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OpenAugieWifi and GameConsolesAC networks to be disabled on Feb. 19

Last summer, ITS rolled out AC1, a new and secure way to connect laptops, tablets and smartphones.

ITS also recommends using the other new wi-fi network, AC2, for smart TVs, game consoles and any other devices that do not support a browser, such as a PlayStations, Xbox consoles, Amazon Echos, Amazon Fire sticks, Roku devices, Apple TV streaming devices, Ring, smart bulbs, cameras and other devices.

Both wireless networks require registration before they can be used.

AC2 is specifically designed for devices that require only a connection to an external internet service. Devices using the AC2 wireless network will not have access to print services or other campus systems and services, only internet access. The AC2 wireless network is intended to complement the AC1 wireless network, which is configured for browser-capable devices like laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and smartphones. 

In general:

  • AC1 is for laptops and smartphones used to access campus-provided resources securely. 
  • AC2 is for gaming consoles and other streaming devices that only need internet access.

As ITS takes the next step in this transition, the OpenAugieWifi and GameConsolesAC wireless networks will be disabled on Monday, Feb. 19. ITS staff will be in Brew by the Slough during the lunch hour over the next couple weeks to help you register your devices on the new wi-fi.

To find out more information about enrolling your devices for use on the AC1 or AC2 network, visit


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