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Weddings in Ascension Chapel

Outside Ascension Chapel
chapel interior
Augustana's beautiful Ascension Chapel in Founder's Hall

Ascension Chapel, located on the second floor of Founders Hall, is a popular location for weddings.

One of the two people to be married must be a current Augustana College student, alumnus, faculty or staff member, or a son or daughter of a current faculty or staff member.

However, there are other popular wedding venues, such as outdoor spaces or Wallenberg Hall, that are available for rental to the public. Rental fees vary depending on the space, and must be paid before the wedding date. 

All couples holding a wedding on the Augustana campus must provide a certificate of liability insurance naming the college as an additional insured. Details will be listed in the contract.

For more information, contact the Office of Conference Services and Campus Scheduling at 309-794-7322.

Application to hold a wedding on campus

Wedding guidelines for Ascension Chapel


One of the two people to be married must be a current Augustana College student, alumnus, faculty or staff person or a son or daughter of a current faculty or staff member.

Rental fee

Augustana charges $250 to rent Ascension Chapel. This fee also includes the rehearsal, as well as Founders Hall basement lounge to use as a dressing room on your wedding day, if needed. For those in your wedding party who come already dressed, we offer a room where they are able to sit and relax while waiting for the wedding to start.

Time allowance

The wedding party is allowed one hour for the rehearsal and four hours for the wedding. A Campus Ministries staff person will be present during this time to answer questions and respond to reasonable needs. Please arrange with your photographer and florist to stay within this time frame. We ask that you make every effort to complete activities by the end of the reserved time.


Parking is available on the east and west sides of 38th Street and in any of these parking lots: the southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 38th Street; east of Centennial Hall on 7th Avenue, and in the WVIK lot. It is also wise to erect signs directing guests to the parking areas. Limited parking is available in Founders circle drive and in the Seminary parking lot. We suggest that these areas be used as guest drop-off points only.


Ascension Chapel at Augustana College is located on the second floor of Founders Hall. An accessible ramp is located on the south side of the building, and the chapel is accessible via a chair lift. An accessible unisex bathroom is located on the first floor of the building.


You may bring in your own pastor to perform the ceremony or ask one of the college chaplains to officiate.


The seating capacity in Ascension Chapel is approximately 250. For decorating purposes, there are 15 pews on each side of the chapel. Pew bows are allowed, however, please ask your florist to limit the types of greenery used in your floral designs to those that do not shed.

We ask that you do not use tacks, wire, or tape on the pews. A minimum of floral decoration is necessary to enhance the beauty of the chapel. All decorations are to be removed from the chapel at the completion of the ceremony.

Aisle runners

For safety reasons, an aisle runner is strongly discouraged, as it tends to “bunch up” when walked on, possibly resulting in someone tripping. If a runner is desired, the heavier the material used, the better. The center aisle is 68 feet long.


If you would like to use our two candelabras, you will need to provide seven “dripless” taper/dinner candles for each one. If your service includes a unity candle, you will need to provide those candles along with the holders. Candle lighters-snuffers are available for use, at no charge. Please arrange for someone to serve as acolyte.


Couples who wish to include Holy Communion as part of their wedding will supply the communion bread and wine. Wedding programs, if you desire to have them, are also to be printed and supplied by the couple. Any chairs that are moved in the chapel are to be moved back immediately after the ceremony; please assign someone for this job.


Ascension Chapel and the Augustana campus present many opportunities for beautiful wedding photography. Depending on your wishes, chapel photos may be taken before or after the wedding, or both.

Once worship begins, however, photographers are asked to respect the religious nature of the service. Still flash photographs may be taken as the wedding party is walking in and walking out of the church. A few still photographs, without flash, taken from the rear of the church, are permitted during the wedding. A stationary video camera on a tripod is permitted near the front of the church; speak to the pastor regarding the best location.


Alcohol is prohibited anywhere inside the church. Beer, wine and champagne may be served at select reception facilities only.


No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the chapel or Founders Hall.

What to toss

Since rice, confetti and flower petals are difficult to remove, please use birdseed or bubbles outside of the chapel and Founders Hall. Balloons may not be released as they can present an environmental hazard to wildlife and they can become entangled in the large trees on campus.


It is especially helpful to assign a friend or family member as a personal attendant to assist in the clean-up of the dressing rooms, chapel and make sure everything is put back in place, and all personal items have been removed.


You may call the Scheduling Office at 309-794-7322 to check the availability of an on-campus reception facility. No catering firm or organization other than the Augustana Catering Service may serve at receptions on campus. Beer, wine and champagne may be served at the reception facility only.