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Funding and scholarships

A variety of funding is available for students to use for research and creative activities, and there are several summer programs to consider. Here is a sample of some of these. Several department have research funding for students. Talk to an academic or research adviser to learn more.

Augie Choice

All students receive $2,000 to support a qualifying hands-on learning experience of their choice, such as international study, research or an internship. Students who will be doing research or a creative project during their junior or senior year should look to this fund as a first option to support the work. Support can include travel, materials and a stipend. 

Augustana student research grants and fellowships

Augustana offers five sources of funding for students to do research, undertake special projects and participate in professional conferences. These funds are available to students in all disciplines, including the arts and humanities. See the student research grants and fellowships pages below for application information and deadlines.

Funding includes:

Summer student research fellowships: These offer up to $3,000 plus up to $500 in expenses. The application deadline is Feb. 23, 2024. 

Student-faculty academic partnership grant: These offer up to $1102.50 each semester to support a student research partner. Applications for spring 2024 are due Nov. 3, 2023. Applications for summer 2024 grants are due April 5, 2024.  Applications for fall 2024 are due April 5, 2024.

Contact Dr. Kimberly Murphy (biology) and Dr. Shara Stough (psychology and neuroscience)

Student research grant: These offer up to $500 to support student research and creative projects; rolling application.

Student attendance at professional conferences: A maximum of $1,000 per student is available. The student must be a presenter; rolling application. If a student is traveling with a group, their faculty advisor should submit a single application for the entire group.

Faculty/student attendance at professional conferences: A maximum of $200 per participant and a maximum of $1,000 per conference; either faculty member or at least one student should be presenting; rolling application.

William F. Freistat Grants

The William F. Freistat Center at Augustana College provides support to encourage the development of peace studies, especially studies of the broader issues of diplomacy, such as justice and fairness.

Student grants cover expenses related to the Student-Faculty Fellows Program, expenses related to the Language and Cultural Enhancement Program; Intensive language study abroad, and travel to present papers at undergraduate and professional conferences.

Department grants and stipends

Many academic departments have research and creative scholarship support for students. Check with an advisor for possible sources.

Other sources

The Council on Undergraduate Research connects students and faculty with undergraduate research opportunities. CUR has information about meetings, programs, and publications across a variety of disciplines.

Professional and student organizations (e.g., Psi Chi for Psychology) provide research and travel funds. Check with an advisor about these organizations; students may need to be a member to be eligible for research funds.

The National Science Foundation funds a large number of research opportunities for undergraduates through its Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program in the physical, biological, social sciences and math.

Summer programs

Check with the Student Research office in CORE for the latest list of programs. The Upper Mississippi Center has paid summer research and internship opportunities for students in all disciplines.

Other options:

The William F. Freistat Center’s Student-Faculty Fellows Program enables a faculty member to help two students conduct undergraduate research abroad during the summer.