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Residential Life

Most students, including transfer students, live on campus for their first three years. As seniors, they're prepared to move into off-campus housing.

Augustana offers a variety of residences, from historic House on the Hill to the modern layout of Swanson Commons.

Year-by-year focus

Residential life here focuses on what students experience in daily life, depending on their year:

• First-year: Your living experience will help you connect with friends and mentors, and feel at home at Augustana. First-year students who want more of a themed community living environment may choose one of two Residential Learning Experience (RLE) options or the Healthy Living Community.

• Sophomores: Residence hall programming will relate to life goals, as you look inward to discover what you should do with your life, and who you want to be.

• Juniors and seniors: These years will focus on transitions and more independence.

Building your skills as a successful adult and citizen, you'll see important connections between your education and daily life. This growth is something only a residential campus can inspire.

For more information email Residential Life or call 309-794-2686.

First-year Residence Halls


Residential Life

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