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Alumni Association Awards

Alumni award winners 2023

The 2023 Alumni Association Award winners were celebrated at a reception during Homecoming Weekend: clockwise, Dr. Alan Bridges '79 - The Outstanding Achievement Award; Colleen Leonardo '10 - The Finest Under Forty Outstanding Alumna Award; Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow '94 - The Viking Vocation Award; and Rev. Wayne Miller '72 - The Richard A. Swanson Humanitarian Award. → Read about the 2023 winners.

Each year, the Board's Nominations and Awards Committee solicits nominations and recommends candidates to receive Alumni Association awards. Each award may be presented to one or more alumni.

Nominations must be submitted by March to be considered for the awards program the following October; however, nominations are accepted at all times and remain active for future consideration.

Nominate a Viking

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes the recipient’s achievement in their vocation. 

The Outstanding Service Award recognizes a recipient's exemplary service to Augustana College or the honor reflected on Augustana by exceptional community service.

The Finest Under Forty Award recognizes the recipient’s achievement in their vocation, contribution to Augustana through service to the college and/or contribution to society through exceptional community service.

The Honorary Alumnus/Alumna Award recognizes significant contribution to Augustana by a friend of the college.

The Richard A. Swanson Humanitarian Award recognizes the recipient’s service to the church, to Augustana and/or involvement with social issues on a local, state or national level. 

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award recognizes an individual or organization for work to promote diversity, equity and inclusion on campus or in the community. 

The Viking Vocation Award recognizes individuals, businesses and/or other organizations that support, contribute to and advance the career success of past, present or future students of Augustana College.

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