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Communications to students regarding COVID-19

Email updates

Following are email communications to Augustana students regarding changes on campus due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

See the COVID-19 latest information


Oct. 27

Campus update: Rapid test available

Oct. 20

Campus update: Getting greener

Oct. 13

Campus update: Today's update: Vaccination rate at 91%

Oct. 6

Campus update: Back on stage!

Sept. 29

Campus update: COVID enforcement

Sept. 22

Campus update: Words to live by

Sept. 8

Campus update: The number to call

Sept. 3

Testing plans remain in place

Campus update: Testing and verification requirements

Sept. 2

Campus update: Fall semester numbers

Aug. 26

Campus update: Illinois COVID mandates and Augustana

Aug. 24

Campus update: What to know for fall semester

Aug. 9

Campus update: Masking now required

July 8

Campus update: Reporting vaccination status

June 11

College changes guidelines under Illinois Phase 5

May 19

Campus update: Please, keep a mask on

May 12

Campus update: No vaccination requirement at this time

May 5

Campus update: Celebration of Learning!

April 29

Campus update: New guidelines on events and visitors

April 28

Campus update: Emergency grants to students

April 21

Campus update: Gather for justice and the dream

April 14

Campus update: Commencement plans and more

April 7

Campus update: Sign up for Saturday!

March 31

Campus update: Vaccinations now available!

March 25

Campus update: Grants for students

March 24

Campus update: Vaccinations, fall classes, graduation and more

March 17

Campus update: A COVID year

March 11

Campus update: Changes in guidelines

March 3

Campus update: Housing, traveling and more

Feb. 26

Campus update: Change in alert level

Feb. 24

Campus update: Career fair awaits!

Feb. 17

Campus update: Dining news

Feb. 10

Campus update: Welcome back!

Feb. 3

Campus update: J-term success

Jan. 27

Campus update: Let's plan ahead

Jan. 20

Campus update: Presidential visits

Jan. 13

Campus update: Ways to get involved

Jan. 6

Campus update: Returning for J-term


Dec. 23

Campus update: Testing info, new program for students

Dec. 16

Campus update: J-term, Augie Choice and more

Dec. 10

Campus update: Planning for spring

Dec. 2

Campus update: New name in Lindberg and Christmas roundup

Nov. 25

Campus update: Vikings DID take care

Nov. 23

Campus update: Going out #AugustanaStrong!

Nov. 20

Campus update: Distance learning

Nov. 18

Campus update: Sanctions for COVID-19 violations increasing

Nov. 17

Guidance for those testing

Nov. 16

Campus update: A new minor in a growing field

Nov. 13

Campus update: Testing on campus Nov. 20

Testing available on Nov. 20

Distance learning for J-term and spring 2021

Changes to Augie Choice

Nov. 12

New rules on group gatherings

Letter from Dr. Hilton-Morrow: Safe at home

Nov. 11

Campus update: Credits to student accounts

Nov. 9

Campus update: Dashboard numbers

Nov. 6

COVID Alert Level update from President Steve Bahls

Nov. 4

Campus update: Things to do

Nov. 2

Campus update: COVID-19 briefing

Nov. 1

President's message to students

Oct. 30

Campus update: Have a safe Halloween!

Oct. 28

Campus update: Housing and winter break

Oct. 26

Campus update: Grad school?

Oct. 23

Campus update: We're talking politics

Oct. 21

Campus update: Testing milestone

Oct. 19

Campus update: Uptick in numbers

Oct. 16

Campus update: Important COVID-19 information

Oct. 14

Campus update: Latest COVID-19 briefing

Oct. 12

Campus update: Important calendar changes

College modifies J-term, spring semester calendars

Oct. 7

Campus update: Something to think about

Oct. 5

Campus update: Get your shot!

Oct. 2

Campus update: Let's talk

Sept. 30

Campus update: Making contact

Sept. 28

Campus update: Campus briefing

Sept. 25

Campus update: Candlelight vigil at Lindberg

Sept. 23

Campus update: 3 thoughts

Sept. 21

COVID-19 briefing

Campus update: Are you registered?

Sept. 18

Campus update: Family Weekend and more

Sept. 16

Campus update: It's time to do better

Sept. 14

Campus update: Changes in COVID guidelines

Sept. 11

Campus update: Briefing on Monday

Sept. 8

Campus update: Racial Justice Teach-In

Sept. 4

COVID-19 policy violations

Campus update: Support for students

Sept. 2

Campus update: Racial Justice and Equity Fund grants

Sept. 1

Campus update: A time to focus on health

Aug. 31

Campus update: Let's learn!

Aug. 28

Campus update: Your Monday checklist

Statement from SGA

Aug. 26

Campus update: Before you come to campus

Aug. 24

Campus update: Important news about campus plans

Aug. 21

A great fall semester is up to you

Aug. 19

Campus update: Take the anti-COVID campus tour!

Aug. 18

Campus update: Parking, opening convo and more!

Aug. 14

Campus update: Return to Campus Q&A

Aug. 7

Campus update: Important info to read before coming to campus

Aug. 4

Campus update: Testing plans, Q&A and welcoming an new pastor!

July 31

Campus update: Clinic news, virtual appointments...

July 28

Campus update: New scholarships, fall classes...

July 24

Campus update: Safe dining, move-out, postponed graduation...

July 23

Dr. Wes Brooks addresses options for distance learning this fall

July 21

Campus update: Health clinic open Aug. 31, social distancing on campus, open registration

July 17

Campus update: Moving in, Dr. Dara Wegman-Geedey and Dr. Emily Landon '99 discuss COVID-19

July 14

Campus update: Academic calendar changes, Racial Justice and Social Change: Miea Walker

July 10

Campus update: Academic calendar

President Bahls message to international students

June 30

Campus update: Distance learning survey, 'The Defamation Experience,' DiversiTEA: Affirming My Identity...

June 26

President Bahls: What to expect this fall

Campus update: Res Life changes for fall, Tredway Library new website...

June 23

Campus update: Health clinic opening Aug. 31, Augie's first water polo coach, #RIResilience...

June 19

Campus update: Juneteenth, Midsummer livestream, Campus Conversation with Dr. Drick Boyd...

June 17

Campus update: Grad school advice, Campus Conversation with Dr. Jason Williams...

June 16

Dr. Wes Brooks addresses returning to campus this fall

June 12

Campus update: QC Career Fair, safely opening campus this fall, Bookstore open...

June 9

Campus update: Racial justice plan, Fresh Films interns, SI snapshots...

June 4

Campus update: Artwork for kinesiology labs, Augie Strong, The Face Shield Project...

June 2

Campus update: Black Lives Matter, Augie Choice, President Bahls extended contract...

May 28

Campus update: Campus health clinic, President Bahls on LoM, Pastor Priggie retirement...

May 22

Campus update: CARES Act grants, May 23 "virtual graduation"...

May 21

CARES Act Emergency Grants frequently asked questions

May 20

Campus update: Augie Abroad Photo Contest, cap and gowns, "More Than I Imagined"...

May 18

Campus update: Virtual graduation, Augie Choice summer internships, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month...

May 15

Campus update: Construction tour, Faces of Resilience, library book returns

May 13

Campus update: Parking permits, study away deadline extended, Dance Marathon applications...

May 11

Campus update: Linguistics minor, Campus Rec virtual classes, Class of 2020 shirts...

May 8

Campus update: Playwrights Festival, public health majors now, self-service registration...

May 7

Plans for returning to campus this fall

May 6

Campus update: Lotería Night, Dance Marathon and Homecoming Committee Chair applications...

May 4

Information for seniors

Campus update: IDEA evaluations, Bookstore rental returns, Academic Standing Policy...

May 1

Campus update: Senior honors, Faces of Resilience, Bookstore Student Appreciation Sale...

April 30

Campus update: Music and poetry, Homecoming Committee Chair applications, virtual fitness classes...

April 29

Campus update: Still hiring, Hogwarts Virtual Escape Room, Virtual Scavenger Hunt...

April 28

Campus update: Top interviewing strategies, Pass The Music, move-out information...

April 27

Message to students and families about fall plans

Information about residence hall and TLA move-out

Campus update: Fall plans, virtual Take Back the Night, Mission Control...

April 24

Campus update: Student refund checks, Augustana Observer podcast, Illinois stay-at-home order extension...

April 23

Campus update: Virtual lecture, SGA senate applications, virtual baby item drive...

April 22

Campus update: Solar panels coming to campus, wearing masks, housing info...

April 21

Campus update: Awards season, Relay for Life, budget requests...

April 20

Campus update: Senior Art Exhibition, housing, fall semester on-campus jobs...

April 17

Campus update: LoM podcast, FAQ Friday, important registrar reminders...

April 16

Campus update: Diversity Month, Lights on 2020, well-being labs...

April 15

Campus update: Outreach Team, Keep learning, serendipity...

April 14

Campus update: Graduation, housing, summer classes...

April 9

Campus update: Viking Connections, presentation party, registration tips...

April 8

Campus update: Registration, OSL Fridays and Wednesday Chapel...

April 7

Campus update: P/NC policy, water polo, counseling info...

April 6

Campus update: Blogustana, refunds and credits, OSL...

April 3

Campus update: Registrar's virtual office hours...

April 2

Campus update: Women' wrestling and Family Fun Packets...

April 1

Campus update: Virtual Wednesday Chapel...

March 31

Campus update: Last Lecture and Senior Toast, Registration dates and policies...

March 30

Statement regarding COVID-19

Campus update: Blogustana, Viking Connections...

March 28

ITS status update and resources

March 27

The importance of social distancing

March 26

Campus update: Message to high school seniors, major declaration, advising...

March 25

Academic support during distance learning

Campus update: More Than I Imagined, MS Speech-Language Pathology, library resources, credits and refunds...

March 24

Campus update: Housing and refunds, important student resources...

March 23

Campus update: Housing...

March 20

Housing update due to Illinois order

Credit policy for room and board charges

Campus update

March 19

Housing, move-out and checkout update

Campus update: Counseling Services, The Shrink Space...

March 18

All classes moving to distance learning

Important information on the shift to distance learning

Campus update: Career development...

March 17

Campus update: Athletic facilities...

March 16

Campus update: Deadlines, internship requirement changes FAQ, dining...

March 13

Spring break to begin one week early

Information about courses in the weeks ahead

Information about campus housing and meals

Suspension of athletics

Guidelines on internships over break

Services from CORE and Career Development

Updates from the Office of Student Life, Public Safety, Campus Recreation and Campus Ministries

March 12

Guidance on travel and safety

March 11

Campus task force; update on Quad Cities

March 10

Guidance and steps the college is taking

March 5

Changes in travel policy

March 4

Cancellation of programs in China, South Korea and Japan

March 2

Update on monitoring of the coronavirus

Feb. 27

Information about the COVID-19 virus

Feb. 5

Monitoring a new coronavirus