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Viking Connections: Jake Glimco

Jake Glimco

Jake Glimco is a digital marketing manager and oversees the national marketing for Cannabistry in Skokie, Ill. Cannabistry is a cannabis research and development company that develops technology and brands

"I enjoy helping prepare people for the careers and offering whatever advice I can. With 10 years in various marketing roles, I can offer a wide range of insight into not only how marketing students can use their learned skills, but also how other majors such as English can find their niche. I can share a particular depth of knowledge in the areas of digital marketing and ecommerce. Having always worked in small, entrepreneurial companies, I've had to wear many hats and have learned the value of being adaptive in my positions. Additionally, with my switch into the cannabis field as of August 2019, I can offer insight into this new emerging field, what positions exist and the challenges that come with this industry."

Graduation year: 2010

Post-grad: Masters of New Media Studies

Majors: English and business administration-marketing and management

Campus activities: Founding member of the Water Polo team, captain of men's swimming, Wennerberg Men's Choir, Omicron Sigma Omicron (OZO) fraternity

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