Application anxiety: just getting started? That's okay!

Wendy Kelley
Wendy R. Kelley
February 21, 2022

We get it. Life happens and things change.

Maybe you’ve decided to go to college farther from home or maybe you want to stay closer. Perhaps you have learned more about financial aid and know college can be affordable. Or, you’ve changed your mind about what matters to you in a college experience. Senior year is a time of transition and learning more about yourself. Celebrate this — and grab your future.

As a counselor, I hear this all the time, "It’s getting later in my senior year, and I feel like I’ve missed my chance to apply to the right college … or missed out on scholarships."

You know where this is going, right? IT👏IS👏NOT👏TOO👏LATE!

Most four-year colleges accept applications for the upcoming semester, up to a month before classes begin. 

Here are things to do if you are just getting started with your college applications or you’ve changed your mind and want to go a different direction with your college search:

  1. Reach out to the schools you want to apply to — emailing them is fine. Ask about deadlines for their application and if they are still admitting students.
  2. If financial aid is going to be a factor, ask if scholarships and need-based financial aid are still available. See this post about FAFSA.
  3. Going away from home? Ask if there are still openings in campus housing.
  4. Visit college campuses if you haven’t already, and learn more from them about the factors that will be important in your college decision.

Don’t miss out on planning your future because you think it’s too late. Take your first steps today to continue writing your story.

We would love to see you on campus! Plan a visit or talk with an admissions counselor to find the next best steps for you.

Wendy Kelley
Wendy R. Kelley
Senior Associate Director of Admissions