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Study Abroad

The Office of International and Off-Campus Programs provides Augustana students with high-impact learning experiences in the U.S. and abroad.

For more information, contact the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs.

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Holden Village
Holden Village: Creator, Creation, and Calling, J-term 2024

J-term programs

J-term programs provide students with off-campus experiences from one to three weeks in January or June. Some faculty-led programs combine classwork during spring and fall with field experience. Students also have the option of exploring independent study away opportunities.

J-term programs typically offer four to six credits.

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Lillian Hart, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies exchange
Lillian Hart, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies exchange, spring 2023

Semesters abroad

Semester programs include student exchanges, direct university enrollments, programs offered through an approved provider, and independent study away opportunities.

Students typically enroll in 12-18 credits during their semester abroad.

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STEM Health in Costa Rica
STEM Health in Costa Rica, summer 2023

Summer programs

Summer options include intensive language programs, internships, and independent study away opportunities.

A typical summer program is four to 10 credits.

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Feven Ferede, New York
Feven Ferede, The Intern Group: New York, fall 2023


Internships provide academic credit through hands-on experience in the U.S. or abroad. Both virtual and on-site internship placements are available. Internships can be full-time (30-35 hours a week) or part-time (20-30 hours). Generally, housing is provided.

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Holden Village students posing for a photo before heading to the village.

Five years of Augustana’s January Term

Augustana College students take a break from their 15-week semester schedule to engage in a month-long period of intensive learning during January Term, or J-term. This three-and-a-half week course was added as part of the college’s transition to semesters in 2019-2020.

Red Rocks, Nevada

How J-term classes impact the student experience

During January term, students take a break from their 15-week semester schedule to engage in a month-long period of intensive learning. Here are four students' J-term stories and photos from several classes.

Augie Choice

Augustana expands student-engagement initiative Augie Choice

The innovative program, previously only available to juniors and seniors, is now expanded to sophomores so that they too can engage in transformational engaged learning experiences.