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Study abroad and off-campus programs

High-impact learning in the U.S. and abroad.

The Office of International and Off-Campus Programs provides Augustana students with high-impact learning experiences in the U.S. and abroad.

For more information, contact Pedro Bidegaray, director.

Programs and information

j-term 1

J-terms: January and June

J-term programs provide groups of students with off-campus experiences from one to three weeks in January or June. Some programs combine classwork during spring and fall with field experience.

J-term programs typically offer between four to six credits.

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Maybe Bonaire? It's not January in Illinois!


Semesters abroad

Semester programs include student exchanges, university enrollment abroad, or sponsored study abroad programs through a private educational organization.

Students typically enroll in four to six courses (12-18 credits). Some programs include a full-time internship.

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summer language

Summer language programs

Whether sponsored by Augustana, such as trips to Ecuador, France or Germany, this work is transferable.

A typical summer program is four to 10 credits. Students register their program with Augustana in order to earn transfer credit or Augie Choice funding.

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Internships provide academic credit through hands-on experience in the U.S. or abroad. From virtual experiences to full-time on-site placements, internships are available through the college. Internships can be full-time (30-35 hours a week) or part-time (20-30 hours). Generally, housing is provided.

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J-term class in Bonaire

Augie Choice: 10 years of discovering ‘what life is all about’

Graduates tell how Augie Choice—$2,000 for a big learning experience—influenced who they are today. 

geology class in bonaire

Diving into Augustana’s first January term

Students are taking intensive courses on campus, around the U.S., and abroad during Augustana's first January term.

Yvette Furaha, Charlene Nzigire and Grace Fitzpatrick

Vikinternships: Summer Internships in the Quad Cities

Part 3 of a series about Augustana student summer internships: Matt, Genesis and Grace have an immediate impact on daily life in the Quad Cities.