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Grant-funded internships

Here are some of the grant-funded internships available to Augustana students:

• Augie Choice: $2,000 for every student to use toward an internship, study abroad or research.

• $1,000 from the Charles Deere-Wiman Memorial Trust to support an internship at a nonprofit organization in Moline, Ill.

• Illinois Board of Higher Education: Interns are paid when interning at one of Augustana's partner organizations.

• Matt & Mindy McSparin Sports Business Award: An award distributed annually for interning at a sports-related organization.

• Telleen Fund for Student Experiences: $1,500 distributed annually for interning in the public sector.

• Glenn Robinson Fund: $1,500 distributed annually for public administration or public policy internships.

• Servant Leader Grants: a stipend between $500-$2,500 for community-related internships that assist in exploring vocation.

• Moline Foundation: $2,000 awarded annually for interning at a  nonprofit organization in Moline, Ill.

• Amy Helpenstell Foundation: $20,000 a year to support non-profit internships in the Quad Cities area.

• Doris and Victor Day Foundation: $5,000 a year to support non-profit internships in Rock Island, Ill.