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10 reasons to be at Welcome Week!

It's busy, fun, emotional and a lot of other things. Here's a glimpse:

the big A
We're going to take some pictures.

We're going to throw paper airplanes.

Graduation processional
We'll be getting dressed up to meet you.
move in day
Moving in can be a lot of work, but we'll send the football team to help.
peer mentors
Your peer mentors do have a serious side. Just not here.
river cruise
You're going on a cruise, with about 800 new friends.
capture the flag
We'll play games — capture the flag is a great way to meet people!
You're going to be busy, so check your schedule.
saying goodbye
Too soon it will be time to say goodbye.
Smiling student
But everything's going to be OK. Actually, better than OK!