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First-Year Program

2024-25 Academic Catalog Page edits in-progress

During their first year, students enroll in either the First-Year Inquiry (FYI) sequence or First-Year Honors (FYH) programs. Students will enroll in FYI-101 or FYH-101 in the fall, FYI-102 or FYH-102 in the spring. See degree requirements.

First-year students may also enroll in courses within the six Learning Perspectives: the Arts, Human Existence and Values, Individuals and Society, Literature and Texts, the Natural World, and the Past. Students also may choose courses which offer a global or human diversity perspective. Other choices include physical education activity classes and classes to complete the equivalent of at least one year of college-level second language study.

Most first-year students will take three 4-credit courses, plus one or two 1-credit courses, during the first semester (a total of 13-14 credits.)