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Economics course catalog

2023-24 Academic Catalog Page in Progress

RAJAN BISHWAKARMA, Assistant Professor
B.A. Anderson University, M.A.,Ph.D., University of New Mexico

CHRISTOPHER B. MARMÉ, Professor, Chair
B.A., St. Ambrose; M.S., Ph.D., Illinois UIUC

JOANNA SHORT, Associate Professor 
B.B.A., Iowa; M.A., Ph.D., Indiana

MAJOR IN ECONOMICS. 30 credits, including ECON-200, ECON-301, ECON-302, ECON-317, ECON-404, ECON-406, and two of ECON-221, ECON-225, ECON-345, ECON-361, and ECON-362. (MATH-350, or with permission, MATH-160 and Econ-318 may be substituted for ECON-317.)

Required supporting courses: BUSN-211 and BUSN-311 or MATH-330 and MATH-430.

MINOR IN ECONOMICS. 20 credits. ECON-200, ECON-301, ECON-302, and two of ECON-221, ECON-225, ECON-345, ECON-361, ECON-362, ECON-370, ECON-404, and ECON 406.

Grade Point Average Notation: All courses listed in the catalog as required courses for any major and/or minor, including those courses outside of the department or with a different subject coding, are considered part of the major and will count in the grade point average. Some departments may have additional grade requirements for the courses offered within their department. Recommended supporting courses that are optional and not required may also count in the major depending on the program. For more information see your department chair or the degree requirements for Bachelor of Arts and information on Majors/Minors.

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