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Facilities work orders

Except in event of an emergency, work orders must be submitted online. Emergencies include lack of heat, a major water leak, gas odor and other safety-related issues.

If you have such an emergency, call Facilities at 309-794-7278. After hours and on weekends, call Police and Public Safety, 309-794-7711.

Submitting a work order

Log in using your Augustana network login to place your work order. Click "Create request" and follow the prompts.  (Step-by-step instructions)

Submit a work order

Submit a work order online for the following needs:

Electrical: Outlet not working, burned-out light ballast, or problems with exhaust fans, stoves, smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Grounds: Landscaping, lawn maintenance, tree issues, snow removal, etc.

HVAC/mechanical: Heating and air conditioning problems, plumbing problems (water leaks in showers and toilets), etc.

Motor pool: College-owned vehicle maintenance and repair, grounds equipment maintenance and repair, etc. 

Structural: Repairs to windows, floors and ceilings, roofs, doors, stairs, etc., in a college-owned building.

Please note that email, calls or verbal information are not accepted by Facilities and do not constitute a work order.

Building services

Building Services include janitorial and custodial duties, pest control, residential light bulb changes, blood-borne clean-up, office and furniture moves, recycling and trash pick-up, etc.    Event set-up is not handled by Facilities. Those requests should be directed to Scheduling

Scheduling rooms

Go through the Scheduling Office to request room reservations and event set-up (use of tables, chairs, stages, etc.).

Other needs

For problems with washers and dryers, contact Residential Life, 309-794-2686.

For problems with Ethernet, cable, and phones, contact the ITS Helpdesk, 309-794-7293.

For problems with a lofted bed, contact Bed Lofts, 866-651-5638.