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Sending transcripts and official scores to Augustana

Enrolling students are required to arrange to send all official transcripts reflecting all prior educational experiences and coursework to Augustana for evaluation. The college only post scores or grades from an original transcript from each institution. No grades from a high school transcript for college work will be applied without the original college transcript. Failing to send scores or disclose prior education may result in your transfer work not being accepted at a later point, or being turned over to the Honor Council.

Students who wish to send high school or college transcripts from another institution or scores for Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) or A-Levels to Augustana to be a part of their official records should note that Augustana only accepts official transcripts and scores.

Policies effective on July 1, 2009

Updated Jan. 29, 2020

New students before the first day of Augustana classes

Prior to the start of your first day of classes, the high school transcripts should be mailed to the Augustana Office of Admissions or sent electronically to directly from the high school or an approved vendor.

Those sent from the student or family will not be accepted.

Students should contact the Office of Admissions or contact your admissions counselor directly about those procedures. Students should contact the sending institution or organization regarding their request procedures. Questions? Call 309-794-7341 or email Mailing address: Office of Admissions, Augustana College, 639 38th St., Rock Island, Ill., 61201.

Continuing or returning Augustana students

After enrollment, Augustana will accept hard-copy official transcripts mailed directly to the Office of the Registrar from the sending institution or sent through an official approved e-transcript vendor. Only coursework that meets these standards will be evaluated for posting to the student's academic record. If sending an electronic transcript to the college, indicate with the electronic request that transcripts be sent to (see information below on electronic transcripts). All paper transcripts should be sent from the sending institution directly to: Office of the Registrar, Augustana College, 639 38th St., Rock Island, Ill., 61201

The following delivery methods for transcripts will not be accepted (all of these methods are considered unofficial and will be destroyed with five business days or returned to the student upon request):

  • Transcripts/scores that are emailed as an attachment in any format (including pdf);
  • Transcripts/scores that are issued to the student or forwarded by the student;
  • Transcripts/scores that are hand-delivered to the college (including transcripts/scores are in a sealed envelope); and
  • Transcripts/scores that are faxed.
  • Any reports of credit or grades of any kind that do not appear on an official transcript, including paper grade reports, downloaded reports, letters from college officials, or emails indicating a final grade or credit. 

International students who cannot meet the above transcript requirements will present evidence, such as an electronic copy of their transcript or a grade report, during the admissions process. However, as a condition of continued enrollment with the college, international students must present an original copy of the final, official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar when they first arrive on campus. Please see the catalog section on academic records for more information.

Once official transcripts and scores are received, it can take 3-5 business days to post to the record. Students should check their Arches record within about a week to see if the scores and/or coursework have posted. By sending official scores and official transcripts to Augustana College, individuals consent to post all eligible coursework to the academic record. Students may not pick and choose which courses are applied to their record. If transfer coursework was taken after initial enrollment with the college, students are required to petition every course on their transcript for transfer before any work will be applied to the record. Augustana students who wish to inquire about transferring credits to Augustana after initial enrollment should complete the petition to transfer credit form.

Dual enrollment credit, Advanced Placement (AP) credit, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit and A-Level exam credit will only be posted to the record from an official, original transcript or score report sent directly to the college from the appropriate originating institution or organization. Scores and credits will not be applied from a high school or college transcript. In accordance with legal regulations and best practice standards, coursework posted to the record may not be removed. For more information, see the college Advanced Standing Policies and Transfer Policies. For any questions, email or call Christina Klauer, 309-794-7277.

International students: Certifying proficiency in a second language

Letters confirming language of instruction (international students)

International students seeking to provide proof of the language of instruction at their high school should request an official letter from their principal or headmaster. 

If your secondary curriculum was taught in English and you are a fluent native speaker of another language, OR your secondary curriculum was NOT taught in English, your second language at Augustana may be completely or partially fulfilled if a validated community official can confirm your proficiency. 

Letter requirements include:

  • Letter on official letterhead
  • Contain student's legal name
  • Indication of the official language of instruction at the high school
  • Seal or stamp of the school, and
  • Wet signature of headmaster or principal (no e-signatures or emails accepted).

Please refer to the template for the letter or contact the Office of the Registrar if you have further questions. For more information, see the Second Language section under requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree or visit the Office of the Registrar.