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Rules, application for in-person meetings

November 4, 2020

The Augustana Strong Task Force and Student Government Association are working together to allow student groups to safely have in-person meetings while still complying with the college's COVID-19 guidelines.

Student organizations must apply to hold an in-person meeting. Applications will be reviewed by members of SGA and the task force. (Greek organizations are not eligible to submit an application.)

In-person events will be limited to 10 people or fewer and can run no longer than 90 minutes. All who attend must be masked and follow social distancing guidelines.

Groups have several safe meeting models:

• Divide the organization into two classrooms with 10 people or fewer in each room. Connect a Google Meet between classrooms.

• Divide the group into two groups of 10 or fewer and switch off which weeks group members attend in person. Create a Google Meet link for remote members.

• Schedule time slots for meetings. For the first 15-30 minutes, have part of the group attend. Leave time to sanitize. Then, the next group of members comes in.

Student organizations which do not follow the required guidelines may face a loss of meeting privileges, fines or other sanctions.

For more information, contact Molly Bastida.