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Visit opportunities for sophomores and juniors

 Your sophomore or junior year is the perfect time to start visiting different campuses to find the one that perfectly balances your desires for community, exploration and opportunity. 

Take advantage of these on-campus and virtual visit experiences to get a sense of what life could be like for you at Augustana.

On campus

Explore Augustana daily visit

Tour campus with a current student, meet an admissions counselor and learn more about the application process and the many opportunities for discovery, adventure and friendship at Augustana, but in a small-group setting.

Depending on the number of visitors, you may be meeting with an admissions counselor one-on-one instead of a group information session.


Virtual information sessions

Learn about campus life, academics, the admissions process and more. 

Meet with an admissions counselor

Your admissions counselor will be your guide throughout the application process. Connect with your counselor and get answers to questions about the applying for admission and financial aid, plus an other burning questions you might have about life on campus, opportunities and more.