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Culture houses and organizations

The Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity oversees three cultural houses.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American House, 3243 9th Avenue.

Black Culture House, at the corner of 9th Ave. and 34th St. 

Casa Latina, on the library circle drive at 3416 9-1/2 Ave.&

The culture houses provide a supportive and inclusive environment for students. The houses are available for meeting space, programming for student organizations, and to hang out.

The houses are open weekly on Mondays-Thursdays from 5-9 p.m.

You Belong Here Lounge is located by Gerber 420. The lounge is a student-centered space that promotes inclusion, collaboration and engagement. Students can use the lounge to study, hang out with friends, and host events. The lounge is located by Gerber 420.

Any student or student organization can reserve the Culture Houses and the You Belong Here Lounge by contacting the Office of Student Inclusion and Diversity, 309-794-8270.

Multicultural Student Organizations

Ten multicultural organizations provide support, resources, mentorship, and advocacy. These organizations provide students a space to connect with others who may share similar cultural experiences and values.

Students are able to create a sense of belonging, build community, engage in dialogue, socialize, plan cultural events and learn from each other. These student-led organizations help students develop self-awareness, build skills to become an effective leader, and provide a network to enhance their college experience.

African Student Association
President: Silas Gilkay
Vice president: Lamrot Kebede

Asian Student Organization
Co-presidents: Madeline Herwig, Joyce Matanguihan
Vice president: Alexis Lee

Black Student Union
President: Alexis Osei-Kofi
Vice president: Kenaya Allen<

Dat Poetry Lounge
President: Ashanti Chatman
Vice president: Phoenix Agyepong

Ethiopian Student Union
President: Feven Zewdu
Vice president: Feven Ferede

Filipino Student Organization
President: Rubens Gonzales
Vice president: Jay Nolledo

Gender & Sexuality Alliance
President: Karina Torres
Vice president: Zion Thomas

Ladies of Vital Essence
President: Kira Banks
Vice president: Manuela Chavez

Latinx Unidos
President: Michelle Olguin
Vice president: Anthony Silva

The Order of the Phoenix
President: Dallas Malott
Vice president: Zerik Alonzo