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Facilities damage price list 2018-2019

Prices reflect materials charges, labor charges, disposal fees, and administrative fees.


a. Entire bed damaged beyond repair or missing $400
b. Damaged or missing componants $75
c. Hooks or pegs missing $20
d. Bed unassembled $50


a. "Vertical - vain, hooks, or chain broken or missing" $40
b. "Vertical - damaged beyond repair, complete replacement" $225
c. Regular - damaged - replacement $100 each
e. Door blinds $200 each


a. Damaged - replace $75

Ceiling tile

a. All ceiling tiles damaged or missing $50 each

Ceiling grid

a. Ceiling grid repair/replacement $50 per foot

Chairs - kitchen

a. Damaged or missing $150
b. Swanson Commons - damaged or missing stools $150
c. Table $300
d. Dining room set $600


a Generally dirty room (furniture, dirty floor, trash full, splattered walls, garbage in room, boxes, dirty stove, etc.) $60
b. Large item(s) left in room (couch, loft, carpet, etc.) $100 each
c. Refrigerator or stove cleaning $100 each


a. Smoke detector & CO detector damaged or missing $120


a. Desk damaged beyond repair or missing $400

Doors - closet and cabinets

a. Damage - hinges, latches, handles or door stops $50
b. Refinish cabinet door $200

Doors - room

a. Replace room door knob $250
b. Door closure replacement $200
c. Replace door (hang and refinishing included) $500


a. Damaged (broken drawer, replace fronts, top damaged etc. $75
b. Dresser damage beyond repair or missing $300

Fire extinguishers

a. Cabinet/enclosure door broken or missing $100
b. Extinguisher re-charge (if discharged by residents) $75
c. Extinguisher damaged or missing $150


a. Carpet/hard surface floors - clean entire room $100
b. Carpet/hard surface floors - Replacement Contact Facilities

Light fixtures

a. Fixture lens (cover) cracked $50
b. Fixture damaged beyond repair $125


a. Replacement $200

Medicine cabinet - Swanson and TLA

a. Replacement for damaged mirror or cabinet door $150

Mirrors - residential halls only

a. Replacement (mirrors cannot be repaired) $700


a. Pull station alarm box $100
b. Circuit panel box lock replacement $200
b. Fire hose cap damaged or missing (Swanson) $100
c. Soap dispenser broken or missing $60
d. Tack or bulletin boards damaged or missing $250
e. Toilet paper and paper towel holders damaged or missing $75

Outlets and switches

a. Cover broken or missing $20 each
b. Switch broke or outlet broken $50 each


a. Repainting of entire ceiling $200
b. Repainting of one wall $175
c. Entire room $400


a. Replacement (all screens are replaced when damaged) $75

Thermostats and heaters

a. Thermostat broken $250
b. Heater knobs broken or missing $100


a. Cork tack strip damaged (Westerlin Hall and Swanson Commons) $70 per strip

Waste cans

a. Trash can damaged or missing $20 each
b. Recycle can damaged or missing $20 each

Windows - operation

a. Crank, latch or operation arm $100
b. Security mechanism (first floor, traditional windows) or lock $50 each

Windows - glass panes

a. Small pane cracked or broken $75 per pane
b. Medium pane cracked or broken $125 per pane
c. Large or extra-large pane cracked or broken $200 per pane