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Senior Honors Celebration 2024 honorees

Augustana College will hold its annual Senior Honors Celebration on May 24 in Centennial Hall. The list of honorees is below.

Student Government Association Awards

Outstanding Student Leader
Ayomide Mary David

Outstanding Student Organization
Global Engagement Team

Presidential Service Award
Jared Thomas Slusher

Senior Honors (4.0 GPA)

Lauren Elizabeth Anderson
Amanda Nicole Gravelle
Jalane Maiva Tsague Nguepi
Christina O’Connell
Kayla Skye Palliser

Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate

Rachel Matanda Nandelenga

Departmental Honors and Awards


Outstanding Student in Accounting
Rei Aoki
Blake Raymond Oliver

Students of Distinction in Accounting
Luke Austin Cowan
Zachary Michael Dinkel
Jason Lucas Miller

Art, Art History and Graphic Design

Augustana Art and Graphic Design Research Senior Award
Aykeem M. Spivey

Art History Scholar Award
Karen Emily Rizzo


Biology Major with Distinction
Jenna Marie Revell

Biology Majors – Honorable Mention
Mariam Elahmady
Jason Thomas Smith
David Jenner Vaynerman

Pre-Medicine Major with Distinction
Adam Bradley Torry

Pre-Medicine Senior Award for Academic Excellence
Rachel Matanda Nandelenga

Business Administration

Outstanding Senior Business Administration Majors
Rei Aoki
Luke Austin Cowan
Kayla Skye Palliser
Logan James Pearce
Jalane Maiva Tsague Nguepi

Business Student with Distinction
Jayla Hathorn


Albert L. Eliason Endowed Scholarship Award
Nicholas Ian Weilbaker

Anna Lesisz-Wartman Biochemistry Award
Leslie Erin Bandera
Addison Blair Larson


CAMWS Award for Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies
Alexis Bryleigh Anderson
Laurence Walter Pavlik

Award for Best Research by an Eta Sigma Phi Laureate
Laurence Walter Pavlik

Eta Sigma Phi Honorees, National Classics Honor Society
Alexis Bryleigh Anderson
Via Grace Montgomery
Laurence Walter Pavlik

Communication Studies

Outstanding Senior Inquiry Award
Kayla Skye Palliser, "ASL Captioning Introduced to Streaming Services"

Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

Outstanding Senior Inquiry Award
Karli Alyssa Wilson, "Counting the Days: A Video Journal Series"

Frank and Barbara Wright Observer Award for Excellence in Journalism
Molly M. Sweeney

Data Analytics

Outstanding Student in Data Analytics
Luke Austin Cowan


Tallgrass Capital Endowed Award for Outstanding Seniors in Economics
Rei Aoki
Eyasu Yenesew

Senior Honors in Economics
Van Minh Bui


Roald Tweet Scholar in English Studies
Bethany Faith Abrams

Dorothy Parkander Scholar in English Studies
Victoria Rose Bernero

Peggy Anderson Creative Writer
April Alexis Lambert


Illinois Geographical Society Outstanding Senior Geographer Award
Carl Alan Reina

Robin Hoffmann Award for Scholarship and Service
Portia Rose Carrera


Distinction in Geology
Kacey C. Plambeck
Cavit James Schempp

Geology with Merit Departmental Honors
Jack David Hughes
Emily Ann Martin
Makayla F. Palm

Joseph McCormick Hoare Endowed Scholarship in Geology
Kacey C. Plambeck
Cavit James Schempp


O.F. Ander Award for the Outstanding History Student
Elena Louise Haffner

Cletus Melchior Award for Outstanding Future Educator
Samuel Timothy Allen
Katelin Faith Hatlestad

Daughters of Founders and Patriots Award for Outstanding Achievement in American History
Utah Keehner

Mark Schwiebert Spirit of History Award
Samuel Louis Rabideau


Kinesiology Major with Distinction
David Jenner Vaynerman

Kinesiology Major – Honorable Mention
Micaela Jordan Koeppen
Connor M. McBride

Mathematics and Computer Science

Andrew W. Williamson Award for Excellence and Achievement in Mathematical Sciences
Colin Oliver Hogan

Donald E. McLaughlin Award for Excellence and Achievement in Computer Science
Katelyn Jo Dennis

Harry Nelson Award for Excellence and Achievement in Applied Mathematics
Van Minh Bui


Presser Scholar
John Patrick Flannery
Linnea Grace Johansen

Ruth E. Hagelin Scholarship
Linnea Grace Johansen

Pi Kappa Lambda
John Patrick Flannery
Linnea Grace Johnson
Anna K.Winn


Philosophy Honors
Luca James Barba
Lucas Fahnoe
Amanda Marie Quinn


Physics Major with Distinction
Amanda Nicole Gravelle

Physics Service Award
William Emilio Murillo

Physics Research Award
Molly Clare Garrison
Colin Oliver Hogan

Cecilia Vogel Quantumberry Award
Viet Minh Bui

Political Science

Outstanding Political Science Majors
Alexis Bryleigh Anderson
Maria Fernanda Rubi Carmona

Political Science Majors with Distinction
Matias Emilio Bidegaray
Joanne Horne
Riley Lynn Scrivner

Departmental Leadership Award
Maria Fernanda Rubi Carmona

David Dehnel Award in Public Law
Olivia Renee Pigliacelli
Riley Lynn Scrivner

Public Health

Distinguished Scholars in Public Health
Makaia Delancey Decker
Addison Blair Larson
Alexis Angelica Osei-Kofi
Karli Alyssa Wilson

Sociology and Anthropology

Alpha Kappa Delta, International Sociology Honor Society
Brianna Marie Ebenroth
Americus Mahatshahi

Theatre Arts

Augustana Endowment Society CAST Award
Roger D. Pavey Jr.

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Nancy Huse Award for Outstanding Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Senior
Kara Grace West

WGSS Outstanding Senior Award
Makaia Delancey Decker
Elena Louise Haffner

World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Asian Languages

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Chinese
Morgan Elizabeth Bielfeldt

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Japanese
Noah Roderick Anderson

Scandinavian Studies

Outstanding Senior in Scandinavian Studies
Abigail Ann Holtan


Louis C. Belby Award for Outstanding Achievement in Spanish
Carina Isabel Martinez
Kara Grace West

Barbara Olsen Herrarte Award for Outstanding Spanish for Professional Use
Mia Catherine Reese

Honors Capstone Projects

Bethany Faith Abrams, "Parasocial Relationships With Queer Fictional Characters And The Importance Of Representation In Television Shows" (Allie Barringer, advisor)

Makaia Delancey Decker, "Gender Identity and Utilizing Social Support" (Dara Wegman-Geedey, advisor)

David Robert Russ, "Concussions and Vision: How Head Injuries Contribute to Long-Term Vision Deficiencies and Changes" (Joseph McEachern, advisor)

Brian Craig Thomas, "40 Years of Koyaanisqatsi: the Greatest Experimental Film Ever Made" (Deke Gould, advisor)

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