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Summer housing information

Note: At this time, we are still planning to offer summer housing, though that is subject to change. Please also be aware that many of our summer housing spaces may not be available on May 30 as planned. Those who need summer housing beginning May 30 may be assigned temporarily to a residence hall space until the apartments can be cleaned for summer use.

Augustana College's summer program was developed to provide safe, comfortable housing for Augustana students and interns studying and working in the Quad Cities. 

Our apartment-style residences, designed for older students, offer a comfortable housing experience for interns living away from home for the summer.

If the information below does not answer your questions, contact Residential Life.

Naeseth apartments
Naeseth apartments

Housing for interns

For 2020, Augustana College will offer intern housing beginning May 30 and ending Aug. 8.

Interns will be assigned apartment-style housing. Each apartment has four single-occupancy bedrooms. Interns should expect to share the apartment with up to three suitemates. Each suite comes with a full-service kitchen with a dining room set, a bathroom and an unfurnished living room with a cable TV hookup.

Furnishings in your room include:

  • Single, extra-long bed
  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • Dresser or clothing rack
  • Overhead lighting
  • Wifi
  • Cable access in living room
  • Windows with blinds
  • Air-conditioning

Room dimensions are available in Transitional Living Areas

The extra-long mattresses are 36" x 80".  You can find extra-long bedding at most major department stores.

Housing for Augustana students

Augustana students will be housed in single rooms in apartment-style housing with 3 to 5 suitemates.

Augustana students will be able to select roommate groups and choose summer housing the week of May 18.

Those living on campus in the spring will be allowed to move directly to their summer assignment once the apartment is clean. Those not currently on campus can move in on May 30, but may need to stay temporarily in a residence hall until the apartments have been cleaned.

Those living on campus in the fall will be allowed to move directly to their fall assignment in August. Those who are not living on campus in the fall should plan to move out not later than August 8.

Application process

Non-Augustana student interns: apply here

Augustana students: login in here and select the Summer 2020 application


Weekly $170

Augustana summer student employees will be charged a discounted rate. Contact the Office of Residential Life for more information. 

Payments of cash or check are to be made in the Office of Residential Life. Interns will be asked to pay their first four weeks ($680) payment at check-in. Augustana students can have summer housing fees applied directly to their student accounts.

Check-in information

Starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 30, interns can pick up keys for summer housing from the Augustana Police and Public Safety dispatch office, located at the lower level of Sorenson Hall, 639 38th St. Rock Island, Ill. Interns will need to bring a photo ID and a check for four weeks of rent ($680).

The dispatch office is open 24 hours, and can be reached at 309-794-7000. Enter Sorenson Hall through the back door, near the loading dock. If the door is locked, ring the buzzer to be let in.


Note: Due to COVID-19 some of our normal summer services may not be available in 2020.

The Pepsico Recreation Center (309-794-7705), with a weight room, exercise equipment, tennis and racquetball courts and indoor track, is open limited hours in summer.

The library has several computer workstations available for use.

The Brew by the Slough, with a variety of coffee and specialty beverages is open. It also serves pastries, sandwiches and salads.

Mail is not delivered to individual campus buildings. Because the campus mailroom closes at 3 p.m. Monday-Friday in the summer, we recommend that your personal mail be sent to your employer. If this is not feasible, please contact the Office of Residential Life.

Free parking is available nearby for those with summer housing assignments.

Community living policies

We expect you to be considerate of you roommates and neighbors. Courtesy hours are observed each weekday after 10 p.m. and on weekends after midnight.

Residents ask for the approval of roommates before inviting an overnight guest. Guest stays are limited to 48 consecutive hours.

Fire and safety regulations prohibit the use of some types of appliances. As a general guideline, appliances rated over 6 amps (700 watts), with the exception of computers, are not permitted. Small toasters and toaster ovens, and cookware with exposed heating elements are restricted to use in the kitchen.

You will be asked to complete a room inventory when you check in. You will be held responsible for any damages you cause and your employer may be notified of any unjustifiable damages. Residents of each suite will be held mutually accountable for all unassignable damages that occur. These charges will be divided among suite residents.


You are expected to keep the apartment clean throughout your stay, and are responsible for purchasing your own supplies. There will be a monthly health and safety inspection to assure that college guidelines are being met. 

Work orders

Work orders can be submitted online. Please include detailed information about the request and a contact phone number. Work orders can be submitted for a variety of issues including appliances and lighting, as well as any problems that may occur with insects or rodents. As much as we hope everything will remain working properly, repairs occasionally arise.

Laundry facilities

Laundry machines are located in each building. The cost is $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per dry.

Please report any problems with the machines to the Office of Residential Life, 309-794-2686.

Residential Life staff

We provide live-in student and professional staff liaisons to address your questions, needs and concerns. A staff member will check and watch over your area. Staff members will orient you to our campus and the surrounding community, provide general information and assist with daily concerns. The Office of Residential Life is open from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday to respond to your questions and needs.

Items to bring

Alarm clock
Bed linens and mattress pad
Cooking utensils
Computer (network access is provided)
Cleaning supplies
Clothes basket or bag
Clothes hangers
Desk and bed lamps (halogen bulbs are not permitted; compact fluorescent bulbs are encouraged)
Eating utensils
First aid supplies
Laundry supplies
Toiletries container
Towels and washcloths
Umbrella or rain gear
Small vacuum

Other things to consider

Living room furniture: The living area in each apartment is not furnished or lighted. You are welcome to bring your TV (basic cable service is available), lounge furniture and lamps. Remember that this area will be shared with up to three other interns or Augustana students living in your suite. Another option to consider is renting furniture from Rent-A-Center.

Kitchen items: Your kitchen is furnished with a table (four chairs), electric stove, standard-size refrigerator, sink, unlocked cabinets and counter space. During the academic year, some students bring compact microwave ovens to supplement the standard furnishings.

Bicycles: If you bring a bicycle, we recommend you store it in your room. Bikes stored outside should be chained and padlocked. Motorized bikes must be kept outdoors.

Computers: If you bring a computer, internet access is available. More information about specifications for the types of cards and cables required for network connections is available upon request. You will be provided with guest log-in information at check-in.

Things NOT to bring

Air conditioners
Alcoholic beverages (if you are under the age of 21)
Electrical appliances rated over 6 amps or 700 watts (except computers)
Firearms, weapons, fireworks
Grills (park grills are available on the grounds nearby)
Halogen lamps
Illegal drugs
Incense or heated potpourri pots
Large power tools
Lighter fluid or other flammable materials
Pets (only small fish are permitted)

Medical Care

Unity Point Express Care, 106 19th Ave., Suite 103, Moline; 309-764-6006
Unity Point Medical Center East Campus, 501 10th Ave., Moline; 309-779-5000
Unity Point Medical Center West Campus, 2701 17th St., Rock Island; 309-779-5000

Community information

Hy-Vee, 2930 18th Ave. Rock Island
Jewel/Osco, 2010 1st St., Moline

Drug stores
CVS, 2617 18th Ave., Rock Island
Walgreen's, 2955 18th Ave., Rock Island

Kohl's, 4014 John Deere Rd., Rock Island
Lowe's, 3820 44th Ave., Moline
Menard's, 4100 10th St. Dr., Moline
Southpark Mall, 4500 16th St. Moline
Target, 900 42nd Ave., Moline
True Value, 1435 30th St. Rock Island
Wal-Mart, 3930 44th Ave., Moline

Applebee's, 3805 41st Ave. Dr., Moline
Cool Beanz coffee shop, 1325 30th St., Rock Island
Dr. Gyros, 2519 18th Ave, Rock Island
Hardee's, 1419 38th St., Rock Island
KFC, 2943 18th Ave., Rock Island
McDonald's, 1813 30th St., Rock Island
Pizza & Subs, 3700 John Deere Rd., Rock Island
Rudy's Tacos, 2716 18th Ave. Rock Island
Taco Bell, 1533 38th St., Rock Island
Village Inn, 2001 1st St. Moline
Whitey’s Ice Cream, 2520 18th Ave., Rock Island
Arthur's Garden Deli, 3727 John Deere Rd., Rock Island
Domino’s Pizza, 3708 14th Ave, Rock Island
Happy Joe's Pizza, 1412 30th St., Rock Island
Hungry Hobo, 2532 18th Ave., Rock Island
Little Caesar’s Pizza, 3840 46th Ave., Rock Island
Papa John's Pizza, 150 19th Ave., Moline
Pizza Hut (delivery), 1600 38th St., Rock Island
Subway, 3015 18th Ave. Rock Island
TGI Friday's, 1425 River Dr., Moline
Wendy's, 1432 38th St. Rock Island