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Seminary Hall

Seminary Hall houses about 80 students in two-room units that divide easily into sleep and study areas. Seminary is centrally located, just minutes away from the main academic buildings, the library and The Gerber Center.

The residents of “Sem” call it close-knit, charming, delightful, creative, calm and convenient.Seminary’s loft is a popular hangout.

Seminary floor plan diagrams

Second floor layout

Room 203

Room 204

Room 205

Room 206

Room 207

Room 208

Room 209

Room 210

Room 211

Room 212

Room 213

Room 214

Room 215

Room 216

Room 217

Room 219

Third floor layout

Room 301

Room 302

Room 303

Room 305

Room 306

Room 307

Room 308

Room 309

Room 310

Room 311

Room 312

Room 313

Room 314

Room 315

Room 316

Room 317

Room 318

A standard room contains a bed, dresser, bookshelf (BS) and desk with chair per person, as well as a trash can and recycling bin.

Furniture dimensions

There may be slight variations in type, style and dimensions of furniture. The provided information is based on the typical furniture in the rooms.

Standard bed and bunk beds dimensions
Standard bed and bunk beds dimensions

Mattresses are Twin XL. Overall bed length = 86 inches

Standard bed set position dimensions

A. Overall width = 38 inches

B. Clearance from floor to bottom of bed rail - 33 inches

C. Overall leg height = 36 inches

Bunk bed/loft bed set position dimensions

D. Overall leg height = 72 inches

E. Clearance from floor to bottom of top bunk rail = 60 inches

F. Clearance from floor to bottom of lower bed rail = 15 inches


Beds are set according to listed floor plan layout. Beds that are shown 'standard' can be lofted or bunked for an additional fee. Please visit to request bed loft changes.

Some bed elevation requests may not be able to be accommodated due to room configuration or fire code
issues. Some rooms on campus will be set up before students move in with beds already lofted or bunked to accommodate the space. In some cases, this set-up represents the only possible bed configuration for that room.

dresser dimensions
Dresser dimensions
desk dimensions
Desk dimensions
bookshelf dimensions
Bookshelf dimensions

Additional information

BC = Built in wall bookcase.

Flooring is tile.

2nd. floor ceiling is 8 feet 10 inches, 3rd floor is 8 feet 11.5 inches.

Windows are 3 feet 4 inches wide x 5 feet 3 inches high. Bay windows are 2 feet 6 inches wide x 5 feet 3 inches high. All windows have vertical blinds

Closets include 1 hanging rod. Lower shelf is 13.5 inches deep and 66 inches off the floor. High shelf is 9.5 inches deep and 78 inches off the floor.

Bookshelves are stacked on desks but are not attached.