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Katherine Brown

Katherine Brown

Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. Katherine Brown’s area of expertise spans neurogenic cognitive and motor speech disorders. She is the director of the Neurogenic Cognitive-Communication Disorders Lab in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. The focus of the lab is to examine cognition and speech in individuals with neurogenic communication disorders, such as traumatic brain injury and Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Brown’s current research examines the effects of blast exposure on cognition in military veterans. 

Dr. Brown is an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified speech-language pathologist, certified brain injury specialist, and certified provider of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Brown coordinates the Augustana Communication Sciences and Disorders Parkinson’s Disease Support Group and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses related to cognitive-communication and motor speech disorders.  

Specializations: Cognition, Dysarthria, Traumatic brain injury


  • B.S., communication sciences and disorders, Kansas State University
  • M.S., speech-language pathology, Idaho State University
  • Ph.D., speech and hearing sciences, University of Washington