger
Randall Haeflinger '06
Mavis Johnson Hagemann
Jon and Joy Holford Hagen
Olivia Hagerty
Mark Hahn
Dr. Naomi Hahn '70
Mr. Forrest A. Hainline III
Kathryn Hairston
R. James Hakala and Eileen Hakala
Cameron Hall
Charlotte Hall
Craig Hall
Summer Hall
Thomas Hall
Reverend and Mrs. Donald M. Hallberg
Drs. George '69 & Lillian Gruenwald '69 Hallberg
Cindy Halstead and Mike Halstead
Ralph and Patricia Hamers-van Nimwegen
Erika Hamilton
Dr. Jerry Hamilton '61 and Andra Martin '61 Hamilton
Sylvia Hamilton
April Schaefer Hamma
Claire Hammer
Dr. Bruce and Mary Hamming
Drs. Edward and Nancy Anderson Hamming
Daniel Hammond
Kristin Mahoney
Nancy Wahlgren Hansen
Peyton Hansen
Richard Hansen
Richard M. Hansen
Emma Hanson
Rev. Eric Hanson and Rev. Carina Schiltz
Thomas and Wanda Hanson
Henrieta Hanulikova and Lubos Hanulik
Colleen Hanushewsky and Peter Hanushewsky
Anisul Haque and Atia Rasul
Jason Harder
Ralph Hardy and Nancy Hardy
Sally Hargrave Bradley
Lisa Hargreaves
Mark Harmon
Chris Harned and Celia Harned
John Harned
Tui Harned
Emma Harper
Jan Jurgens '70 Harper
Carol Harpole and Philip Harpole
Phyllis Harrell
J. Mark Harrington and Jane C. Harrington
Ryan Harrington
Abigail Harris
Hunt and Diane Harris
Michelle S. Harris
Michelle R. Harris
Carolyn Harrison
Blake and Theresa Harrop
Bill and Ruth Anne Erickson Hartman
John Hartweg and Linda Hartweg
Emily Hartwick
Kevin Harvey and Michelle Harvey
Susan Harvey and Peter Harvey
Sylvia Harvin
Marianne Rosenberg Harward
James Hasken
Allison Haskill and Daniel Haskill
Nils Peter and Donna Hasselmo
Mr. Philip Hasz
Edda Hatfield-Stapko
Robert E. Hathaway II
Katelin Hatlestad
Pamela Hauman
Allen Hauser
Nancy and Ed Hawfield
Charlene Hawks
William C. Warren and Ellen A. Hay
Susan Hay
Christopher Hayden
Michael Hayes
Paul '67 and Jane Johnson '67 Hayes
Michael Heald
Jesse Heath
Benjamin Heaton and Lindsay Heaton
Carol (Street) Heck
Constance Heden
Michael Hedges
Kim Hedlin
Ron and Ellen Hedlund
Carl Hedman
Lisa Hedrick
Mr. Robert Hedrick and Dr. JoEllen Wilbur
Rebecca Heick
Tamara Heikkinen and Eric Heikkinen
Maureen Heim
Thomas Heiman
Kristina Hein and Mark Hein
Michelle Heinrichs
Brenda Heisch and Randy Heisch
Timothy Heisler
Lynn Hemberger
Junita Borg Hemke
Nancy Hemmila
Laurie Hemmingson
John Hendren
Joan Hendricks
Lon Hendricks
Eric and Gail Hengst
Melanie Henley
Patricia Henneman
McKenzie Hennessy
Timothy Hennessy and Susan Hennessy
Allen Henning
Marisa Henning and Kyle Henning
Rodney Henningsen
Grant Henry and Deloris Henry
Michael Henry and Mary Beth Henry
Scott Henry and Terri Peterson-Henry
Robert Hensel
Dr. Dale A. Herbeck
Cecilia and Kevin Herdegen
Claire Herdegen '18
Kathleen Hering
Matt '95 and Elizabeth Herlihy
Florentino Hernandez and Guadalupe Martinez
Eileen Herrstrom and Dale Herrstrom
Arvid Herstedt and Karen Herstedt
William Herzog and Barbara Herzog
Chloe Heslop
Wendy (Anderson) Hess
Lorraine Hess Spencer '73
Kathryn Hettiger
John Hetzler
Jodi Heyen
A. John Heyer and Colleen Conway
Miriam Hibbs
Sarah Hickey
Paula Hietpas
Marianne Higginbotham
Thomas Higgins
Angela Highfill Enriquez
Karin Hildebrandt
Paul Hildreth
Stephen Hile
Diane Gustafson Hill '66
Donna Marie Hill and Kenneth Hill
Karen Hill and Thomas Hill
Laurie Hill
A. Douglas Hillman
Mrs. Maj-Britt Hilstrom
Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow '94 and Dr. Jay Morrow
Eimo Hinrichs and Patricia Hinrichs
William Hintze and Kathryn Hintze
Andrew Hipes
Karin Berg '64 Hirchert and George Hirchert
Bruce Hirschel and Eileen Hirschel
Arleen Hieber '65 Hitchcock
Mrs. Mary Ann Hoare
Thomas Hoder and Jean Hoder
Gerald Hodge
Philip Hodgkinson and Martha Hodgkinson
Gerald Hoenig and Margaret Hoenig
Joan Hoexter
Nichole Hoey
Patrick Hoey
Daniel Hoffenkamp '99
Edward Hoffman
Ruthann Hoffman
Susan Hoffman
Jeanette Hoffmann
Phillip P. Hoffmann '74
Dr. Kenneth '62 and Mrs. Marilyn Palmer '62 Hofstetter
Ellen Dahlgren Hogbin
Professor Cynthia Hogue
John Hohertz and Pam Hohertz
Lindsay Hohertz
Suzanne Hojara
Cynthia Dickow '89 Holas
James Holgersson
Beth Holland and Jim Zid
Steven Hollingworth and Ann Griffith
Anthony Holman
Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Holmberg
Karen Holmen '71
Reverend Dr. Mark and Linnea Holmer
Reverend Paul A. and Christine Mathson Holmer
Daniel Holmes
Ardo and Carolyn Whitcomb Holmgrain
Paul Holmstrom
James Holst
Kaia Holt
Abigail Holtan
Richard Holtman
Jon Honsey and Susan Honsey
Hildasue Honts and Vince Honts
Mischa Hooker
Erin Hoover
Gary and Cathy Larson '69 Hoover
Dr. Marilyn J. Hoover
Drs. Cynthia and William Hoover
Eleanor K. Hopley
P. Charles Horan
Janice Horberg
Kurt J. and Deborah A. Horberg
John Horn and Margaret Horn
Melinda Finkral
James '55 and Carol '57 Horstmann
Ralph Horton and Mary Ellen Horton
Zachary Horve
David Horwath and Lynn Horwath
Elly '74 and Bob Hostetler
Philip Hougen and Diane Hougen
Fred Houlton and Virginia Houlton
Matthew Howard '96
Marcus Hoyer
C. Trew Hoyt
Bradley Hubbard and Ann Hubbard
Terry D. Hudson
Kirk Huffaker
Jill Huffer
Heather and Larry Hufford
Jack Hughes
John '07 and Amanda Lukasik '06 Hughes
Kelly Hughes
Patrick Hughes and Jennifer Hughes
Bradley Hulick and Teresa Hulick
Susan Hullett
Don '79 and Betteann Hultgren
Douglas M. and Nancy Reed Hultquist
Alycia M. Hund
Patrick Hunt '02
Connie and Tom Huntley
Margaret Huntley
Lisa Huntsha
Mr. Anthony C. Hurd
Lynne Hurdle
Terry Hurdy and E. Leslie Hurdy
Randy Hurless and Melissa Hurless
Caroline Hurst
Arthur Hurter and Florence Hurter
Jon and Sonja Hurty
Dr. Kathleen Hurty
Mohammed A. Hussain '87
Kathleen Huston and L Huston
Elizabeth Hutchins
Jill and Kurt Hutchinson
Mary Ann Hutchison
Lauren Imhoff
Audrey Inbody
Jeannine Ingelson
Verdeen Ingram
Ricardo Iniguez
David Inserra and Stephanie Inserra
Sheila Inserra
Tracy Iroegbulem
Jacqueline Isaacson
Dr. Thomas '80 and Nancy Isaacson
Clarence Jabusch
Barbara Jackson
Brielle Jackson
Gerald Jackson and Mary Jackson
Hope Jackson
James Jackson
Lynn Jackson
Todd Jackson and Laura Jackson
Andrea Jacobs and J.P. Jacobs
Betty Crile Jacobs
Emily Jacobs
Sarah Jacobsen and Paul Jacobsen
Ellen Jacobson and Barry Jacobson
Paul and Karen Schultz '68 Jacobson
Terra Jacobson
David A. and Christine E. Jagger
Sofia Jahangir
Dr. Kathy Jakielski and Mr. David Yordy
Courtney James
Hannah James and Shawn James
Tony and Karen James
Alan and Kathy Anderson Janicek
Julia Janis
Jonathan Jaworowski
Bradley Jelen
Benjamin T. Jenkins '13
Daniel Jensen
Dell Jensen and Jill Jensen
Rich Jensen '74 and Beth Goodrich
Thomas Jessee and Bonita Jessee
Irene Pearson Jinks '53
Suzanne Jobin '97 Farrell and Paul Farrell
Jerry '68 and Judy '71 Johansen
Linnea Johansen
Bonnie Johansen-Werner and Duane Werner
Steve and Sue Johns
Lawrence Johnsen and Bonnie Johnsen
Abigail Johnson
Alan Johnson
Amber Johnson
Ann Johnson and Keith Johnson
Anne Gibbon Johnson
Audrey Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
David and Anne Johnson
David Johnson
Donald A. '53 and Frances Slaymaker '56 Johnson
Donna Johnson
Doris J. Johnson '53
Ebba Johnson
Frank K. and Nancy A. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Tim Johnson
Gary Johnson and Margaret Johnson
Hugh Johnson and Margery Johnson
Janel Johnson
Janet Johnson
Jan Marsden-Johnson
Dr. Janice Johnson
Judith Johnson
Ms. Juliann K. Johnson
Julie Johnson
Karl Johnson
Kathleen Johnson
Mark and Lisa Koenig Johnson
Lowell Johnson
Marjorie Johnson
Mark and Christine (Borkgren) Johnson
Martha Johnson and John Johnson
Mary Johnson and Gregory Johnson
Elaine and Matthew Moy Johnson
Milton Johnson
Steve and Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Niel Johnson
Olof '62 and Caran Hylander '68 Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Robert Johnson
Roberta Johnson
Rodney '58 and Kathy Johnson
Ronald K. Johnson
Ronald Johnson and Mary Ann Johnson
Ross and Esther Johnson
Ruth Rogness Johnson
Shelly Johnson '56
Susan and Terrill Johnson
Thomas M. Johnson
Thomas H. Johnson '69 and Nancy J. Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Virgi Johnson
Virginia Johnson
William Johnson and Sandra Johnson
Karen Johnson Fields
Bruce D. Johnston
Gary and Wendy Johnston
Dr. Kenneth Johnston
Antoinette Jokiel and Bernie Jokiel
Abbigail Jones
Collis Jones '88
Connie R. Jones '81
Cynthia Jones
Dan and Maryanne Jones
Gary Jones and Teresa Jones
Samuel Jones
Thomas and Wanda Sandeen Jones
Kathleen '64 and Eugene Jongsma
Deanna Jordan
Judith Jordan
Donald Jorgensen and Peggy Jorgensen
Kylie Jozwik
John Juettner and Joanne Juettner
Nick and Amy Juknelis
Frederick Jutton
Susan Kacprzyk
Brian Kaczmarek and Theresa Kaczmarek
Amber Kaecker
Esther Kaetzel '70
Rijan Kafle
Helen Kahl
Cathy Berge Kakuska
Taddy Kalas
Lisa (Clarke) and Bruce Kaldheim
Allan Kalemba
Bob and Jan Kallberg
Lois Kaltenbach-Basil
Teresa B. Kamphaus
Peter Kanwischer and Dana Kanwischer
Dr. Paul A. Karazija '83
Thomas Kargl and Karen Kargl
Robert '65 and Karol Hein '65 Karlblom
Dorothy Karlson
Gregory Karr and Cynthia Karr
Bruce Karstadt
K Gene Karzin and Pamela Karzin
Julia Kasa and Paul Kasa
Jeffrey Kashmier
Judith Kasper
Sara Swanson '89 Kasprzak
Lorne Katz and Bonnie Katz
Bethany L. (Johnson) Kaufmann
Mariah Kaufmann
Gloria Peterson Kavadas
Douglas Kazmierczak
Eric Kearns and Tricia Kearns
Diane Kebler and Robert Kebler
Richard Keehner and Kimberly Keehner
Gregory Keenan
Ronald Keenan
Kenneth Keeney
Denise Keiner
Amy Keipert
Paul and Carol Keipert
George Kelecich and Nadine Kelecich
Karen Frischmann Keller
Barbara Kelley
Sharon Kelley
Wendy Kelley and James Kelley
Rev. Dennis '76 and Mary Salemi '76 Kelly
Gordon '61 and Susan Kelly
Jill Kelly
Keith Kemnitz and Shelley Kemnitz
Julie Kemp
Gladys Vig Kempe
Jennifer and Bill Kempiners
Joanne Kendall
Linda Kendall
Henry Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Carter Kenney
Gareth Kent
Juli Kent
Janet Kepner
Sarah Kerkemeyer
Daniel Kern
Dr. Jonathan and Dr. Julie Kern
Paige Kern
Marianne Kerr and Kenneth Kerr
Catherine Kessel
Brigida Kessler
Natalie M. Kessler '92
Cynthia Kestler
Rick and Jean Kestner
David Ketter
Steven Keuer
Mir Khadka
Sylvia Khaton
Robert Kibble
Heather Kieffer and Paul Kieffer
Jenna Kiermas
Constance Kiesewetter
Richard Kilker
William Killinger and Janet Killinger
Danielle Kim and John Kim
Caroline Kimple
Lolly Kindschuh
Peter and Gayle Kindschuh
Gene King and Barbra King
Jerald King
Krista King
Patricia Cole King
Sabina King
Lindsay Kiraly and Philip Kiraly
Frank H. Kirchner, M.D. '73 and David Nicholson
Max C. Kirkeberg
James Kirkpatrick and Sandra Kirkpatrick
Jeffery Kirscher
Katherine Kitterman and Jared Kitterman
Lloyd and Janet Kittlaus
Karen Klawitter and Joseph Klawitter
Kirsten Klawitter
Christine Kleckner
Rev. Christina Garrett '08 and Keith Klein
Glenda J. Klein '70
Richard Kleine
Linda Klemka Walden
Lois Kemp Klimstra
Elinor Wilson Klingbiel
Arthur Klingerman
Eleanor Klink
Jennifer Klink and Steve Klink
Darren Klocke and Jennifer Klocke
Terry '67 and Cheryl Janssen '67 Klocke
Michele Knapik and Daniel Knapik
Brandon Knapp
Meg (Grenke) Knapper
Jason Kneeland and Christine Kneeland
Drs. Millicent Knight and Harvey Echols
Miriam Knoerr and James Knoerr
James Knuckey and Jan Knuckey
Diane Knudsen
Sonja Knudsen
Erik and Bonnie Knudson
John Knudson and Sharon Knudson
Stanley Knull
Jennifer Knuth and Ronald Knuth
Dr. John F. and Claudia L. Langhorst Knutson
Rachel Kobernat
Anita Koch
Ronald Koch and Bernal Koch
Mary Clare Koebel
Shirley Johnson Koelling
Peter Koeppen and Monica Koeppen
Janis Kohler and John Kohler
Katie and Tim Koll '10
Marlene Kollmeyer
Melody Konrad
Glenn Kooken and Carol Kooken
Jason Koontz and Todd Linscott
Karen Kooy
Dr. James Kopel
Carole Kopera
Dennis Korjenek and Christine Korjenek
Justin Kornas
Kristina Kosnick
Scott and Tricia Kostner-Nicholson
Anne Kotleba
Cathy Kovach and David Kovach
John Kovarik
Michael Kovarik and Amy Kovarik
Thaddeus Kowalczyk and Maria Kowalczyk
Erin Kraft
Evonne Kragness
F. Axtell Kramer, Jr.
Susan Kramer and Emil Kramer
Terry Norman Kramer
Lowell and Marilyn Bjork '67 Kramme
Derrick and Linda M. Kraus
Zoey Krawczyk
Joseph Krebasch and Nicolina Taylor-Krebasch
Katrina Krebasch
John Kreidle '82
Paul Kreis
Jerry Kreiter and Georgeann Kreiter
Hugh Kress and Karen Kress
Jude Weber and Mark Krippel
John Kroll and Marylou Kroll
Valerie Lambert
Jacob Krpan
Marko '88 Krpan & Sue Thompson-Krpan
Thomas Kruckeberg and Johanna Kruckeberg
Stacy Krueger and John Krueger
Sydney Krueger
Andrea Krumhardt
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wendell and Diane (Graff) Kruse
Nicholas Kruse
Lisa Kubon and Joseph Kubon
Jerry Kuchta
Nancy Kuchta Skow
Ken '67 and Sherry Esposito '68 Kuehnle
James '67 and Judith A. Anderson '67 Kuhagen
Ellen Kuhlmann
Kathryn Kulak and Brian Kulak
Elizabeth Kulas
Linda Kuntzman
Nicole Kunz
Elizabeth Kupar
Peter Kuplic and Ellen Kuplic
Brett Kuras
Alex Kurian
Craig Kuriger and Marsha Kuriger
Fred Kurt and Julie Kurt
Suzanne Kusar and Joseph Kusar
Patricia Kutter
Mary and Severt Kvamme
Gary Kwak and Ingrid Kwak
Hannah Kwak
Daniel Kwasigroch and Kjerstin Kwasigroch
Lori Kyger
Carolyn Lack
Lisa Lack
The Rev. Gary '67 and Christine LaCroix
Richard '75 and Alyce LaFollette
Thomas Lahl
Ryan and Carol Schersten '68 LaHurd
David LaMaster and Barbara LaMaster
James Lamb and Jennie Lamb
Judith Kuehl '62 Lambert
Dr. Ross Lambert and Dr. Jill Brody
Matthew Lampasona
Joan and Tom Lampo
Dr. Donald and Karin Lanahan
Carol Landahl and Louis Kubai
Jennifer Landes
Ryan Landi
Wesley and Krista Holmer Lane
Georgene Lange
Paula Lange
Wayne Langhorst
Stephanie Langston and James Langston
David Langum
Norvin Lanz and Bonnie Lanz
Beverley Larkin
Samantha Larkin
Christopher Larsen and Lorri Larsen
Elizabeth Larsen
Marlette Swenson Larsen
Debra Larson
Kimberly Larson and Richard Larson
Larry Larson and Laurel Larson
Lillian Larson '68
Mary Larson
Michelle Larson and Douglas Larson
Randall Larson and Judy Larson
Ronald Larson and Karen Larson
Timothy Larson and Elaine Larson
Timothy Larson and Naomi Larson
Zac '01 and Kristin Larson
Pamela Larson Mathews
Sarah Lashley
Nancy Laskaris
Colleen Laskowski and Craig Laskowski
Makenzie Laskowski
Edward Latham
Aubrey Lathrop
Susan Laud and Kenneth Laud
Adrienne Lauff
Paul Lauff
Philip Laurin
Lois Wilson Lauritzen
Maria Lavanderos
Alison Lawrence
Jason '93 and Melissa Dunphey '94 Lawrence
Dr. Pareena and Todd Lawrence
Mary Jo Le and Trung Le
Roger Leach
Tom '83 and Tracy Leach
Nancy and David Leaf
Helene Leaf
Sherry Leafgreen
Daniel E. and Ruth J. Lee
Kenny Lee and Vicki Lee
Michael and Valerie Tatlock '88 Lee
Jeffrey Legg
John Lekander
Karna Lennes
Bethany Lenschow
Bradley Lenschow and Catherine Lenschow
Janella Lentz
Daniel and Bonnie Smith Leslie
Ingmar Levin
Karl Levin and Angela Levin
Siiri Levy
Barbara Lewis and Jeffrey Lewis
Cathy Lewis and Jeff Lewis
Donald Lewis and Jan Lewis
Janet Lewis
Mark '71 and Vicki Lewis
Dr. Rachel E. Lewis
Stephen Lewis
Ann Leyden
Carolyn Leyva and Daniel Leyva
Nan Li
Sarah Lickus and Steven Lickus
Dorothy Lidberg
Kathleen Lincoln
Steven Lindahl and Mary Lindahl
Adele Stone Lindberg
Dr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Lindberg
Eric V. Lindberg
Jolayne Lindberg
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lindberg
James and Kay Karlson Lindblade
Norman D. Lindeblad
Brian Lindgren
Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Lindgren
Marie Nelson Lindmark
Anita Lindquist
Karen Flavin Lindquist
Linnea Lindquist
Matthew Lindquist
Bob and Sandy Lindstrom
David and Darlene Holst Link
Michael Linkimer and Lori Linkimer
Gary Linn
Danny Lipes and Brenda Lipes
Wilbur Lippert
Mary Liss
Justin List and Christopher Hammer
Marcia Lofdahl '57
Marvin '65 and Elaine Rauhut '65 Lofquist
Madison Logan
Julie Loitz and Jon Loitz
Timothy Lomperis and Ana Maria Lomperis
Caitlin Loney
William Long
Christina Lopez
Edgardo Lopez and Pamela Lopez
Richard Lorenz
Nancy Lorine
Christine Loula '88 and Brad Kopplin
J. Adam Lounsberry
John Lounsberry and Penny Lounsberry
Ainslie Lounsbury
Lincoln Lounsbury and Christina Lounsbury
Grace Loverde
Jerry Lowe and Janet Brown-Lowe
Dannette Lowry and Lawrence Chew
Curtis Loy and Nancy Montgomery-Loy
Chet and Renee Lozowski
Laura Lucchetti and Michael Lucchetti
Jack Lucero and Melanie Lucero
John '62 and Mary Thorson '62 Lucken
Kathie White Lueck
Lorri Lund
Lloyd H. Lundberg
Barbara K. Lundblad
Pamela Lundblad and John Lundblad
Randolph Lundblad and Ruth Lundblad
David Lundborg and Laurel Lundborg
Stanley Lunde and Patricia Lunde
Dr. David Lundeen '55
Dianne Lundeen
Dr. James '68 and Martha Killinger '68 Lundeen
James '61 and Ruth Lundeen
Richard and Sherry Lundell
Reverend Peter and Pam Lundholm
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest William Lundin
Robert F. Lundin
Anna Lundine
Linda Lundquist
Ann Lundquist Landers
Merlinda Lunney and Thomas Lunney
Vida Luth
Eileen Luzzo and Thomas Luzzo
Mr. Robert K. Lyle
Robert Lyons
Lindsay Maalouf
Theodore Maas and Martha Maas
Diane Machatka
Christine Mack
Bette Brown MacKenzie
Donna MacNeil and William MacNeil
Jeremy Madison
Norika Maeda
Dr. Mariano and Mrs. Cecilia Magalhaes
Kerry and Mike Magee
Dr. Robert and Donna Magnus
Bruce Magnuson
Trudy Magnuson
Mrs. Leanne Magnuson Latuda
Jan Magnusson and Amy Magnusson
Dr. Jason Mahn and Mrs. Laura Evans Mahn
Melinda Mahon
Leonard Maier
Matthew Maifield and Denise Maifield
Ronald Maigaard and Melvie Maigaard
Cheryl Maio
Siobhan Malany
Pamela Malley and Martin Malley
Melanie Malloy
Wallace Malmstedt
Cheryl Malone
Curt Malthouse
Edward Malthouse and Elisabeth Malthouse
John and Wanda Malvik
Olav '74 and Joanne Malvik
Carol Manning
Pierceson Mapes
Nathan Maras
John Marcet and Kimberly Spielman-Marcet
Carol Marcks
Robert Marcucci and Lisa Marcucci
Rachel Bergeson M.D., Brian Margolis M.D.
Sonya Eiben '85 Mariano
Lisa Markus
Dr. David C. Markward '71
Sie Maroon and Kimberly Maroon
Eduardo Marquez and Raquel Barros-Marquez
Gary Marrs and Mary Marrs
Colton Marshall
Jill Johnston Martelli
Treasure Marten
Andrew Martens and Heather Martens
John Martens and Nancy Martens
Joseph and Carolyn Martin
Janet Martin
Karin Martin
Sarah Martin and Terry Martin
Thomas Martin
Allyson Martinez '13
Elizabeth Martinez
Susan Martinez and Juan Martinez
Peter and Susan Marty
Emil Marunde and Sandra Marunde
Madelynn Marunde
Joyce Matanguihan
Mark Mathisen
Janet Matson
Charles Matthews
John Matthews '72
Penny Mattix
Karl Mattson
Millie Mauritzson
Richard Mauritzson and Carolyn Mauritzson
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Maurus
Theodor Maxeiner and Jacqueline Maxeiner
Jan Ramquist Maxson
Katherine Maxwell
Ronnie May and Cindy May
Madison Mayer
Darryl Mayhew and Sally Mayhew
Andrew Mayszak
Dustin '99 and Kristin Schaefer '97 Mazanowski
Sara Mazrimas
Victor Mazylewski
Stacy Mc Conkey and Jeffrey McConkey
Robin Mc Ginnis and Richard Mc Ginnis
Sandra McArthy
Tammy McAuliffe and Jeremy McAuliffe
Earle McBride
Kailey McCabe
Diane McCann
Tom and Judy McCarley
Brian McCarthy and Lisa McCarthy
Madison McCawley
Kimberly McClain and Micah McClain
Terry J. and Linda Dedoncker '81 McClain
Patricia Anderson McClane and William McClane
Kevin '81 and Teri Hajlo '82 McCloughan
Nancy McClure '60 Rode and Clyde Rode
Susan McCorkle
Joseph McCoy
Paul Edward McCoy
Julie McCracken '72
Amy McCue
Jane McCulley and Michael McCulley
Robert McCulloh
John McCurdy
Amanda McDermott
Kristie McDonald and Thomas McDonald
John McEvoy and Geralyn McEvoy
Sandra McFarland and Daniel McFarland
David McGaffic and Gretchen McGaffic
Morgan McGann
Tab and Katie McGinley
Tom and Pat McGonigle
Linnea McGowan Hobmeier
Michael McGraw and Jill McGraw
Sloane McIlrath
Shawn E. McKay
Bill McKie
Megan McLaughlin
Patricia McLaughlin
Allen McLean and Joan McLean
David McLean '72
Jennifer McLean
Elizabeth McMahon and Thomas McMahon
Cynthia McNally
Rebecca McNamar
Brock McNinch
James McPherson and Catherine McPherson
Scott McRae
Audrey McSorley and Quinn McSorley
Bettina McWilliams
Susan Meadows and Ronald Meadows
John Meal and Alma Meal
Steven Mealman
Joana Meco
Rodrigo Medeiros
John Mehaffey and Mary Mehaffey
Joseph Mehr and Fay Shong
Pooja Mehr
Joyce Meier
Mark Meier
Richard Meier and Helen Meier
Jodean Meleski
Brandon Melton and Olivia Melton
Elizabeth Melton and Kurtis Melton
Bruce Melvin
Edward Melvin
Elizabeth Merrill
Jack and Anne Merriman
Maribel Metoyer and Eric Metoyer
Frederic Metz and Mary Metz
Robert Metz and Margaret Metz
Donald Meyer and Beverly Meyer
Douglas Meyer and Christine Meyer
Karilyn Meyer
Evan Meyers and Jane Meyers
Jeffrey Meyers and Laura Meyers
Gregory Michaelson
Rick and Joni Mickelsen
Christine Mickiewicz
Stephanie Migawa
Zakariah Mikos
Franco Milani
Donna Milas and Robert Tatara
A. Kendel Milbourn and Richard Milbourn
Dennis Milburn
Robert Milfajt
Kimberly Millan and Ronaldo Millan
James D. Millar
Dayne Millard
David Miller and Linda Miller
Dawn Miller
Gale and Jan Lindvall Miller
Gary Miller and Katharine Miller
George D. and Dalette V. Miller
J. Spencer Miller
Jerry and Margaret Miller
Joan Anderson Miller
LaDonna Miller
Nellie Miller
Pauline Miller
Priscilla Johansen Miller
Todd Miller
William J. Miller '99 and Lucy Anello '00 Miller
William Millman and Linda Millman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Milton
Matt Mimlitz and Kristen Mimlitz
Jordan Minerva and Kathleen Minerva
Caleb Minnis
Allison Mirell-Heaton
Alyssa Mish
Dr. Konrad C. Miskowicz-Retz
Charles and Nancy '64 Mitchell
David Mitchell
Robert '75 and Beverly Mitchum
Polly Corbin '63 Mittag
John Mockmore
Allison Moe
David F. and Nancy Swanson Moe
Harold Moe and Carol Moe
Daryl Moeller and Deborah Moeller
Kenneth Moeller and Carol Moeller
Dorothy Nelson Moga
Mary Mohr
Paul Molina
Paulus Molina
Charles and Karla Olander Moline
Norm and Janet Moline
Robert and Kay Moline
Ann Monte and Steven Monte
Kellis Montgomery
Peter Montgomery
Reverend Dwaine Moon '59
Dr. William Moorcroft '66
Mrs. Diann Moore
F. Karen Moore
Noelle Moore and Daniel Moore
Dick '56 and Lucia '58 Moore
Anna Moorhead
Donald '71 and Sue Moorhead
Cindy Morales
Bob Moreschi
Linda Moretz
Alexes Morgan
Steve Morgan
Kathryn Morris and Raymond Giesler
Todd Morris and Bridget Morris
Mrs. Donald E. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Morrissey
Michael Mortenson and Greta Mortenson
Douglas Morton
David Mosele and Mary Ann Mosele
Julianne Mosele and Andrew Mosele
Diane Moses
Sharon Zukley Motel
Adam Mouktadi
Rita Mourisse
Jennifer Moyer and Samuel Moyer
Kristiana Gustafson Moynihan
Kimberly Mozdzierz Frank and Douglas Frank
Paula Mrazek
Tim and Lindsey Bell '10 Mucha
Kim Mueller and Steven Mueller
Russell and Nancy Salen '61 Mueller
Nancy Mueller and Chuck Mueller
Malikah Muhammad
Shirley Muhammad
Robert Muir and Gail Muir
Timothy Muir and Heather Muir
Patricia Mulder
Ernest and Janette Muller
H. Michael Mullinix and Joyce Mullinix
Megan Mummert
Dr. Lois Levine Mundie
John '80 and Tammy Bissman '81 Murabito
George Murphy
Kimberly Murphy
Annika Murrah
Rachel Murray
Albert Musa
Ronald Mushinsky and Maureen Mushinsky
Wayne Muskievicz and Carol Muskievicz
Christina Myatt
Sue Myatt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Myers
Margaret Myers
Alan Nabb and Rita Nabb
Molli Naber
Robin A. Natzke
Dr. Raheemuddin Nazeer '92
John '62 and Jonel Lindstrom '63 Near
Ben and Gay Nefzger
Kurt Negwer
Scott and Jennifer Negwer
Christopher Neigel and Teresa Neigel
Bashar Nejdawi and Karen Nejdawi
Barry Nelson and Jeanne Nelson
Bradford Nelson and Sara Nelson
Grace '82 and Brent '81 Nelson
Carl Nelson
Caroline Kerstin Nelson
Cecil Nelson
Charles Nelson and Julie Nelson
Charlotte Nelson
Dean Nelson and Sandra Nelson
Douglas '66 and Janice Calvert '67 Nelson
Gordon and Catherine Nelson
Jack Nelson and Eileen Nelson
Jeanne Nelson
The Reverend Karl J. and Kathy Neuman Nelson
Keith '66 and Ann Schafer '67 Nelson
Kenneth Nelson
Kenneth Nelson and Kathleen Nelson
Kim Nelson
Kyle Nelson
Lloyd Nelson
Norman Nelson
Dr. Paul and Jennifer Nelson
Peter and Gloria Nelson
Phyllis Nelson
Richard Nelson and Judith Nelson
V. Eugene Nelson and Phyllis Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ward T. Nelson
Beth Nelson '79 Smayda
Janice Neuleib
Henry and Linda Neuman
Marjorie Newcomer
Britta Newell and Conrad Newell
David Newell and Cindy Newell
Dr. Elizabeth Newell '01
J. Andrew Newgren
Erin White Newman
Lirim Neziroski
Huy Nghiem
Khue Nguyen
Catherine Schiermer '52 Nichols
Marianne Nichols
Mr. Peter Nichols
Brent Nicholson
Darryl Nicholson and Renee Nicholson
Joan Nicholson Baril
Theodore Niemann
Sara Niemiec
Jeanne Nilson
Dale and Sonya Johnson Nimrod
Elizabeth Nino
Grisma Niraula
Kara Nishimura
Faye Minami '76 Nishimura and Leslie Nishimura
Anthony Nobiling
Chris and Lauren Noble
Beth Noel
Jane Nohava
Eugene and Christina Benson '66 Nojek
Glenn Nolte and Merry Nolte
David '84 and Julie Lundt '84 Nord
Vereen Nordstrom
Dennis Norling
Drs. Don '88 and Angela Hoppes '88 Normoyle
James Norsen and Marcia Norsen
Dr. Annette Norsman
Tiia Norsym
John and Janet Norton
Barbara Lincke Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. (Nancy) Nyberg
Todd Obmascik
Patricia O'Brien and Thad O'Brien
Dr. Paul '79 and Mrs. Ellen '78 Obrock
Sheryl O'Bryan-Johnson
Jorge Ocampo
Alondra Ochoa
Roger and Amy Ochs
Delores Ockelmann
Kerstin O'Connor
Richard and Anitra Lindquist O'Connor
Kenneth Oda and Wai Oda
Steve and Kathy Odenkirk
Lori Odle and Roger Odle
Ellen Odom '84
Janna Oetting '86 and Dan Huffman
Bette O'Gara
Jennifer O'Gara
Robert Ogilvie and Linda Ogilvie
Vernon Ohlendorf
Michas Ohnstad
Sydney Ohrtmann
Mr. and Mrs. Mikel O'Klock
Michelle Olguin
Andrew Oliger
Elizabeth Oliger
John and Julie Oliger
Jonathan Oliphant and Christy Oliphant
Isabela Oliveira
William Oliver
Marjorie Olivier
Dr. Paul and Jeanne Donstad Olsen
Curtis Olson and Marian Olson
Dana and Bobby Olson
George Olson and Ruth Olson
George and Pat Olson
Roy Olson and Sandra Olson
Scott Olson
Shelby Olson '79
Vicki Olson
Phyllis Olson Frick and Jeffrey Frick
Nancy Olson Loveall
Abigail Omerza and Emerick Omerza
Lindsay M. O'Neal
Melissa Onsum
Larry B. Ooi
Elsa Orescan
Jacob '13 and Jane '13 O'Rourke
Tobias Ortega
Tammy Ortiz
Julie Ortscheid-Stone and David Stone
Dr. John C. Ory
Sophia Osborn
Daniel O'Shaughnessy and Heide Kokott-O'Shaughnessy
Caroline Ostergard
Alec Ostermeier
Ann Ostrom
Karen Ostrosky
Mary Beth Oswalt and Timothy Oswalt
Michael Owens and Amy Owens
Gerard Ozanne
Carianne Pace and Shannon Pace
Margaret Padgett and Robert Padgett
Amanda Page
Howard Page
Ralph Page
Steve and Brigette Paige
Isabella Pakravan
Lisa Palasek and Paul Palasek
April Palmer
Beth Palmer and Perry Palmer
Calvin Palmer and Molly Palmer
Danielle Palmieri
John and Carol Palmquist
Leonardo Panosso
Marcelo Panosso and Susana Panosso
Megan Panther Wang
Jonathan Pape and Hilary Pape
Jonathan Pape
Therese Papiernik and Dennis Papiernik
Carol Pardo and Joe Pardo
Julia Paris
Rachel Pariso
Debbie and Jerry Park
Meejung J. Park
Kevin Parker and Christy Parker
Bill Parkhurst
Susan Parkhurst-Lisowski
Teresa Parkinson
Dawn Parks
Jo Parsons
Patricia Parsons
Eric Parthen
Norman Pastorek and Janice Pastorek
David G. Patterson, D.O.
Reverend Dr. Leo and Linda Patterson
Robert Patterson and Renee Patterson
Jim and Helene Patton
Patti Paul
Christine Paulson and Erick Paulson
Melinda M. Pavek
Jean Pavela
Roger Pavey and Camie Pavey
Mark Payton and Gail Payton
Matt Payton
Drs. Algene Pearson '65 & Mary Ellen Carlson '66 Pearson
Don Pearson '84
Keith Pearson and Ruth Pearson
Lisbeth Lindquist Pearson
Dr. Eric Pease '13 and Dr. Alison Bjork-Pease '13
R.C. Peck
Grace Peckenschneider
Mark Pedersen and Ann Pedersen
Harry G. Pells
Carol Pelz
Irene Wiemers '74 Pendergast
Dwight Pentzien
Dan '09 and Melissa Flowers '09 Pepper
Kevin Perez
Marcus and Connie Perry
Laura Perticara
Dr. Julia Pesavento '81
Maria Pesavento Walton '85
Dale Peters
Rev. and Mrs. David W. Peters
John Peters
Julie Peters and Joel Peters
Howard and Mary Petersen
Mark D. and Karen M. Petersen
Max Petersen and Danielle Petersen
Scott W. Petersen
Alan H. and Dolores (DeWolfe) Peterson
Britt Ann Peterson and Thad Murrah
Bruce L. Peterson
Cortland Peterson
Lois Dahlberg Peterson and Delbert Peterson
Douglas Peterson
Earl Peterson and Betty Peterson
Janet Carlson Peterson
Mrs. Jean E. Peterson
Jeffrey Peterson and Krista Peterson
June Peterson
Kenneth Peterson
Dr. Kurt Peterson '74
Mark Peterson
Mark R. Peterson
Martha L. Peterson
Meghan Peterson
Neal Peterson '66
Ralph and Jean Aronson Peterson
Ronnie Peterson
Soren M. Peterson
Rev. Stanley H. Peterson
J. Richard '58 and Suzanne Johnson '59 Peterson
Thomas Clifton Peterson
Michael '09 and Molly Pettis
Laurie Pettit and Brian Pettit
Greg and Dr. Christine Petty
Dr. Rob Pfaff and Dr. Kathy Parkison
John and Lorelei Pfautz
Dr. James Pfeiff '68
Abby Phalen
Ba Phan
Daniel Phelan
Kindra Phelps
Nicholas Phillips
Shonari Phillips
Thomas Phillis and Jodie Phillis
Carlye Pichman
Jean Pickering
Sandra Pielechaty
Ronald Pieper and Catherine Pieper
Paul Pierard
Duane and Dee Pierson
John Pierson
Matthew Pierson
Jeffrey Pietryk and Patrice Pietryk
Ava Pignataro
Lauren Pillion
Emma Pilmer
Ann Pinion
David Pippert
Eric Pitts
Julianna Piz
Patricia Plachno
Donna Plank
Jocelyn Plowman
Pamela Podolner
Ambrose Poduska
John Pogue and Christine Pogue
Jeffrey Pohlhammer
Janet Pohlmann
Joshua Poje
Ariela Policastro
Matthew Polit
Elizabeth Pollock
Nicholas Polyak and Kathryn Polyak
Alvina Poothurail
Joyce Porter
Michael Porter and Jennifer Porter
Mary Beth Porucznik
Alexandra Posey
Mrs. Pauline A. Posten
Peter Potje
Phyllis Potsic
Mallory Potter
William Potter
John Potterton
Linda Potts
John and Nancy Pouk
Lois Pounder
Esther Powell
Michael Powers and Lisa Powers
Rebecca Powers and Ted Powers
Dr. John and Mrs. Esther Prabhakar
Lawrence and Lorra Lemke Prabhakar
Michael Prather
April Prescott and Michael Prescott
George F. Prescott '60 and Laura Nalepka
Luke Prescott
Carol Pressly and Tim Pressly
Steven and Cynthia Pressly
Rosemary Prewett
Diann Price
Halley Price
Reverend Richard Priggie and Ms. Janice Harpest
Charles Prill and Diane Prill
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pritchard
Susan Pritchard
Jeff Prusator and Amy Prusator
Susanna Prushinski and Leo Prushinski
Zenon and Jean Przybylek
Tom and Nancy Pugh
Michelle Pullen
Arthur Puotinen
Rev. John and Janet Puotinen
Judith Purvis
David Pusateri and Gail Pusateri
Vincent Querciagrossa
Cynthia Quetsch
Chloe Quin
David Quin and Kathy Quin
Michelle Quinn
Charlene Quint
Keith Quirk and Beverly Quirk
Lori Rabehl
Margaret Radcliffe
Edith Raddatz
Matthew Radek and Kathleen Sexton-Radek
Kylie Radz
Leslie Radz
Drs. Farida and Mohamed Rajput
Siksha Ramchurn
Isidro Ramirez and Carmen Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez
Jacob Ramos
Lilliana Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ramquist
Dr. Robert B. Ramsey
Lilia Rangel
Vicki Rank and Michael Rank
Cameron Ranne
Raimond Ranne and Shirley Ranne
Kurt and Lynette Skow '87 Rasmussen
Dr. Brigit Ray '07
Mrs. J. Natalie Ray
Martha Ray
Derek and Michelle Ahlstrand Reaban
Mark Reade and Cynthia Reade
Kelly and Kelly Read-Noack '02
Kelly Ready
Lisa Rechkemmer
Rick and Sue Fleischman '79 Rector
Lynne Redelsheimer
Norm '60 and Esther '61 Redelsheimer
Abby Redlinger
Mrs. Maurice A. Reed
Janice Reed
John C. Reed
Shelley Reese and Charles Reese
Thomas Reese and Gayle Reese
Maria Novelli Regan
Adam Rehmer
Donald and Dolores Hermann Rehms
Megan Reid
Jared Reiling
Jill Reiling and Roger Reiling
Nancy Reinertsen
Linda Stoneberg Reiselt
Rachel Reiter
Amanda Reitmeister
Melissa Shore '11
Moncef Rekkab
Paul Renken
Arthur and Faye Renkosiak
Gary Renn
Roger Reno
Tanya Reschke
Julee Reser and Eric Reser
Jacob Reusch
Tim & Shelly Reusch
Edwin Reuter
Nancy L. Rex '67
Michael Reynolds '94
Dick Reynolds '63
David E. Rhea '59
Joan Ribbeck
Brigette Ricaurte
Michael and Kate Ricaurte
David Richard
Dr. Gail J. Richard
Larry '65 and Marty Swett '67 Richards
Jimmie Richardson and Doris Richardson
Rebecca Richardson and Kevin Walsh
Triston Richardson
Charles and Kristen (lindblade) Rider
Deanne Rieckenberg
Janet Riedell Gahala
Paul and Barbara Bolling Rimington
Beverly Rimpila
Marilyn Rios-Swank
Claire Marie Rittenhouse '20
Todd and Krista Rittenhouse
William Rittenhouse
Greg Ritz
Ashley Rivas
Celestina Rivera
Reverend Joseph and Deborah Miller Robb
Susan E. Robbins
Beth Roberts
Tina Robey
Marilyn Robinder
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Roby
Megan Rockwell
Robert and Joanne (Imm) Rod
Lindsay Rodems
William '85 and Lori Ridlbauer '86 Roderick
Macy Rodrick
Helena Rodriguez
Douglas P. Roegner
Kimberlee Rogers and Fred Rogers
John '11 and Sheila Goodrich '11 Roggemann
Alexandria Roggensack
Stephen Roggensack
Craig Rohl and Cindy Rohl
Seth Rohr
James Rokaitis and Beth Rokaitis
Carol Rolf
Martha L. Rolf
Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Roloff (karen M. Olson '68)
Kathleen A Rolsing
Danielle Roman and Andrew Roman
Steven Romans
Zachary Wilson and Jennifer Rome
Richard Roos and Barbara Roos
Jayne Rose and Daniel Dickens
David Roseen and Janis Roseen
Melissa McGaughey Roselle
Barbara Roseman and James Roseman
Elizabeth Mercer Roseman
Marilyn Rosenberg
Al Ross
J. Patrick Ross '52
Christina Rossetti
John Rossi and Linda Rossi
Bernard Roth and Sandra Roth
Mark Roth
Ian Rothery
John Rotramel and Diane Rotramel
Eric Rowel '93
Dane Rowley
Willie and Valerie Sims Rucker
David Ruda
Janine Rudnicki
Lydia Ruelas
Olivia Ruffatto
Dennis and Jamie Rufolo
Gina Ruggiero and Richard Ruggiero
Jack Rugh and Zaiton Rugh
Alan M. and Alfreda Carlson Rulis
Hannah Rumple and Douglas Rumple
Kari Runge and Jeffrey Runge
Blake Running
Barbara Runyon
Amelia Rursch
Darrin and Keri Rursch
David Russ
Joseph Russ and Jenni Russ
D. Jean Russell
Joseph Russell and Roberta Russell
Richard Russo
Carolyn Ryan
Dave and Jeanne Rydell
Ernest Ryden
Alice Sackett
Karen Sadowski and Robert Sadowski
Mark Safstrom
Manuel Saint-Paul and Valerie Fayolle Saint-Paul
Michael and Diane Sakach
Earl and Helen Sakrison
Jose Salazar and Maria Salazar
Pam Edelmann Sall
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sallee
Phil '60 and Barb Salstrom
Evan ’20 and Chelsea Sammons
Khalia Sampson
Marjorie Sampson
Annika Samuel
Esteban Sanchez and Patricia Sanchez
Sam Sanchez and Jacqueline Earle-Sanchez
Eric '71 and Diane Sandberg
Greta Sandberg
James Sandberg
John Sandberg and Laura Sandberg
Susan Sandberg
Sharlene Sandquist
Todd Sandstedt and Alison Sandstedt
Jane Pearson Sandstrom
J. Rick Sandway '68
Donald Sansom and Suzanne Sansom
Rosemary Santoro and Philip Santoro
Jennifer Santos-Martinez
Mark F. Saran
Maria Sarli
Genesis Sarmiento
Doreen Lamere Sartor
Ellen '66 Ohlson and Lowell Satre
Fatima Sattar and Ahamed Saheed
Mary Johnson '68 Sauer
Jeanne Saunders
James '64 and Glenna Youngberg '64 Sbertoli
Michael Scarlett
Jeff '85 and Judy Scarpinato
Michael Scarpinato
Claire Schaecher
Mary Schaecher and Jeffrey Schaecher
Douglas and Angela Schaefer
Madeline Schaefer
Mark Schaeffer and Susan Schaeffer
Christine Schafer and Richard Schafer
Sarah Schafer Pittenger
Julia Schaffner and David Schaffner
Anita Schamber
Brooklynn Schelling
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy (Martha) Schermer
Mr. Tom Schersten
Elmer Scheuerman and Judith Scheuerman
Jack Schick and Nancy Schick
Joseph Schiller
Peter Schimeck and Krista Schimeck
Daniel Schimmel
Ann Schinske
Joshua Schipp
Tracie Schipper and Kurt Schipper
Hayley Schlabowske
James Schlouch and Becky Schlouch
Samuel F. Schlouch '10
Bob and Pat Schluter
James Schmid and Wendy Schmid
Eric W. Schmidt
Kendall Schmidt
Russell Schmidt
Shirley Schmidt
Eva Schmitt
Vanessa Schmitt
Julie Schmitz
Tina Schmitz and Todd Schmitz
Laura Schnack
Cathryn Schnack-Guerrero
Carl and Kathy Schneider
Stephanie Schneider
Michael and Rita Schnell
Laura Schoenecker and Timothy Schoenecker
Brett Schofield
Cathy Schopf and Andrew Schopf
Shirley E. Benson '59 Schou
Cindy Schroeder
Linda K. Schroeder
Lisa Schroeder and Juan Baracaldo
Dr. Norman and Wendy Carlsen Schroeder
Thomas Schroeder and Carol Schroeder
Leo Schubert and Susan Sharar
Marilyn Schueneman
Beatrice Schultz
Brian Schultz and Beth Schultz
Jessica Schultz and Patrick McElyea
Robert Schultz
Dennis Schumacher and Christine Schumacher
Joanne Schupbach
Rylie Schurter
Henry '69 and Nancy Schwabauer
Susan Schwaegler
Dennis Schwank '62
Nadezhda Schwartz and Monte Schwartz
John Schwiebert and Ann Jefferds
L. Peter Schwiebert and Kathleen Schwiebert
Mark and Debbie Schwiebert
Connie Scott
David Scott and Jean Scott
David and Julie Hein '70 Scott
Karen Greene Scott
Robert G. Scott
Robert Scott and Marian Scott
Thomas M. and Theresa Irey Scott
Annette Kuhel '91 Seabrook and Burnett Seabrook
Whitney Sears '94 and Dave Goldner
Michael and Elaine Aiken Seevers
Dr. Lisa Seidlitz and Dr. Nicholas Dobson
Lee S. Selander '72
Anne Selbyg and Joe Lindell
Arne Selbyg and Gayle Selbyg
Beverly Seng
William Serenius
Trent Seten and Leah Seten
Kyle Severson '09 & Clyde Andrew Walter '08
Christopher '80 and Laura Seyfarth
Haider Shah
Paresh Shah and Anuja Shah
Arsal Shareef and Alyssa Copeland
George Sharko and Jami Sharko
Angie Mitchum '08 Sharp
Maggie Shaughnessy
Julia Shaw
Andrew Shearouse
Patrick Sheehan and Susan Sheehan
Emily Shell
Rich and Ruth Shemitis
Harley and Jeanne Neilson Shepherd
Amy Sheppard and Jeffery Sheppard
Scott '89 and Karen Sheraden
Michael Sheren and Julie Sheren
Bill and Faith Nimrod Sherman
Susan Grimes Sherwin
Dennis Shew
Deborah Shippy
Terry '62 and Sandy '65 Shockley
Kathleen Shogren Anderson
Lori D. Shontz
Walter Shore and Jill Shore
Larry Shover and Maribeth Shover
Mr. Braxton Showalter
Margaret Shreve
Bonnie Church '58 Shrut
Robert Sibert
Bryan and Colleen Donovan Sibthorp
Michael Sichrovsky
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. John H. Siefken, Jr.
Edmund and Ellen Siegert
Robert Siljestrom and Barbara Siljestrom
Valerie Silva
Sherry Silverthorn and Kenneth Silverthorn
Sydney Silverthorn
Marcy Simkins and Tom Simkins
Rodney Simmer and Jill Simmer
Byron Simmons
Kristen Simmons
Daniel Simon and Linda Simon
Todd Simon and Jennifer Simon
Rachel Simons
Jane Simonsen and Mike Augspurger
Dr. William W. Simpkins
Nancy Rohkohl '70 Sims and Michael Sims
Peter '79 and Sandee Simshauser
Donald Singdahlsen and Kimberly Singdahlsen
Cynthia Singer
Ron Sipiora
Jaidyn Sisler
Dick and Karen Sjolund
Mohamed Lyazid Skalli Cherif
Lara Skarbek
James '68 and Susan Skelley
Stephen Skinker and Bethel Skinker
Jo Skogman
Dane Skow
Lisa Slater and Todd Slater
Mason Slater
Mike and Cyntha Coordes Slavish
Edward '76 and Patricia Watson '77 Slininger
James Slouber
Brad Slupianek
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Slupianek
Donna Slusher and Jerry Slusher
Jared Slusher
Marilyn I. Smilie '67 and Frederick Radloff
Amanda Smith and David Smith
Brandon Smith
Carlyle Smith and Sharon Smith
Carol Smith and Douglas Smith
Mrs. Carol Smith
Margaret Smith
Linda Smith
Monica Smith
Norma Nordberg Smith
Pamela Smith '87
Scott Smith and Catherine Smith
Steven Smith
Thomas Smith
Rebecca Smuck
Steve Smuck and Susie Lundeen-Smuck
Christopher Sneed
Jennifer Snyder and Christopher Snyder
Madalyn Snyder
Dr. Mike Soboroff and Dr. JoAnne Koravos
Gary Soderberg
Suzanne Soderberg
Robin Soderberg Read and Steven Read
Marilyn (Molgren) Sodergren
Ralph Soderholm
Beverly Soenksen
John Soffronofff
Paola Solano
John Soma
Matthew Michael Somers '11 and Teresa Cech
Judith Sorenson and Stephen Sorenson
Kim Sorrells
Judith Sorton
Sheri Sottile and Robert Sottile
Debra Sottos
Adrian Sowicz
Noel Spain
Sarah Spears
Bryan Speight
Elaine Idstrom Spellmeyer and John Spellmeyer, Md, Facr
Albert Spencer
Rick and Patricia Bradley Spencer
Laura Sperstad and Eric Sperstad
Travor Spicer
Dr. Carol S. Spies and Dr. Hugh E. Hallmark
Stephen Spieth and Jessica Spieth
Thomas Splawski and Judy Splawski
Michael Spoden and Constance Spoden
Paul '58 and Barbara Jo Spong
Benedict Sponseller and Rebecca Sponseller
Jonathan and Sarah Sprawka
Douglas Spyrison and Therese Spyrison
Lorraine Staehlin
Brian Staes and Gayla Staes
Helen Stahl
William '77 and Carol '77 Standish
Richard Stanislawski and Kathleen Stanislawski
Barbara Morris Stannard
Colin Stapleton
Ellys Stasinski
Marc Stasinski
Charlotte Stasko
William J. Steciak
Bob and Susan Steele Weir
Gene Stees and Janet Stees
Mary Stefanski
L. Christine Stegel
Barbara Reynolds Steigman
Nicole Vanderstoep
Elaine Stejskal and Leonard Stejskal
David Stenberg '77 and Janis Machala '77
Dorothy Stenman
Linnea Stenson and Barrie Borich
Mrs. Kenneth (Lois Hull) Stenstrom
Jennifer Stephens and Scott Stephens
Linda Stephens
Gordon Stephenson
Dr. Craig Stevens '78
Kevin Stevenson
Rhonda Stewart Hartman
Eric Stiles and Sheryl Stiles
Laura Stivers
Dr. R. Troy Stobert '95 and Dr. Carrilyn Stobert
Robert Stockhecke and Nadyne Stockhecke
Lloyd and Sarah Stoel
Sandra E. Stoit
Andrew Stoltman and Patti Stoltman
J. Theodore Stone and Peggy Hardwick
Dr. Susan Stone
Matthew and Sarah Whitebread Stoodley
Greg Stopka
William and Kathryn '77 Storm
Philip and Ann Storm
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Storms
Jeff Shelley and Shara Stough
Joe '13 and Keegan Strabala-Bright
Steven Strack and Amy Knutson-Strack
Gina Strafford-Ahmed
Phillip Strand and Nancy Strand
Nina Strandberg Hultman
Donald Strandlund
Kevin Strang
Victor Strang and Charlotte Strang
John and Deanna Strang Grivetti
Drs. Jeffrey and Muna Strasser
Daniel Stratiev
Matthew Straus
Alec Straw
Regina Streicher and Jay Streicher
Catherine Simpson Strieter
Fred and Ann (Aronson) Strieter
Suzanne Stritch
Lynne Strobe
Dr. Elizabeth '73 and Dr. Paul Stroble
George Strombom and Patricia Strombom
Ann and Shelton Stromquist
Gerald Strutz
Dr. Michael Sturek
Therese Styrczula
Annette Sherbeyn and Sunder Subbaroyan '87
Harold Sullivan and Joan Sullivan
Mackenzie Sullivan
Tammy Sullivan and Brian Sullivan
John C Summers
Kurt Sundberg
Jacqueline Sundeen
Marilyn D. Sundin
Don and Martha Sundquist
Hannah Sundwall
Jeffrey Sundwall and Debra Sundwall
Kelsey Sundwall
James Superczynski and Dana Superczynski
Mark Swank
Anne Swanson
David Swanson
Donald Swanson
Mrs. David W. Swanson
Eva Swanson '48
Joann Swanson
Joanna Swanson
Dr. John O. (Jack) and Joanna Swanson
Kai and Jenni Swanson
Kathryn Swanson
Kevin Swanson and Joanne Swanson
Dr. Loren and Judy Smotherman Swanson
Lorian Sundelius Swanson
Robert Swanson and Margaret Swanson
Shelli Swanson
Theodore Swanson
Todd '00 and Carrie '00 Swanson
Samantha Swartz
Joyce Swedlund
Les and Liz Swenson
Michelle Swenson
Donald Swensson and Claudette Swensson
Tim and Diane Swiat
John Swiderski and Caroline Swiderski
Robert and Pamela Swieringa
Denise Cox '69 Swinehart
Lindsey Sykora
Pamela Werner Szponer
John Tabaka and Christine Tabaka
Diana Tabor
Sharon Wright '66 Tackaberry and Michael Tackaberry
Larry Tadlock and M Joan Tadlock
Ralph Taggart
Grace Taglia
Bob and Mary Tallitsch
Michael Tallman and Jennifer Tallman
Lizeth Tamayo and Patrick Conniff
Joan Tamburro
Troy Tams
George Tamvakis
Michael Tarchala
Michelle Tarkowski
Grace Tarpey
Kelly Tarpey and Gerald Tarpey
Jill Tartaglia
Lauryn Tassell
Richard Taube and Tara Taube
John Tawiah-Boateng and Mary-Anne Tawiah-Boateng
Gerald Taylor and Martha Taylor
Isabella Taylor
Jill Taylor
Joyce M. Taylor
Mark S. Taylor
Randy Taylor and Constance Taylor
Robyn Taylor and Jason Taylor
Cynthia Teague
Claudia Tedford
David Telleen and Judy Telleen
Jane Telleen '74 and Richard Urban
Sharon L. Telleen
Bill and Pam Telleen
Nicholas Teng
Abriana Tereza
Charles and Sarah Terhune
The Honorable and Mrs. James T. Teros
Theodore Teros
Fredric Terranova
Jessica Terrien Dunn
David Terronez
Laura Terronez
Phyllis Terronez-Fillers
Jamie Terry
Patricia Foley Terry
Mark Teschke
Luna Tewolde
Dr. Matthew and Angela Tews
Bruce Thake
Tilak Tharu and Ramita Chaudhari
Tara Theisen and Paul Theisen
Debra Theys
Kristin Thomas and Craig Thomas
RoxAnne Thomas
Charles Thompson
Clayten Thompson
Jay Thompson
Mark Thompson and Margaret Thompson
Ward Thompson and Boni Thompson
Craig and Janet Thomsen
Catherine Thomson and James Thomson
Presson Thomson
Joy Thorbjornsen-Coates
Louise and Wayne Thoreson
Patrick Thornton and Jill Thornton
Amy Thorpe and Timothy Thorpe
Dan and Roi Thorpe
Clarice Thorwald Eckstrom
Theodore Thuesen and Mary Thuesen
Elizabeth Bergendoff Thulin
Warren Thummel and Marjorie Thummel
Jennifer Thurmond
Eric Tibbetts
Tyler Tibbetts and Paula Tibbetts
Mariann Tiblin
Milica Tica
Brandon Tidwell
Lisa Tierney
Bruce and Kelly Tieves
Dr. Craig and Patty Tillman
Darcy Tillman
Elyse Tillman and Michael Tillman
Kenneth G. and Delores L. Tillman
John Timmerwilke and Patricia Timmerwilke
Tom and Patti Duttarer '80 Tingle
Brian Tinker and Betsy Tinker
Christine and Jon Todd
Joann Tolmie
Jill and Dale Tomalin
Keith Toms '02
Evelyn Torkelson
Inez Tornblom
Emily Torres
Josephine Torres
Michelle Torres and James Torres
Maribel Torres-Lassuy
Laura Townsend
Sylvia Tracey
Karen Tracy '64 Sutherland
Jarrett Tribble
Ethan and Taylor Tritt
Richard Trolliet and Donna Trolliet
Haley Tromblee
Tonya Trudo
Larry '63 and Jane Tschappat
Dr. Jean Kuehl '64 Tuech
Marilee Reu Tuite
Catherine Tumilty and Scott Tumilty
Dr. and Mrs. Perry Tuneberg
Daniel R. Tupy
Eric Turley and Julie Turley
Robert Turner
Douglas Turvey
Dejan Ubiparipovic
Lianna Ubungen
Jennifer Uccelli and Franco Uccelli
Thomas Uddenberg and Dolores Uddenberg
Jason Uhlmann and Jennifer Uhlmann
Gina Ulaszek and Michael Ulaszek
Arnold Ulner
Jeffrey Underwood and Christie Underwood
Gerald Unhold
Richard '71 and Barbara Broman '72 Untch
Anima Upadhyay
Maximilian Uranich
Kenneth Urban
Sally Urbanski
Dr. Allen Utke
Diane Valentine and Clayton Valentine
Gabriel Vallejo
Nancy L. Humphrey van der Linden
Rose Van Evera-Kress
Steven Van Horn
Gregory Van Winkle and Mariann Van Winkle
Zachary Vandagriff
Mark Vandermyde and Debbie Vandermyde
Carolyn Hedberg Vandeventer
Lynette VanHyfte
Mr. and Mrs. John W. VanSanten
Deborah VanSpeybroeck
Chris and Frannette Vaughan
Allyson Vaynerman and Boris Vaynerman
Julie S. Venisnik
Kathleen Vercautren
Wally Verdooren
Denise Vershay
Quan Vi and Manikham Vi
Kristen Vickers
Jennifer Vilardi and Roberto Vilardi
Katie Vilardi
Emily Villarreal
Mark Vincent and Rebecca Vincent
Janet Rumery Violette
Lauren Visser
Kailey Vitale
Barbara Vlack
Craig and Karen Breen Vogel
Jordan '09 and Jessica Hoyer '09 Voigt
Richard Vokt and Sylvia Vokt
Charles R. and Nancy L. Frank von Maur
Ruth Vorpahl
Kathleen Votaw and Andrew Votaw
Karolyn Votta and Gregory Votta
Alda Vowell and Thomas Vowell
Grace Vranicar
Zachary Vrbancic
Martha Vroege
Chi Vu
Kevin and Christine Reich Waden
Mike and Sharon Nahrgang '64 Wadle
Janet Wahlberg
Carolyn Wahlmark
Brandon M. Wainwright '97, DDS and Amy C. Senh, DDS
Kenneth Walden and Susan Walden
Kathryn Walker
Kody Walker
Dick and Mary Walker
Franklin Wall and Rose Wall
Courtney Wallace
Joseph Wallace and Barbara Wallace
Juliana Wallace
Leslie Wallin
Amanda Walljasper
Matthew Walsh and Kathy Walsh
Nancy J. Olson Walsh
Robert and Peggy Walter
Barbara Walton
Blake Wamester
Jimmy Ward
Rev. Robert Ward
James Warfield and Melinda Warfield
Dr. John E. Warme
Kim Warner
Jeff and Nancy Warner
Brett Warning
Larry Warren and Christine Warren
Thomas Warren and Anna Marie Warren
Shari Warwick and Thomas Warwick
Gregory Washington and Jessica Washington
Lee and Vicki Wassenhove
Kristi Wasson
C. Dana and Faye Waterman
C. Ann Johnson '55 Watkins
Will and Bryn Watson
Leland Watson and Lois Watson
Rubie Watson and James Watson
Jessica Waytenick
Paul Waytenick and Mary Kae Waytenick
Michelle Weaver
Todd Webb and Barbara Webb
Carolyn Webber
Jayni Weber and Randy Weber
Nancy Weber and Keith Weber
Maureen Weeks and Gary Weeks
Edmund Wegscheid and Elizabeth Wegscheid
Elise Wehmeier and Robert Wehmeier
Albert Weidlich
Kimberly Weidner-Feigh and Mike Feigh
Thomas F. Weigand
Nicholas Weilbaker
Alan Weir
Brad '71 and Jo Ann Gowing '71 Weir
Laurie K. Weis
Judith Weislogel
Ellen Weiss
Gary and Maryfaith Greenhalgh Weiss
Beverly Weitnauer and Douglas Weitnauer
Kenneth Weller and Susan Weller
Mrs. Joyce Wellhouse
Lisa Wells
Kevin Werner and Margaret Werner
Mary Wernsman
Jodi Wesemann
Brian '70 and Cheryl Westin
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Westin
Kerstin West-Wilson
John '65 and Marcia Anderson '66 Wetzel
Russell Wheeler '65
Curtis Whisler and Michelle Whisler
Jeanette Whisler
Orley White and Karen White
Christine Linder '69 White and Richard L. White
Susie White and John White
Katherine Whiteman
Scott Whitener and Sara Whitener
Dale Whiteside and Jill Whiteside
Fred and Cathie Whiteside
Cynthia Wiatr
Luray (Swanson) Wiberg
Mary Molen Wiberg
Kelly Wicherek
Jeffery '86 and Dana Widdop
Emma Wiegmann
Gregory Wiegmann and Karen Wiegmann
Melanie Wiegmann
Michelle Wiegmann and Scott Wiegmann
Mark and Laura Wilhelm
Jay Wilke and Kathleen Wilke
J. William and Alice Hansen Wilkens
Barbara Cooper Wilkins
Dean M. Wilkinson '69
George Wilkinson
Dale Wilkis and Jill Wilkis
Trevor and Margaret Will
Dr. Bonnie Page '87 Williams
Camille Williams and Sean Williams
Donald Williams
Donna Williams and Robert Williams
Ellex Williams
Garnett Williams
Karen Williams
Meredith Williams
Doug '80 and Karen Paulus '79 Williams
Bailey Willis
Barbara K. Willis
Diane Bruhn '70 Willis and Clyde Lee
Allen Wilson and Lindy Wilson
Christopher Wilson
Jean Wilson
Jeffrey Wilson
Laurie Wilson and Terrell Wilson
Mary Wilson
Natalie Wilson
Kylie Wiltjer
Tom and Kathy Wine
Beth Winger
Jennifer Winn and Kirby Winn
Kristin Burke '87 Winter
Tom Wise and Tracey Wise
Breda Wisniewski and Mike Wisniewski
Daniel Witkowski
Dianne Witte and Richard Ford
Clarence Wittenstrom
Lt. Colonel Donald Wittevrongel '51
James Wittig and Carol Wittig
Nancy Larsen Witzigreuter
Dave Wojciechowski
Michael Wolf and Susan Wolf
Melanie Wolfe and Robert Wolfe
Dr. Matthew Wols '90 and Amy Chester '89 Wols
Jonathan and Dr. Heather Minges Wols
Heidi Wolter
Clifford R. Wood
Louise Shumaker Woodier
Dr. Jennifer Woodruff Tait and Mr. Edwin Tait
Maggie Woods and Jeff Woods
Marianne Martinson Woodward
Wayne Woodworth and Priscilla Woodworth
Lisa Woolley
Alissa Worrall and Kevin Worrall
James Worthington and Paula Rauze Worthington
Susan Wozny
Nancy Wray
Julia Wrenn and Brian Wrenn
Kevin and Sasha Wright
Michael Wright
Mark Wroblewski
Mark Wrzesinski and Patricia Wrzesinski
Brittany Wunderlich
Andy '92 and Erin Drankwalter Wyatt
Peter Xiao
Amy Yager and Mark Yager
Emma Yager
Gretta Yahn
Marilyn Yarde and Robert Yarde
Carol DenBesten Yee
Karen Scott Ylinen
Natalie Yoder
Anna Young
Charles Young
Mary Jane Eck Young
Dr. Karin L. Youngberg
Nancy Holmstrom Youngdahl
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Younggren
Robert Youngman and Laila Youngman
Eric Youngquist and Barbara Youngquist
Grant Youngquist and Prisca Moore
Colleen Yudell
Ketti Zaborenko
Steven Zach and Patricia Zach
Janet Kron Zage
Michael and Stacey Zapolski
Mary Zeltmann '69
Katie Zenisek
Rozella Youngquist
John Zeunik and Mary Richter-Zeunik
Xiaowen Zhang and Xiaolin Li
Therese Zimbelmann
Karl and Beth Zobrist
Linda Bremer Zolnosky
Jay Zwart and Lori Zwart
Anonymous (124)