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Augustana College Community Principles

community principles

In the summer of 2014, as the college was in the beginning stages of implementing its strategic plan, Augustana 2020, it was recognized that there was a need to clearly articulate a set of values that exemplify the ideals of the Augustana College community.

"Our student leaders in OSL took the lead in drafting a document on our Community Principles, and other members of the campus community worked to edit and add to this document," said then-Provost Dr. Pareena Lawrence.

Augustana College is a community driven by purpose, respect and civic responsibility. It strives to create the best environment where every member of our community may achieve personal fulfillment and success. These principles apply to all members of our community both in and out of the classroom.


Pursue a collective sense of intellectual and personal growth to build and strengthen the community.

Openness and respect

Strive for civility when exercising the right to free expression.


Abide by the Augustana Honor Code and Code of Social Conduct.


Be responsible and self aware of our own words and actions, and speak out against injustice, intolerance and discrimination.


Develop and express genuine interest in one another and create an environment where each member of the community can thrive.

community principles