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Viking Connections: Tyler Andrews

tyler andrews

Tyler Andrews is a Flight Attendant with SkyWest Airlines headquartered in St. George, Utah. SkyWest Airlines flies and contracts with four major carriers: Delta, United, Alaska and American Airlines. Tyler provides customer service while performing and continuing to be certified in safety/security procedures through the FAA.

"I have always had mentoring and teaching in my blood and it’s second nature to me. It’s a passion for me to guide others to where their paths end up going. I love being able to share experiences and describe how processes work and how we go about learning those processes. This is why being a sociology and psychology major/minor was so much fun. The programs and professors were there for me every step of the way. Even though my job may not technically require a college degree, the skills and ways of thinking are what help lead you to the career path you end up on or start out in. Who knows, I may do this for the rest of my life or I could choose to further my degree. Not knowing where you are going is what makes life exciting and it’s better to be open and live in the moment. I want to be an instructor eventually and move up in my company. Being a proud Viking is something that will always stick with me and be a presence in my life."

Graduation year: 2019

Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Campus activities: Alpha Phi Omega, GSA, SGA, RHA, Augustana NAMI, Education Club, SASS, Viking Pups, Swimming, Peer Mentor, Camp Kesem, Habitat for Humanity, Victim Advocate Program, Boys and Girls Club

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