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Geology field trip

Apr. 22, 2024

Last week these geology majors and faculty members trekked to Springfield, Mo., for the Joint Section Meeting of the Geological Society of America conference. The students presented research posters and participated in a conference-sponsored field trip to the Missouri trace fossil beds that help interpret the paleoenvironment of the region.

Pictured: Jaycee Bythewood, Makayla Palm, Cavit Schempp, Shaun Duckett, Kacey Plambeck, Alex Wandrey, Niah Tyler, Alicia Felker, Briana Reagan, Sophie Arceneaux, Audrey Zettler, Zoe Heiar, Emily Martin, Eulle Casaquite, Dr. Strasser, Dr. Arkle, Jack Hughes and Dr. Wolf.

Submitted by Susan Wolf

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