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Society of 1860

The Society of 1860 recognizes donors whose cumulative lifetime giving to any designation achieves the level of $250,000 to $499,999.

Edwin Adland
Blake and Darcy Anderson
Raynor Appell '48
Gordon '29 and Frances Aspengren
Richard Baird '51
Harriet Borg
Mike Brunell '65
Marjorie Farb '39 Buhmann
Scott Bushey '52
Bruce and Marjie Calvert
Paul Carlson
Lucille Carver
Samuel and Ann Charters
Chris '94 and Melanie Berna '94 Coulter
Evelyn Birch '42 Crist
Clarence Erickson '40
Victor '33 and Dorothy Ganzer
Hunt and Diane Harris
Joyce Honkamp
Doug '77 and Nancy Reed '77 Hultquist
Warren and Irene Pearson '53 Jinks
Bruce Johnston '51
Larry Jones '65
Fred Kahlke
John and Lolly Hall '69 Kindschuh
Gary '67 and Christine LaCroix
Marilyn Wald '51 Laros
Russel and Gloria Larson
Zac '01 and Kristin Larson
Eric Lindberg
Dorothy Lundahl
Mollie Montgomery
Ron '75 and Nancy Nyberg
George and Pat Johnson Olson '58
Harriet Smith '54 Olson
Douglas Reeves
J. Adam Reinemund 1911
Pat '52 and Nancy Benson '52 Ross
David '63 and Jeanne Rydell
Mike '11 and Elaine Aiken '74 Seevers
Faye Shippee
Elly Anderson '51 Snyder
John '50 and Edi Idstrom '50 Spellmeyer
Beatrice Swanson
Robert '64 and Pam Swieringa
Daniel '62 and Linda Varland '64 Tsui
Robert Ubillus
Marlene Wager '65
L. Jean Watson '44
Thomas Weigand '85
Maryfaith Greenhalgh Weiss '79 and Gary Weiss

Anonymous (12)