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Leave of absence policy

POLICY EXPIRATION NOTICE - Effective following the conclusion of the 2021-22 Academic Year, the college will no longer support a Leave of Absence Policy. Options for students include dropping courses within published deadlines, withdrawing from the college or being processed as a non-returning student following the completion of a term or semester. Students who seek information about stopping out of their studies for a period of time are encouraged to discuss their options with their advisors and families. Those who decide to not return to Augustana should notify the Dean of Students Office who can counsel them about returning for a future term. 

Students seeking an exception for military service only, should consult the Military Leave of Absence Policy


A student in good academic standing may request a one-term official leave of absence for personal reasons without withdrawing from the college. Without exception, an application for a leave of absence must be requested by the student and approved by the Dean of Students prior to the first day of class for the term in which a student is requesting leave.

The student must sign a statement showing his or her intent to return to the college. If the student does not return at the end of one term from an approved leave, the student will automatically be withdrawn from the college, with the withdrawal date being the date that the student began the leave of absence. Once the student is withdrawn, he or she must seek readmission through the Dean of Students Office using the Special Student Application.

A student leaving the college at any point after a term begins will be considered withdrawn for that term and may not request a leave of absence for the following term.

Students on an approved leave of absence for one term will be considered full-time and in good standing for the purposes of Title IV student loan deferment (i.e. Federal Direct Loans and Federal Perkins Loan). This allows the borrower to avoid utilizing the grace period attached to those loans. This provision is limited to one leave of absence in a 12-month period. However, if at the end of the leave of absence the student fails to return to Augustana, the student’s withdrawal date will be back-dated to the date when the leave of absence began. This may cause the borrower to be required to enter into immediate repayment on the affected Title IV loans.


A student must complete an application for a leave of absence in the Dean of Students Office, and is expected to take the following steps:

1. Dean of Students Office: Meet with the Dean or Associate Dean of Students to complete the “Leave of Absence Request Form” and provide in writing the reason(s) for the request.

2. Office of Financial Aid: Check in with financial aid to protect future eligibility for scholarships, grants and/or student loans.

3. Office of Residential Life: Remove all personal belongings from campus within 24 hours after the effective date of approved leave. Resident students must officially check-out with a member of the residential life staff, turn in keys and complete the Room Check-out Form.

4. Mailroom: Return all college keys to the appropriate staff member/office (mailbox, labs, etc.)

5. Dining Services: The meal card will be cancelled 24 hours after the date of approved leave.

Registration and transfer credit

Students may pre-register for courses during the intended first term of return, and are subject to the same deadlines and financial obligations in place for all students. Students may not take coursework at another school during a leave of absence.

Room selection

Students on a leave of absence during the spring term may participate in room selection for the following year.

Student activities

Students on leave are not eligible for participation in college-sponsored co- and extra-curricular activities.