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Make it happen for you! Here’s how

emily graziano

You met 14 recent Augie graduates in the “Make It Happen for You” book we sent recently.

When they were Augie students, they were co-founders and team leaders. They discovered career paths while traveling off the beaten path. They rode camels and drove dogsleds. They were the focus of their mentors here, and they are empowered now. 

Augustana made it happen for them, and can make it happen for you.

Choose Augustana!

Ryan Jenkins
Ryan Jenkins

Here’s a look at some Augie experiences that made them who they are today:

Ryan Jenkins tells why he chose Augustana over a larger school in his Augustana story. 

Dylan Sortillo was part of a premier men’s basketball team. See some Vikings action in this video.

Claire Herdegen sang soprano in the Augustana Choir, which tours internationally every other year. Here’s a fun video from their 2018 tour to Sweden

Megan Janssen was inspired by her AI class. Read about AI at Augie, Dr. Stonedahl’s cool research, plus photos from Augustana’s annual Robotics Challenge invitational.

Janice Wu
Janice Wu

Janice Wu was launched by a win during the Rogers Business Plan Competition. Here’s a video about that annual career-building event

→ For insight on Joe Flynn’s experience, check out this video made by entertainment and media students in the music video class last year. 

Emily Graziano is the star in a video made especially for Make It Happen For You. She has some things to say about being here.