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Student Counseling Services: When you need to talk with someone

Students have access to a host of different mental health professionals. Choose from the options below to talk to someone based on your needs and your schedule.

See a therapist on campus

Student Counseling Services is located in Founders 206. The office is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. every academic day. All services are free. 

Schedule a counseling appointment

Email Cheri Mizaur or call 309-794-7357. Or walk in during office hours to make an appointment. Student Counseling Services provides virtual and in-person counseling, and respects a student’s preference for a therapist with specific gender identifications.

Emergency appointments are available from 11 a.m.-noon and 3-4 p.m. every day. No prior appointment is necessary. These appointments are for students who are in acute crisis and need someone to talk to immediately.

Session limit

In order to manage the wait list for services, Student Counseling Services has instituted a six-session cap to scheduled counseling sessions a year. This excludes emergency appointments, J-term appointments, same-day appointments, and Tao Check-in appointments. Counseling sessions during those times do not count towards a student’s cap.

Same-day appointments

Only same-day sessions are available during the first and second weeks of the semester, as well as week 7 (midterms), and week 15 (finals). Sessions are not scheduled during those weeks. Students call, email, or walk-in the day of for a counseling session during those weeks.

Weekly check-in appointments

Weekly 15-minute check-in appointments are offered to supplement scheduling counseling sessions and to help maintain a consistent relationship with counseling. These sessions typically have an added educational component.

Free tele-health care through TimelyCare


TimelyCare provides Augustana students access to free 24/7 medical and mental health support.

Students have access to medical care, including treatment for the common cold, sinus infections, or the flu. Physicians also may prescribe medication through the platform.

Students also can receive immediate mental health support through TalkNow, or they can schedule virtual counseling visits through the platform.

To use TimelyCare: Desktop users should follow the sign-up prompts at TimelyCare. Mobile users may download the TimelyCare app and follow the setup.

Psychiatric medication

Psychiatric medications

Augustana students have access to medication services through the Robert Young Center at Unity Point Health from 1-3:30 p.m. Thursdays and Fridays, with psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner Bill Liebbe.

Students can expect a 60-minute initial intake session with 30-minute follow up sessions for medication management.

To schedule an appointment, call Unity Point at 309-779-2018. Make sure to mention that you are an Augustana College student, and you would like to schedule an appointment with Bill Liebbe.

If you would like to discuss the process first with Student Counseling Services, schedule a consultation through Cheri Mizaur

Evaluations for academic accommodations

Student Counseling Services will not provide documentation for academic accommodations; however, students who suspect that their academic performance is impacted by a mental health disorder are encouraged to seek academic accommodations.

For students without previously documented accommodations, TimelyCare is a beneficial starting point. TimelyCare therapists will diagnosis mental health disorders and will make evaluation recommendations. Note: It usually requires multiple sessions for a formal diagnosis; however, therapists will not recommend specific academic accommodation nor write ESA letters.

If more formal psychological evaluations, academic accommodations, or ESA letters are required, students are encouraged to connect with outside therapists through Welltrack Connect or the directory of off-campus counseling services and psychological evaluations.

Connect with an outside therapist

Welltrack Connect

If you would like to meet with a therapist more regularly, or you have certain criteria for your therapist, we recommend using Welltrack Connect to connect with therapists in the community.

You also will find resources here if you require a psychological evaluation for academic accommodations or you require an assessment for a mental health disorder.

→ For more off-campus resources, see Off-campus counseling and evaluation.