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Presidential Search frequently asked questions

Q: How was the Search Committee selected?

A: The Search Committee carefully was selected to represent the perspectives of a variety of Augustana College constituencies. The committee comprises a talented group that represents the breadth and diversity of the Augustana community but is small enough to work effectively.  

Q: Who is responsible for selecting the next president?

A: The Board of Trustees formed a Search Committee that has been charged with conducting the presidential search process, at the conclusion of which the committee will make a recommendation to the board. The board ultimately is responsible for making the final decision on hiring the next president for Augustana College. 

Q: How can we provide input and/or feedback for consideration in the search?

A: The Search Committee welcomes and invites input from the wider Augustana College community. There will be several opportunities to provide input.

Our partner, Academic Search, will be leading virtual listening sessions on campus at the end of February to provide all campus constituents, as well as alumni and local community members, the opportunity to share their thoughts on the attributes our next president should have.

An online community survey will open in early March to provide another opportunity to share valuable input to help the Search Committee and Board of Trustees.

Q: How will the Augustana community be informed about progress of the search?

A: The Augustana College community will be kept informed through periodic email updates from the chair of the Search Committee, John Murabito. The presidential search page serves as the primary source for news and information related to the search.     

Q: Will we get to know or meet the candidates?

A: While the Search Committee is committed to keeping the Augustana community informed about the search process and its progress, in order to attract the highest quality candidates, the process will be highly confidential. Names of candidates will not be made publicly available during the process. Search Committee members have committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the process and will not be able comment publicly on the search. 

Q: Why is confidentiality so important in the search?

A: A confidential search provides candidates the opportunity to explore and pursue the presidency of Augustana College without risk of compromising their current positions. It enables Augustana to attract the most talented, highly qualified candidates, most of whom we anticipate will hold key leadership positions at other institutions or organizations.  

Q: How will the Search Committee identify and attract a diverse pool of candidates?

A: The Board of Trustees has engaged an experienced presidential search partner, Academic Search, known for its impressive record of placing people from under-represented populations in leadership positions, to assist the Search Committee. The search will use best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the search process, and the Search Committee will engage in training to guard against bias.

The position will be advertised and promoted widely with special attention paid to attracting candidates with a broad range of academic and nontraditional experience, as well as candidates from diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and other backgrounds. Nominations will be sought from the Augustana community and others to help in this process.  

Q: Will there be an expectation that the next president is Lutheran?  

A: The Constitution of the College is our governing document, and its preamble roots us in our Lutheran tradition. It also articulates that “the president of the College shall demonstrate a firm commitment to advancing the welcoming Lutheran tradition of higher education as expressed in the College’s mission statement and Five Faith Commitments.”   

Q: Whom can I contact with questions about the presidential search?

A: Please contact the Search Committee at